In America, we are called COCOA (Children of Christ of America)!

Xmeah David ShaEla’ReEl: The Lord’s Messenger

Carrium: 05-09-34th-Year!


The 5th Month of The 34thYear!


3rdDay of the Week, which is called Tuesday!

People are told that when they put money in the Tithes and Offerings Box, that they must see themselves as putting that money in the Hands of the Lord. Give consideration to your thoughts as you are doing this, because the Lord God is going to reward you according to what He sees in your mind! Even the thoughts you are having about the preacher are the same thoughts you are having about the Lord! Make sure your thoughts are honorable, and that no deceit can be seen in you. God will determine if that Offering is clean or unclean, and He will reward you accordingly. The Only Ones who know who put what in that Box is the Lord and him that placed it in the Box. And, that is how you qualify as having done this thing in secret before God! There are no checks; no money orders; and, no offering envelopes with your names on it. It is entirely secret between you and God. You don’t show that to anybody as required by the Lord. This is the Word of the Lord from Matthew 6, which says, “Take heed that you do not your alms before men, to be seen of them: otherwise you have no reward of your Father, which is in Heaven. Therefore, when you do your alms, do not sound a trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues (You have seen how it is done in many of these church buildings) and in the streets, that they may have glory of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. But, when you do alms, let not your left hand know what your right hand does, that your alms may be in secret! And your Father, which sees in secret, Himself shall reward you openly.” Amen! Will you honor the Way of the Lord? People are being robbed in a very subtle way: but, Light has come so that you can recognize it, and put a stop to you being robbed if you choose to do so.

Who has become more impressive in your mind, and for what reason did these become so impressive? Anyone who has made someone to be impressive, who is not walking according to the Ways of the Lord, have made a devil to be more impressive to them than the Lord! The Angel asked John in Revelation 17 why was he so impressed with that whore! If the vessel of the Lord is not impressive to you; then, neither is the Lord impressive to you, because as you think about those whom He sent, you are thinking about Him who sent them! This is your wakeup call: but, you could continue on in your sleep by what you decide to do. This is an awareness; and, awareness means to be awakened to Truths! If you were not aware that you were treating Jesus the same way you have been treating His servants; you are now awakened to the Truth! By what means are you trying to remember you are treating the servants of the Lord the same way you are treating the Lord? You need the Spirit that will keep you in that remembrance so that you won’t enter into temptations by forgetting this. This is what the Lord Jesus told His disciples in the garden, because they were constantly forgetting Who they were dealing with as so many have shown in these days. Pride before an Elder is being shown constantly! Did not the Lord tell them to watch with Him while He went forth to pray? Were they able to do what He told them to do? But, who would see this as being a transgression for not doing what they were told to do? You are required to do something: but, you find yourself unable to do that: but, the Lord said you should be praying, asking God for the Spirit whereby you will be able to do that which is required of you! Are you willing? Do you actually want to do this? Then you will ask for the Spirit because you know what was spoken to you is required of you; and, you know that without the Spirit you will never be able to do what is required of you to do. So, you ask with that understanding in mind; and, you present that to God in your asking for His Spirit. You do that because He told you to do that! You present it to Him the Way He told you to present it to Him! No one can feel condemned before God for doing exactly as He told them to do! Amen!

A dream was told; and, the understanding was given! Gideon was told to go down by the camp of the enemy to hear a dream that a man had! The man told the dream to his fellowman; and, the fellowman told him what the dream meant. The Angel of the Lord told the man what the meaning of the dream is. Now you have dreams: but, willingness to listen to the mouth of the Lord is not seen with you! Your not listening to the mouth of the Lord is shown to you by all of your lack in doing those things that were spoken to you. That does show you that you are not listening as you appeared to be, because if you were actually listening, those things would be brought back to your remembrance when you are about to be tested by some evil; and, you would know what to do.

When I awaken, I awaken more ready to hear than to speak, which points to the fact that I am in my right mind! I do as I am hearing! Nothing is being done by habit! I have no programs that I follow! I am given to pay attention to subtle things! Do I pray? Yes! Always! How do I pray? I pray by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit! I see the teachings of the Lord continually; and, I am made aware of what is going on, because the Angels are always talking with me, even now! Therefore, He will not be silent to me! I would be in much confusions if They become silent to me. There is also a confusion that seems like clarity! Confusion is not always evident by disturbances in the mind. Much disturbances could be going on; but, there is clarity! This is like being calm in the midst of a storm. People around you will panic: but, you must remain calm, while hearing instructions from the Lord like Paul was calm during that storm at sea in Acts 27, because the Angel of the Lord was speaking with him. Then he rose up to tell the people on that ship with him what they must do. Paul became the captain! I remember the movie Gladiator when those men in the arena decided to listen to Maximus. Mighty is the Lord! Amen!

This is the rebuilding that God promised! It will be a quick work like He said! I watched the things that were taking place in the dream, and I listened to what the Spirit was speaking when I rose up from my bed. I saw people trying to impress other people to make themselves to look more desirable in the eyes of others. Others are compared with me before the eyes of many! How did Jesus look in the eyes of those who saw what was being done to Him by those soldiers? What did people expect Jesus to do? What would you expect me to do, call down Fire from Heaven to prove to you that I am who I say I am? What would you expect me to do? I have a way that I am told to go: but, who will go with me in the way that I am being told to go? There is a certain kind of man that appears strong in the eyes of others. He is impressive in the way that he carries himself. I saw even how vehicles were being compared! What does he have, and what do I have? Here is the trial! Where is the leader-follower spirit? The Lord is my Leader; and, those who follow me are following the Lord; and, those who are not following me are not following the Lord. All of the Lord’s followers are in agreement with one another! Let only that which is good in Your Eyes be good to me! If it is good to us, we will receive it. But, is it good according to God? Either way we shall receive whatsoever is good in our eyes. But, I said, Let that Good be what God has declared as being good! Amen!

