Carrium: 02-17-39th-Year

“No Certain Dwelling Place: 1 year-286 Days!”

The 2nd Month of The 39th Year!


5th Day of the week, which is called Thursday!

Daniel-David’s 34th Day!

7:25 PM

(Las Cruces, New Mexico)

Let Strengthening go forth to the Body, O Lord! Go forth; and, clear the Way! Let us be strong in following! Blessed is the Strength of the Lord, which is supplied to us by the Lord! We are strong!

8:01 PM

“The World and The Kingdom of God In The World!”

This world is divided into two parts: the Light and the darkness! Everyone upon the face of this planet is in one or the other! The Kingdom of God is in this world: but, not of this world! But, the world tries to take dominion over the people of God in this world by twisting the Scripture around to try to make it seem like it is saying something that it is not. They say the Bible says to obey the Laws of the land: but, they are using land as a physical location, and not Spiritually interpreted. The land is the Spiritual Condition and the Laws which Govern each condition. The “Land of Israel” speaks about the Laws of God that Governs the True People of God! What are the Laws of Jesus Christ concerning a certain thing: but, what are the laws of that nation or state concerning this same thing? But, the laws of the nation will use force to force you to do things that go contrary to the Laws of God. There are various ways of forcing, even by threats, that are used to force people to go contrary to the Beliefs of Jesus Christ. Various ways shows that this is being forced to honor the god of forces as spoken of in the Book of Daniel. “God of Forces” means many ways are being used to force people to go contrary to the Laws of God. Daniel 11:38: “But, in his estate shall he honor the God of forces: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honor with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things.” Threats are issued! Many denials of service are practiced unless you have something from one of those systems they approve of: but, they will not accept anything from True Christian practices. They will point to which form of Christianity they approve of, and that form will point to those whom the Lord does not approve of. These speak of Jesus: but, will not walk according to His Commandments. They say God changed things to their way in these days; and, they have their accredited preachers to confirm what they say. Many are the false prophets (preachers) who go to school to learn about being a preacher; but, have not followed the Ways of the Lord God, Who chooses his own; and, teaches them. Widespread is this way; and, people are learning to love to have it that way. To them “Church” is a building! In such places, God said He does not dwell: but, does dwell in the hearts of people! Even though they hear these things, many are still attached to that system. That is where they are most comfortable while waiting for their entrance into Hell! Faith in God is opposed; and, the threat of prosecution looms when one chooses to follow what God said, rather than using what they have approved of. A woman in Santa Fe, New Mexico said they will not accept any documents furnished by any religious organization as verification of something: but only from a state certified doctor or midwife as proof of birth of a child. Those who charge you for healing are the only ones they will approve of. This system is not going to change; but, I just wanted to make you aware of what system you are having to deal with. It is not of God! It is the fore-runner of the Beast!

8:57 PM

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