Carrium means “Message From God!”

Carrium: 05-20-36th Year

140th Day

The 5th Month of The 36th Year!


2nd Day of the week, which is called Monday!


“The One Whom You Are Trying To Deliver Will Kick The Hardest Against You!”


I saw how this young female was not able to wipe herself after using the toilet; but, this did not affect my desire, either! This is showing how you must know that these unsaved people cannot help themselves to get cleaned! Therefore, they are spiritually stinky! When the Word comes; It comes to wash you! Delivering Power is sent with the Word of God! This Power will give the person the opportunity to make a decision! The Lord said in Isaiah 55:11, that His Word will accomplish that which He sent It forth to do; and, that It shall not return unto Him void! Strengthen yourself in your purpose; and, do not allow the evil, that be shot at you through this person, be the cause of you not being able to continue to try to gain this soul! Don’t faint in your purpose and desire! Ask that you be strengthened in your purpose, and in your desire for the people to be saved! Amen!


O Lord, strengthen us in our desire and purpose for the people to be saved, even as Your Own desire and purpose is, I pray Thee! Amen!


By the Word of God are the people washed! Those who are filthy, needs washing; and, since we are given the Word, which is used to wash the people, we must be aware of their filthy condition, and know their need to be clean. Don’t expect to find them already clean! So, the question is: what can cause your desire to be turned off? If it has anything to do with the outward body; then your desire is not real! The Power of your desire must be from within; and, your focus must be focused by the Lord from within. But, if your desire can be lost because of what you see, smell, or hear: your desire is based on the smell and appearance. A Healer is attracted to the sick! And, he that has the Word, is drawn to those who are without the Word! Don’t look for those who look like they are clean; and, those who think they are clean, as the ones whom you will choose to speak with! The choice is not yours to make: but, the Lord God will send you to whosoever He will! He is doing the choosing of those who will be contacted; and, the time of their contact! Seek to be in His timing! Amen!


Be not distracted by the bodies of the females, O man! She will stand there with all her stuff before your faces; and, the evil enticements streaming out of her heart! She is pushing her sex at you with the power of a steam roller! Her silent speech is saying, “Look at the area of my vagina; and, at the area of my breast!” But, the Power of the Shield of God will not allow these evil messages to reach your heart! You will see, and not desire! You will be effective in ministering to people in all evil spiritual conditions! Amen!


And, O woman, be not distracted by the bodies of the young men; nor allow what they do, affect you in your purpose! I have seen how certain young males stand with their hands clutching their penises! What would you say; and, how would you say it to them? Remember not to allow bitterness to come out with that which you are given to speak unto them! Amen!


“I Came For Your Soul!”

I have seen how the females wear clothing to expose much about their bodies; and, these things are done to distract the righteous, to keep them from paying attention to what the Holy Spirit is telling them to say to them! That is nothing but the darkness working in them to try to get you to move away from these people; and, not do what you are being commanded to do! They are in much wickedness; and, the evil does have full power over their minds! In times past, you have gone seeking the soul: but, when you got there, you were offered the body, and you took it, forgetting the purpose for which you came!       Go in Power; and, the devil will flee from them!  This will leave you and the person in a “one on one” situation! Amen!

This is your preparation for being sent! Amen!


O Lord, I thank You for the preparations of my heart; and, for the preparations of the hearts of the others, also! Amen!


So be it, O Lord, even as You have said! And, it is true; we do get distracted by that which the evil spirits will cause the people to do! Thank You for the shield against those things which come forth out of the minds of the people! Amen!


This is as the stink of a body that has not been bathed: but, this stink is coming forth out of the heart! But, this stink is trying to get you to accept it as desirable, and sweet smelling! This shall not be the case for the temple in whom the Lord dwells! Amen!


Let the love for the soul be exalted; and, let the desire for the body be utterly destroyed, O Lord! Amen!


