Carrium means: “A Message From God!”


Carrium: 02-07-39th-Year

“No Certain Dwelling Place: 1 year-276 Days!”

The 2nd Month of The 39th Year!


2nd Day of the week, which is called Monday!

Daniel-David’s 25th Day

7:41 PM

The Lord said to train up a child in the Way in which he shall go! Being made strong by the Spirits of Light! The infants learn! They watch how we respond and react when they do certain things. At that very early age they can start doing these things to get us to do what they want done. They can start to grow up with a demanding spirit. This is how we are being watchful. The Angel causes us to be aware of certain things! The young ones learn how we react to certain things they do, and they start to do it to get us to do what they want done. The Lord told us to be watchful, because Satan stands ready to devour the young children as soon as they are born: but, the Spirit of this child will be caught up to God. I was given to pay attention to certain things. The first time Daniel-David started to scream as if to be crying because something was hurting him, in what appeared to be a painful cry, I was given to pick him up, and take him into the restroom, which is the place where he came into the world. I would lay him on his back on the counter on a towel, and start the water from the faucet running. He would become very calm. Then, I started to notice a pattern! He would start his screaming as if to be crying; but, no tears were in his eyes. Whenever this would be with him, I would do the same thing, and he would always become quiet. And, when we would leave the restroom, he would start that screaming like crying again. We are not going to have this restroom wherever we go. But, the Lord made me aware he was learning how to manipulate. With no screaming; but, with soft speaking, I would talk to him! I rebuked the evil spirit that was trying to come in! I spoke sternly to Satan! Michael, the Arch Angel, entered into the battle! Our child wasn’t going to get such an evil spirit whereby he would be forcing and demanding others do what he wants done. Many parents are falling to this tactic by Satan to gain his foothold in the children.

I was also given to notice that the child could be very quiet, and go to sleep. We would lay him down: but, not long after we would start working with our computers, he would wake up with a demanding crying for attention. We would have to stop to pay attention to him. The routine of going into the restroom would continue. Again, we were being pulled away from working. There is a lot of learning going on.

Felicia is still having pains after giving birth to our son 25 days ago; so, that means I have extra things to do that she would normally do. But, the Spirit of the Lord is coordinating all things, and the timing of all things. I know she is excited about getting work done using a new program she was shown; and, I want her comfort to return so she can do all that she desires to do. Besides, she is the main food supply for Daniel-David. The Lord has also given me to get cans of condensed goat’s milk, which is diluted with water before feeding our son, to lighten the load on Felicia, and ease the pain from breast feeding. Besides that, Felicia had received from the Spirit to drink some of the milk with honey, also. All of this is by Faith, trusting in the Faithfulness of our Heavenly Father, and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. None of this is by knowledge, nor by experience. And, this is the Word of the Lord, which said, “I will lead the blind by a way which they do not know!” It is good having the Spirit guide us in this unfamiliar and uncertain territory. This is all new, because we are still in the condition of having no certain dwell place. This is a child who was conceived in this condition, and born in this condition. We are having to face things that others who will come along after us will have to face eventually. As much as we can, we do document what is taking place with us out here while we work this Evangelistic Ministry. What things we have to face, and how the Lord is giving us to handle these situations.

And now, there is a delay in getting the birth certificate documents from Santa Fe, New Mexico. The woman who is in charge is requiring more notarized documents, which means spending more money. But, since this is government business, I have committed this into the hands of the Lord, because reviews of this system of getting these documents are very negative about their performance. It is said that they are quick in cashing the checks and money orders: but, very slowing in getting the paper work done. So, since this is government, which is run by Satan, I call upon the Lord to intervene like He did when certain high ranking officials took Abraham’s wife, and also took Isaac’s wife: but, God sent an Angel to speak with those in the night with stern threats. These people are not going to be used to cause delays. They are not going to be obstacles that can stand in our way, nor hold us up. Yes, there are mountains in our way: but, I have by orders from God rebuked those mountains, and have commanded them to be cast into the sea. We are on a Path; and, there are things that come at us to try to get us to stray away from that Path into the waiting trap of another evil. There are laws that are appearing as blockages: but, our Path is made clear. I have even seen the school system laws in New Mexico are like the laws of Nebuchadnezzar which dictates what subject the children are to be taught, even if the parents decide they want to home school their children. Did not Nebuchadnezzar dictate what subjects the children would be taught, and what religion they would worship. I see a tremendous of mixing of Church and State here. They have those Churches they will accept, which the government approves of. It is clear what they accept as acceptable Church Worship, because one such record they will accept concerning the birth of a child is a baptismal certificate, which all Believers know that no child can be baptized without understanding of the Truth for himself. That seems like Catholic doctrines. They also accept their dedication certificate: but, I know this child was dedicated to the Lord on the 8th day after his birth by his earthly father (me) who holds the Highest office on earth among Christians. I am the Lord’s Messenger; and, many things are written concerning me in the Bible. I am the one to whom Understanding of those things are revealed to. I am the one to whom the Lord Gabriel (the Messenger Angel) comes to give me the Messages which I have been distributing for over 39 years. I am the one whom the Lord led about this nation as a hitchhiker for the first 5 years after my baptism to learn of the Lord. I am the one who received on the job training, and not school classroom training. I am the one to whom these mysteries are revealed. I am the one whom He showed how the Church would return. I am the one whom He gave to understand the Prophets and the Book of Revelations. I am the one to whom He said after waking me up from my sleep in Santa Barbara to say to me, “Bring My people Home!” I am the one who considered himself to be unworthy of such a task, asking Him is not there another more worthy than me, because I saw the awesomeness of this thing I was being told; and, I was scared, because I knew this pertained to people’s lives. I am the one whose name He changed, and gave me a name, which was confirmed by the Book of Revelations about a name written in a white stone which only he who received it knew it. That white stone is a Righteous Stone, which speaks of Jesus Christ. I am the one at my birth my parents were directed to name me David Eugene born to a common laborer Sam Jones, and a woman, Susie Jones (Samuel and Susanna) that worked as a maid cleaning other White people’s houses while not having much time for her own house as spoke of in the Song of Solomon, chapter one. The name David Eugene Jones that was given to me at my birth means “Beloved of Royal Birth, Son of John!” The name Xmeah ShaEla’ReEl was revealed to me by way of a vision while I was still working for the Telephone Company in Houston, Texas. The meaning of the Name was also spoken; and, the vision of the man came as my own appearance, which was showing me the man I would become. And, on 01-06-1979, I was led back to my home State of Louisiana to be baptized; and, I said I was born twice in this State.

There is a lot you can search for on this web site, and on http://www.instant-messenger.org.

Father, I thank You, because Daniel-David has been sleeping very comfortably, and both Felicia and I are able to do some work at our computers. Also, I pray Thee, restore her comfort and Strength, and remember her sacrifices, and that which she gave up to aid this mission.

9:30 PM

O God, remember those who stood to oppose us as we have been in this journey, to reward them. Let not their deeds go unpunished! And, I pray Thee, remember those who have shown us kindness in aiding us in this Journey.

Open up to the people the Help that is needed to bring them to these Web Sites! Let the Angels fight against that which stands in the way! Blessed is Your Spirit that draws the people. Draw them; and, they shall come! Amen!

10:02 PM


7:38 AM

Blessed are You, O Lord God Most Holy! Blessed are All of You Heavenly Hosts of Angels. The Help from the Lord is Mighty, even those who are flesh and blood.

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