Writings of the Afternoon!

Daniel 7:2: Daniel spoke and said, “I saw in my vision by night, and, behold, the four winds (Four Evil Spirits) of the heaven moved upon the people in all of the world.” This is also being shown in Revelations 6. The 1st would take power in Europe; and, a crown of pride came upon the people; and, by the knowledge Satan gave them, they were able to bring forth superior weapons! And, because of this pride and superior weapons, they were caused to go forth conquering, and to conquer! They brought forth a false version of Christianity unto the people of other lands!

“The Anointing With Oil For God’s Purpose!”

Judges 19:8, “And he arose early in the morning on the fifth day to depart: and the damsel’s father said, Comfort your heart, I pray thee. And they tarried until afternoon, and they did eat both of them.”

I was sent forth to anoint two, Ruben and Martin, this morning! I was given to use the oil that I keep in the van! But, the purpose of these anointings are known to God! I went forth to do as I was commanded. For Ruben, the oil was poured upon his head only: but, for Martin, it was on his head and his arms and hands! I do not speculate as to the meaning of this, because the Lord did not tell me what this was for. I know in times past, He has sent Holy men to anoint, and to tell those who were anointed what this reason is! But, I was not told a reason: but, just to do this! I said, I have done that which is my duty to do that You commanded me to do! Amen!

I came back to the house, and laid on the floor in the front room, and slept! Now, I have risen up early on the afternoon; and, came forth to write these things! Only doing the things God is telling us to do is how we are being prepared! Waiting is of the utmost importance! We are not to become anxious about doing anything. No guilt can be cast upon us by the darkness speaking things to us!

“At The Rising of The Sun!


“Collecting of Tithes and Offerings For The Preacher!”


1st Corinthians 16:2, “Upon the first day of the week let every one of you lay by him in store, as God has prospered him, that there be no gatherings (collections) when I come.” So, the money is brought in, and placed in a container for the preacher to collect when he comes! As you come through the door, you put what you have in the container! The flow of the assembly is not stopped to collect the money! How is it being done in your assembly?

A Testimony From Riech:


“I was telling Felicia and Deborah how I rejoiced to read what the Lord wrote about the placing of the tithes in a box, because I said that I have ALWAYS believed what God said, through you, when I first heard about placing the tithes in the box when we first come in! There was no doubt in me that this was not the right way! I knew the other way that it was being done in other congregations never seemed right, because I could always see what the people next to me gave and seeing all of that money in a plate did not give me any good thoughts about it (When I was wicked and in sin!) So I knew that this was not right to flash all of this money in the face of people, but I never really knew why! But when I heard what the Lord said through you, about it being a secret and no one knowing what another gave, and it being dropped in a box upon entering the door, I knew that this was the right way! Then after all of these years to read that on the website where the Lord showed the exact scripture that was written in, was awesome! I said I believed by HEARING it and not having to SEE it, but because I believed by hearing, now he showed it to me! That was amazing! I was also given to remember an old movie I saw about the old west, and a tithes box was sitting at the door of the “church building,” and I wondered who paid attention to that, when they were watching the movie.”

That which was intended for evil towards me is turned into a Blessing by the Almighty God! Turn it, O God; and, it shall be turned!


“Feed My sheep!” Lead me in the Way of doing this, I pray Thee!

“Get away from me, Satan; you are an offense to me!”

1st Timothy 2:9 “In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array!” Is that modest apparel you are wearing?

If it is praise; it is not annoying! If it is not praise; it is not annoying! Either way it is not annoying, because when God has gotten tired of it: He will rebuke it! That spirit will be sent fleeing! What is a bee without the sting! The sting is taken away! 1st Corinthians 15:54-55, “So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory. O death, where is your sting? O grave, where is your victory?”

God said you are a liar when you say you love God, whom you cannot see; but, show hatred towards those whom you can see! How do you show yourself to be relating to people? Are you loving others with the same love you say you have for yourself! Do you love being by yourself with God? How do you feel about being with people? Do you carry that God in you that so loved the world that He gave His Only Begotten Son? I won’t let any bitterness against anybody go with me anywhere! As God that is in me, I will always attempt to correct with love! I attempt to heal relationships! The work that we are given to do is with all of those who are in darkness! That is the harvest that is plenteous! And, I will not become weary in attempting to correct in love!

Mighty are You in Power; and, ready to Perform are You, O Heavenly Father! O Lord God, give Power to the Reports, I pray Thee! Let the Special Miracle be established as it is written on the Reports, I pray Thee! Amen!

You carry that bitterness in you wherever you go; and, it is in whatsoever you do and speak! You don’t see it at work, because it is a spirit: but, it is hidden in whatever you speak and do! This bitterness will disguise itself as pleasantry, in sounds and expressions: but, it is a spirit that transforms itself to appear as something that it is not!


You are not supposed to be bitter at all! Why do you delight in holding onto bitterness? It is only making you worse! What is the difference? A Pleasant Spirit is more desirable than a shapely body to those that are Godly! And, Wisdom is a Pleasant Companion! But, the wicked only want a shapely body for his own pleasure! What are you extending to people to be attracted to: a body or a pleasing personality? Be you clothed with your Right minds as commanded by the Lord God; and, let that Mind that is the Mind of Jesus Christ be the Mind that is being formed in you!

