Carrium: 02-25-39th-Year

“No Certain Dwelling Place: 1 year-294 Days!”

The 2nd Month of The 39th Year!


6th Day of the week, which is called Friday!

Daniel-David’s 43rd Day!

9:34 AM

The mindset of a man who is in the Kingdom of God in this world. How do we think; and, how do we view things. We are in this world: but, we are no longer of this world. We live in this nation: but, we are citizens of the Kingdom of God, which is not by observations. You cannot pinpoint it as a certain physical location, because it is within us wheresoever any child of God is abiding. Our thoughts are being made manifest to us daily. Give us this day our daily thoughts concerning living in the Kingdom of God. They ask us if we are citizens of the United States, and we simply say yes. We don’t argue nor debate. Paul said he was a citizen of Rome.

What is state certified? It means that which the state approves of and accepts; and, if what they approve of and accept is against the Laws of Christ, they are antichrist. If you are for what Christ is against; you are against Jesus Christ. Examine the things the states of this nation accepts! To whom does these things belong. On what side are they on; and, against what side are they? Now, you know where they are! We look at things as being for and against Christ. When we applied for the birth certificate for our newborn son, we heard of the documents the state of New Mexico will accept as proof of birth; and, none of what they would accept could come from Christian beliefs. People are taking the “Mark of the Beast” and don’t realize it, because they are accepting that which the government accepts, which are those things that the darkness approves of. God said you know the tree by the fruits it bears, which means in the ways it operates. By what laws are they approved of people operating. He that uses the blood and makes cutting in the flesh are operating against the Laws of God: but, these are the ones who are acceptable to the states. Your religion is your chosen lifestyle. Things you don’t believe in are forced upon you; and, that shows the time of the rule of the god of forces as spoken of in the Book of Daniel. When it is force, there is no longer choice! Even threats shows forcing! Fear of what can be done is a method of forcing against a person’s will of choice!

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    The mission is: “Seek The Lost Souls: And, Feed The Sheep and Lambs of The Lord Jesus Christ!”

    Everywhere we go, there are people! It is a Journey, going forth to meet other people! This is boldly going where the Word has not been given in Truth. This is sort of like “Star Trek” boldly going where others have not gone before, reaching new people! We are coming your way! We are the “Peacemakers!” We are called the Children of God, under the banner of “Children of Christ of America” (COCOA)! Our Mission and Commission is from God by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to bring His People Home! Rising early; we often sleep and work from within our van! We started with just the two of us: Felicia, my wife and me. But, along the way, about 21 days ago, a son was born to us in our rented room in Las Cruces, New Mexico, at the Big Chile Inn, Room #126. Just the two of us, plus the Heavenly Host were present to bring this child into the world! We are presently waiting for his birth certificate to come from Santa Fe, New Mexico! His name is Daniel-David! David is pronounced the Hebrew way: Da-vid! And, Daniel is pronounced like I have heard the Spanish speaking people pronounce the name. This journey is documented on a daily basis by both Felicia and me. My main web site is: http://www.xmeahcom.woman-to-lady.com. Felicia’s site is: http://www.1st-felicia.com. We have many other web sites, which can be accessed at: http://www.xmeahcom.woman-to-lady.com/links-to-other-sites.php. We are going about spreading the Word of God, bringing Understanding to the people! We can and do desire your help! So, if the Spirit from God touches your heart; you can, I pray you, give an offering, which can be sent directly to our PayPal Ministry Pool. https://paypal.me/pools/c/81FlKmw5jI
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