Carrium means: “A Message From God!”


Carrium: 02-01-39th-Year

“No Certain Dwelling Place: 1 year-270 Days!”

The 2nd Month of The 39th Year!


3rd Day of the week, which is called Tuesday!

Daniel-David’s 19th Day

8:29 PM

(Las Cruces, New Mexico)

“No Eloquent Sound; And, No Beauty That You Will Desire It!”

Learn to love and enjoy the Truth, no matter how it sounds, or how it looks! The Beauty of Truth is Holiness! The Eloquence of Truth is the Edification of the hearts!

9:08 PM

“Homely Girl!”

10:15 PM

Yesterday, John came to put his notary seal on the documents concerning the birth of Daniel-David so we can send them to Santa Fe, New Mexico for his birth certificate. I gave the man (?) the money: but, he returned the money to me. He spent care in making sure the names were spelled correctly. Felicia had done all of the paper work, and had everything ready for him.

Felicia’s new web site: https://the-power-of.life/

7:25 AM

You are as that Pillar of a Cloud that gave Moses how to lead the Children of Israel through the wilderness. You are that Guiding Light! Blessed is the Lord! Blessed are You, O Lord Jesus our Savior, and our Deliverer! Blessed are Your Holy Angels, which You have given charge over us. Blessed are Your Ways, and Your Paths, because You truly have filled Them with goodness! Blessed is the Healing Power, which You have assigned to us, to heal us of all sicknesses and cure us of all diseases. Blessed is the Trust wherewith You have given us to trust in You. Within the realm of the Kingdom of God will we be established in trusting in the Lord with our whole hearts. By the Greatness of Your Power and Might shall we not lean to our own understanding! (O Satan, the Lord rebukes you!) We are in the midst of much Help sent to us from the Lord. We are in a desolate wilderness. You plot our Paths! The Path is One Path for all.

We are weary: but, we are not fainting. We spend long hours tending to our baby boy. He is afflicted with discomforts: but, You did give him rest through the night. You gave him to sleep; and, His bowels moved regularly. Thank You for giving us rest. Thank You for the dedication I see with Felicia. She rises quickly to take care of the things that she needs to take care of. This is the way that it is in the condition we are in. We are being lead; and, we are being taught. While being taught, we are also teaching. We are made to be examples for those who are to follow. Even unto this day, we have no certain dwelling place. You have brought forth a child for us in this condition, whereby a child is conceived, carried, and delivered in a condition of going to and fro with no certain dwelling place (we are where we are), and with the use of that which the world depends on, such as doctors and hospitals and policemen. You are bringing us into be totally comfortable with what is provided by the Lord God for His people. We shall not put our trust in what shall not be available to us in the time of the Mark of the Beast. Our trust shall not be built up that way! Our trusting shall not be polluted. You are purging us, O God! You are purging us of all that is evil, and establishing us in what is Right and Everlasting.

Steps are not what we remember: but, what we are hearing! Blessed are You, O Lord Michael! Remove this blockage, and this interference! Thank You for the remembrance, O Mighty Holy Ghost! Satan will stand to hinder us in our receiving the Words from the Messenger Angel: but, the War Power of God is called upon against him. Satan is constantly contending with the Spirit, the Messenger Angel: but, Michael the Arch Angel is called in. He deals with Satan. Satan is contending constantly for the use of my body: but, the Arch Angel rebukes him. Now, the Words of my mouth are the Words of God. Get you hence, Satan! The Angel carries out the Words, because the Words are God; and, They are Spirit!

Heavenly Father, I thank You for giving Felicia and Daniel-David rest while I am able to get these Reports out. How the evil tries to attack them is how he is attacking me to try to prevent me from doing what is my ordained duty to do. But, You have already spoken the conclusion of my work. “Bring My people Home, the Lord said!” Though there be obstacles in our way, we still move forward everyday! I remember the Highway we stay on. I remember the stormy winds coming at us from both sides, trying to blow us off course. I remember things that appeared to be blocking our way. I remember the opposition of law enforcement of the world. But, we remain in our way.

10:07 AM

The Name Xmeah ShaEla’ReEl written out like this makes a statement concerning who I am. But, if you just write it Shaelareel, you don’t get the full meaning of the name! The Name is an Authority from God. The Name Daniel-David is a combination Name. I am sorry I missed this when the Name Deborah Esther was mentioned: but, her true Name is a combination Name Deborah-Esther! There is no middle name! The two names are one Authority! Riech DeVilia: DeVilia speak of House of! Riech is Rich in Faith. “Rich (An Abundance of Faith) in the House of Faith, which is the House of the Lord that is not by observation: but, by hearing! This was a child who wanted to follow me when I was sent out, and go with me: but, her time had not yet come. You have to have a checkered past before you can appreciate the present, and to where the Lord has brought you to!

O God, be You my “Spell Check” because this Dreamweaver has begun to shut down again when I do a spell check!

O how are the children’s names missed at their birth. Ruben Jr. was to be called Joshua! But, he would later take the name himself, being preferred to be called Joshua! Michael Aaron was supposed to be called David-Michael! But, to God, that is who he is. It does not matter what you see with him now: he shall be who God ordained him to be. And, the parents have the responsibility of training up a child in the Way in which he shall go.

10:45 AM

O Mighty God our Heavenly Father, see to it that Felicia has all that she needs to do this work she is assigned to do; and, let there be no distractions come to her. A Shield is set; and, no evil can cross over that boundary! Give her the Spirit to sing!

10:49 AM

“Who Is This Woman?”

This concerns the hiding of the royal seed, because of a plot to kill the true heirs! To whom does this place rightfully belong? 2nd Kings 11:2-3: “But, Jehosheba, the daughter of king Joram, sister of Ahaziah, took Joash the son of Ahaziah, and stole him from among the king’s sons, which were slain; and they hid him, even him and his nurse, in the bedchamber from Athaliah, so that he was not slain. And he was with her hid in the house of the LORD six years. And Athaliah did reign over the land.” When a female takes that by law, which is by force, which is by God lawfully his possession, she is operating in the spirit of Athaliah.

 11:06 AM

The Way of the Lord is clear; and, your instruction is this: when they come to take from you what is rightfully yours; or, if they sue you in court, you are to give that to them; and, do not desire it back. I have had to do this very thing, because that is what I was sued for; and, the Holy Ghost gave me to remember the Commandment from the Lord. I had to be the first to show respect for the Laws of God. This is a transgress before God for those who exercise themselves in suing to gain possession of that which is rightfully the ownership of another. Let the Christian show his faith!

If one should transgress, that does not give another a right to transgress, and be counted innocent! I acknowledged my transgressions, and the Lord forgave the iniquity of His servant.

11:24 AM

What is the True Swaddling Cloth? It is a restriction of movement that is imposed by the Angel of the Lord at the parents’ request! So, I have told the Angel of the Lord to swaddle Daniel-David. I spoke this also to Felicia his mother.

I am Evangelist Xmeah ShaEl-Ela’ReEl: The Messenger!

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