Carrium means: “A Message From God!”


Carrium: 02-04-39th-Year

“No Certain Dwelling Place: 1 year-273 Days!”

The 2nd Month of The 39th Year!


6th Day of the week, which is called Friday!

Daniel-David’s 22nd Day

6:56 PM

(Las Cruces, New Mexico)

Did you expect to prosper? Did you do all that you did for me in vain? What you are doing for me is being done towards the Lord! Now you can count Him Faithful to keep His Promises, because you are seeing it taking place. Now, He will stop that wasting, also, because He did promise to rebuke the devourers for your sake.

8:13 PM

God has given people a way to escape these financial burdens and deep debts: but, people are not taking His Way out for them. They continue to give; and, they remain deep deep in debts. They are like ships at sea caught up in a storm with a great head wind against them. But, they are not making any progress. Does it occur to you that with all of the giving you are doing that something is wrong with the giving, and that you are not giving in the right places, nor to the right causes which God will approve of? Are you proving His Words to be true; or, are you gendering doubt among the people? Ain’t nobody free but the preacher whom you are giving to. The rest of the flock is burdened with debts: but, because of pride, they won’t acknowledge it. That pride is what has led you to this great fall. The Lord God has set me over against all of these other preachers, places and ways in which you are giving so you can decide where is it that God will approve of your giving, and accept your offerings? There must be something wrong, because you are doing a lot of giving: but, yet you still have to get things on credit using a credit card. And, because you have no temperance, you use these credit cards without discretion. What is the balance of your credit card debts? Then, you seek a way to have all of your debts lowered because you cannot pay what you owe. Another thing is, you never learned how to be content with such things as you have when what you have meets the needs for which you need it for. Did not the Lord tell you that those who preach material gain as proof of godliness are out of the Way, and that you should avoid such people? Ain’t nobody getting fat but those who preach it. What am I asking you for? I am asking you to obey God; and, do that which God has commanded you to do! I am telling you that when you do this, you are operating by Faith in the Words of God. I am telling you that giving of Tithes and Offerings is not the only thing you have to do: but, I am saying you have to do all that the Lord Jesus has commanded you to do, even in loving your enemies. You have to seek and desire fellowship in the Household of Faith; and, ask God for a preacher whom He approves of. No you did not do this. You let someone select the preachers for you, and that came by a vote. You did not ask God to give you what you need to be able to accept the one whom He has chosen and sent to you, just like the Word said He would do. You are living the “American Nightmare!” Your American Dream turned into a nightmare, just like the dream that Martin Luther King said he had turned into a nightmare for the Black people. Freedom is not gained by forcing another to do something against his will. His freewill is taken away; and, so is yours! A thing that is brought together by force, even by making it a law, it is still by force! You reap what you sow! If there is much evil in the midst of that which you forced your way into, the evil will consume you more easily! The Black families were destroyed in the process; and, your children roam now in gangs like that which you forced your way into. Did you not know that where there is hatred against you, that this is Satan’s territory? Now is the time to be like Israel when they were in Egypt, and cry unto the Lord for deliverance. This is your deliverance! Not only yours: but, for all of every race who is caught up in this thing. This is the thing that was promised in the Book of Zechariah. And, who among you Black people knew that the Black race would be as Joseph the son of Jacob who was sold into slavery by his own brothers? Did you not know that the Whites who did the slave trading had Black Africans helping them to round up other Africans, and sold them to the slave traders? Is that not like Joseph’s own brothers casting him into a hole, and selling him to men going into Egypt where he was sold? But, why was he there? It would be revealed later to him that he was there so when the rest of Israel had to come into Egypt to be preserved in the time of a great famine. And, the Song of Solomon, chapter 1, speaks of the role of the Black people in America. And, in the Book of Zechariah, it speaks of black horses, being in a chariot, would turn to the North, and the white horses in a chariot would follow after them. This is what quieted God’s Anger against this land. His Anger against America is tremendous! Turning to the North means turning back to God.

Let me ask you another question about your giving? Is your giving being done in secret? I mean strict secret? Is there anyone who is able to know what you gave? Then, that system is not right according to the requirements of God and according to the Words of the Lord Jesus Christ. But, why do you call Him Lord and won’t do as He commands you? He said that when you give, it has to be a secret. No one else is to know it; and, that also means you cannot claim it on your income tax returns. See just how wrong your giving has been? It is not according to what the Lord Jesus said. Examine the ways, and see if they are according to the Lord Jesus Christ! Consider the right hand, and the left hand! Are not both the right hand and the left hand of the same body? But, yet the Lord is saying, even though you are of the same body as another, you shall not let another who is of that same body know what you have done. If one of the same body is not allowed to know, how much more are those who are not of the body are not supposed to know? If you write checks, and put checks in the offering, have you not made it available for someone else to know what you gave? If you are part of a system that requires you to put the money in an envelope with your name and amount on the envelope, are you not allowing it to be known what you have given? This is how you are being robbed in a most subtle way, because these require you to do things contrary to the Way the Lord Jesus said it would be done. How did the Lord know the woman had put two mites in the offering? Because He is God; and, this was written that way to show you that only you and God should know what you gave. That is the secrecy that God requires. For years, when I lived in a house, and held services in my house, I had an Tithes and Offerings Box near the door so when people entered into the house they could drop what they had brought into that box; and, when the money was collected, no one knew who gave what except the person and God.

If your preacher or anyone who calls himself a deacon demands you do this the way it is being done, even though it destroys secrecy, and causes transgression against a Law of God; you are to tell them that they should know that you have to obey God. But, if it is demanded that you do, you have the Right from God to come out from among them. But, many of you are already caught up in a devilish way of having signed bank notes to finance a building. You shall confess your faults one to another, and pray you one for the other that you might be healed. Healed means delivered from that which has you bound. The buildings are looking good while the people are in shambles according to the Word of the Lord. God is looking at the inside into the hearts of those who are being called His people; and, He said He sees a shamble. I agree, because I can see the walk of the people who are being called by His Name. With so many different denominations, that shows that which is being called the House of God is in a shambles.


5:31 PM

How about Jesus Christ; will you accept His Witness, the Truth? He has borne witness of me. He has borne witness of us. Do you accept His Witness. And, I speak the Truth! Do you accept the Witness of the Truth. Yet there are Three in Heaven Who bear witness of me: The Father; the Son; and, the Holy Ghost. And, in the earth the Water, the Spirit; and the Blood! If we receive the witness of men, the witness of God is greater, because this is the Witness of God, which He has testified of His Son. He that believes on the Son of God has the witness in himself: he that believes not, God has made him a liar; because he believed not the record that God gave of His Son. And this is the record, that God has given to us Eternal Life, and this Life is in his Son. He that has the Son has Life; and he that has not the Son of God has no life. These things have I written unto you that believe on the Power and Authority of the Son of God; that you may know that you have Eternal Life, and that you may believe in the Power and Authority of the Son of God.

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