“Put on the Whole Armor of God wherewith you might be able to withstand the fiery darts of the wicked!” If your property is allowed to be destroyed, will you turn from what you said you depend on? What will you do for money? Some months ago, I had to take a loss because my vehicle had been destroyed in an accident, which another man was clearly in the wrong! The policeman wrote it up as no one at fault! But, to get this matter settled, I would have had to take it to court, and sue for the damages. These are tests that the Lord might allow to take place. You will answer the question, “What can turn me from the Love of God?” Will we follow what the Lord commanded us to do? Do what God commanded to do, and be satisfied having done what He said to do! Let not that be grievous to you! Being grieved about having to do it that way, even though you do it, is counted to you as not having done it. This shows a dissatisfaction with the Lord in some fashion. And, people will become disappointed with you when you don’t respond in a way that they would have liked to have seen you respond. But, that way is wickedness! It is contrary to the Way the Lord approves of. Are you one that is seeking to please the Lord or man? Many will become bitter against you! But, will that tactic change you? Can you back what you did with what the Lord said? How long can happiness last between two? You saw the test that Job was tested with: but, his love for God stood! You even saw how Job’s wife turned on him! She did not approve of the way he was responding to those things that were taking place. Many will stand up to take matters in their own hands; and, she will be called a strong woman by those of the darkness, while the man will be continually criticized! I said there shall be many provokings taking place: but, not more than you can deal with. And, you will deal with them according to how you have been learning. You will use the ways that are more pleasing and satisfying to you. There will be many provokings! But, not all will appear as violent in nature. Some will appear as being soft and gentle, with hints of kindness and caring.

Let our awareness be increased, O Lord, even as it is ordained by You! You told us to Watch, and to pray that we do not enter into temptations. This requires our awareness to be brought to full. Many attempts to provoke will be encountered. We are paying attention to what be going on within us. We are to be focused on what we are told to do, and not be turned from it no matter what others do. This is that Strengthening that is needed. This is also the time of refusing the vinegar when it is water that we desire. Because we are experiencing a lot of pains in these days, we have to pay attention to what went on with the Lord during the times of His pains, which led up to Him being crucified. There shall be a lot of provoking going on: but, not all will seem to be cruel. Some will appear as caring and considerate! Some will appear like being concerned for us.

I am David! When I show you disapproval of what you are doing, I am showing you that I love you!

God can strike fear in the heart of anything! God put a boldness in the heart of David whereby he ran at Goliath! God struck fear in the hearts of a pack of wolves, while putting boldness in the heart of a man that ran at the wolf pack. The pack of wolves turned and ran away in fear from the one man coming at them. Then, I saw where God caused a man to turn and run from a pack of wolves, and the wolves could not catch up to him, because the man ran faster than them, and stronger than them, like God gave Elijah Power to outrun those horses!

In my early days, I fought a lot with the spirits of my mind! In some instances they prevailed against me whereby I was doing the evils that they wanted done: but, I would eventually overcome them! A defeat in a battle does not mean the loss of a war! It is just a temporary setback. We saw this taking place with Israel when they were defeated in battles: but, they returned, and was strengthened! They returned to the battle, and prevailed! It was showing us what happens to us! We get rid of that which caused us to be defeated; and, we get what we needed!

But, how can you get pulled away from what you are supposed to be watching out for? This is a tactic of the wicked! They can seem like they are in retreat to cause you to pursue! In pursuing, you will not pay attention to the fact that you left something unguarded, which the wicked was trying to take away in the first place. Who are you leaving as a guard to watch out for what you are responsible for? How are you getting pulled away? Has this not been shown to you that you get so excited about going to see movies that you don’t pay attention to who you left in charge over what is supposed to be precious to you? How well have those, whom you left in charge over your precious things, shown you that they are able to stand? How responsible have they shown themselves to be? What can come to distract them? I have heard others speaking about dreams that caused them to pursue someone who had done something: but, these never paid attention to the fact that they were actually being pulled away from something more valuable, which was left unguarded! Pay attention to where your desires are being pulled to. Because the watch is not there, you are being pulled into temptations. The Lord spoke on Sunday about people showing tiredness after a certain period of time. He said, “Was this not what He was showing His disciples in the garden?” You have seen how you get tired of having to stand in something for a long time! The evil has seen the length of time you are able to watch and wait. Did not the Lord show us that when He had told His disciples to go and wait for Him in a certain place: but, Peter got tired of waiting in that same place, and was prompted to rise up to go fishing; and, in so doing, he pulled others away with him. What is going on to influence your decisions? I even see this in the Assembly! People start showing boredom, which is an attempt to influence the dismissal of the Assembly, because there is something else that they would rather be doing! Who considers the race is to those who endure unto the end, and is not how you started that indicated how you would be at the end? And, I remembered the Lord saying in Daniel 12, that those who had prepared themselves to go 3 years and 8 months were those who were Blessed, rather than being prepared to go 3 years and 6 months! Habits are broken because habits are revealed! I remember how I told others how I ran the 400 meters because that time I ran it in the Spirit and by the Spirit, whereby when I first ran it, I ran it in the flesh. The joy that endures is the joy that is in the Spirit, and by the Spirit!

Are you going to just hold onto this Report; or, are you going to cast this Bread upon the waters as the Lord did command you to do? You won’t benefit from it if you don’t do as the Lord commanded you to do! This is your faith! You want the Lord to do things for you: but, what will you do for Him?

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