I have heard about how improper response comes forth because of what is said and done by those whom we are given to deal with! The evil spirits make these people do these things, even as the Lord has said! Let us not be found looking at what they show, nor listening to what is being said! Many have become offended with the people, and have walked away from them, never considering that they have encountered an evil spirit speaking with them out of that person! Become spiritually aware! Amen!


Lead us in the Way of Righteousness, which is Your Way, O Lord! I see how the female bodies do get in the way of my focus at times; and, it has been a distraction: but, this shall no more be: because, by Your Power, we overcome all these evil tactics! Strengthen us against these whorish tactics, O Lord! Amen!


This is like going into a store to shop for meat! Don’t you know the stores use certain things to cover up the true condition of their products? They know how to make these spoiled products appear appealing to you. The evil is also trying to do that, by using the flesh! But, in the past, you were led to accept things by the way the darkness had educated you. You once used all of the methods which they had taught  you to determine if something is good or not! You allowed the color of the meat to persuade you in your decisions! Who taught you this? Amen!


Many of you have allowed your own color to be a hindrance to you when you are sent to minister to people of another race! Some of you have allowed the color, or race of another person to lead your determination about whether or not a person will hear you! It is the Spirit of God that causes the person to listen: for Power is taken over the person to cause the person to have his or her chance to hear the Truth, and make a decision!      Stop being apprehensive about approaching unto other people! This is not the Way of God! Would the Lord be apprehensive about approaching unto anybody? No! The Lord Jesus appeared in this world as a Jew: but, did that hinder Him in being able to speak unto all people? Notice how He spoke even with Pilate! These things must die to you; and, you must see them as nothing, even as God sees them! Son of man, can these bones live? My Lord, You know! Then, the Lord said to speak unto those dry bones; and, He gave me what to say unto them! Amen!

True, O Lord: these things have affected me; and, I ask that they would no longer affect me! Be it done unto me, even as You have said! I shall be satisfied, when I awake, with Your likeness! Amen!


The body is sin! But, the soul lives, even though it appears as asleep for the moment!   Your love is not focused as it ought to be! You must focus on your weaknesses, first; and, you are supposed to pay attention to those things that turn you off, and cause you not to desire what you are supposed to desire.   You will find the bodies of people in various shapes, sizes, and colors: and, you will often find the bodies with various smells: but, the soul should remain as your constant focus!    Love covers a multitude of faults! You must look at love as not being affected by the age, nor the appearance, nor spiritual condition! You must also look at love as  not being affected by the smell of a person. This is being spoken so that you can give consideration to your weaknesses; and, be strengthened by the Lord, so that you won’t allow the smell to cause your feelings to change. These are things you must take notice of!  You do not want to be made weak by anything! There is much wisdom here! Concerning the smelling of paint fumes: I am not saying that you should deliberately sniff paint fumes: but, if you can avoid it, do so! I am not saying that you should deliberately refrain from taking a bath: but, if opportunity presents itself, take it! What is being spoken of, is this: put priorities first, and do the most important things, first! Deal with that which concerns Life, first. Amen!


I spoke about a recent journey whereby I was presented with a choice between going in and taking a shower, or ministering to some people! Both opportunities presented themselves at the same time! I chose to do my first duty! I gave all attention to ministering the Word of God! My smell would not kill anybody; but, their own sins would! And, the Power of God that is present, will help the person not to be affected by our appearance, while they are being ministered to. I have spoken about how Jesus traveled many days without having a chance to wash His Body! This did not affect Him in His ability to do His work! He would not allow anything to cause Him not to focus on His purpose! Not even not having eaten anything, could distract Him from His purpose, as was shown in John 4, when He was speaking with the woman at the well! This is the level of concentration that we are striving to achieve! Amen!


O Heavenly Father, I ask that You would bring these things to pass, that You have spoken to me about! Amen!


You are Mightier than all, O God! You utterly destroy all evil conditions! You establish Your Dominion! All things are set in order by You! All of my steps are ordered by the Lord! He makes all of the decisions; and, He contends with those who contend with Him for control over me. And, in contending with them, He destroys them!

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