The Spirit is Light; and, Light makes aware of self! Being aware of yourself is to know when you are wanting; and, you shall say, when you see it, “This is not what I want! Give me that which I need that is pleasing in Your Sight, O Lord!”

Are you feeling sorry for yourself? Or, are you showing a concern about what is going on with others? Do you expect something to be done about that? Are you being prepared to work in the day as the Lord will allow it to be? Are you seeking to be joyful in this day so you can have joy to extend to others? Have you started this day with grumbling and complaining, or with gladness in praises to God, while showing thankfulness! Some of you have sorrow of hearts because of what is going on with others! There is sickness in the midst: but, praises should be to God, because that is Power being extended that will cover the sick! Pray: but, don’t pray sorrowfully, nor sounding sad! Let none of these be found with me in my praying for others, O Lord! Do I indeed expect to receive what I ask for in prayer? But, let expectations of receiving what I ask for be established in me, I pray Thee!

“Writings of the Morning!”


(It is still the evening, according to God, because the sun has not risen yet! This is the night of the evening!)


We gather for the Assembly on the First Day of the week, which we call Sunday, at about 9:30 AM. This is approximately the 3rd hour of the morning, which was when the first gathering took place, and the first messages were preached. But, we don’t go into debates and strifes of words! Amen!

The days are divided into evening and morning according to God! At the going down of the sun, the day changes! The evening goes through the night; and, at the rising of the sun, we come into the day: But, the world changes the days according to a clock! We are in the morning of the day! But, don’t be confused! God still accepts how we were taught to call things by the world! But, all things will be straightened out in the end!

A letter came to me (by Email), asking me what is it that can be done for Mister Cruz that will bring forth his complete healing! I refer the question to You, O Lord! The answers come from the Lord; and, we wait patiently for Him to answer! We are not demanding of God that He answer us when we want! I saw how the Lord gave Isaiah to tell the people what to do for Hezekiah’s condition! We use this as an example; and, as what it is that will be done for him! Amen!

What is it that You would have us to do, O Lord? Your Instructions are precise! Give him what he needs to remain in the way in which You instruct him to remain in; and, let there be no desires for anything else, other than that which You have spoken, I pray Thee.

“Wisdom, You are my Sister! Understanding, You are my kinswoman!” These are words we are told to say according to that which is written in Proverbs 7. We speak what we are told to speak: and, we will understand it later, after just having done what we are told to do! Just do it! But, in this case; just speak it! That is Faith!

They will still be talking, if God so permits: but, they will be as silent to me as You, O Lord, told me while You had me in Del Rio, Texas! Bring this to pass, I pray Thee! Also, Strengthen me against being pushed into doing something!

“Beauty Is Vain!”


“A Man For All Seasons!” Put us in the “All Season Conditions”, O Lord God our Heavenly Father, I pray Thee! I pray not only for myself: but, for all of those whom You are using me to minister to: and, You shall have Praise and Glory! We will show forth more while having less! I saw You, O Lord Jesus! I saw You walking around without anything! I saw Elijah walking around in the same condition! How strong is our joy without all of these things? The Joy of the Lord is Mightier than all of the circumstances that we are faced with; and, than all of the conditions we will have to be in. Let that Joy be made manifest to us, I pray Thee! Let the Contentment of the Lord Jesus Christ be our contentment, I pray Thee! You are the Supplier; and, our Maker! You will not deny us what is good, and needful! The poor is not forsaken! Amen!

“The Food Is Ready! Fear Not! Come; And, Get It!”


Thank You for the cool of the morning, even without fans and air conditioners going! Thank You for the peaceful and restful sleep! Thank You for the Comfort! While upon the bed, I meditated upon how the Almighty can make things cool without having all of the things that are used in the world to keep cool. You by Your Great Power do all of these things. The conditions in the world are what they are: but, You, O Lord God, give us what we need to be comfortable in these condition, just like I saw it written in the Bible in the Book of Daniel when three Hebrews were cast into a fiery furnace! But, they were not harmed! We know that the heat in the world is hotter than it ought to be, because of what man has been caused by evil spirits to bring forth, and to do! As it was with the three Hebrews, I ask that You would give us that covering that we need against all of these conditions that have come upon the world because of what has been done. We are commanded not to heap a lot of things to ourselves: but, to get the Spirit from You that will take care of these things and conditions for us! What is it that we need, O Lord? I ask that You would provide us with such as we have need of for these conditions! “One Thing For All Conditions!”

Wisdom is Beautiful! Joyful hearts are pleasing to be around! Let all things be structured just the way You want them structured, O Lord! You put this together as You want it to be! I will just follow Your Instructions; and, will not lean to my own understanding! Why things are the way they are; You know! There is Power within that is Mightier than all of the noises that are within! There is Power within that is Mightier than all of the noises that come at us from the outside, also! Because of You, and because of what You provide us with, we do come through troublous times! We have survived afflictions and pains, and sicknesses! We have survived droughts and famines in our lives. We have survived storms, both physical and spiritual! We have survived the heat of the summer; and, the cold of winter! You have brought us through many things. We have gone through times of plenty, and times of little!

All Excellent and Right Instructions come from You, O God! Skills are also sent to us from You! Blessed and Holy are You! It is True: Mighty are You in Power! There is no limit to what You can do! I seek to Glorify You! I seek praise for You! I seek to bring the people together in praises to You; and, to show forth the Glory of the Unity of the Faith in Jesus Christ! I seek the Praise of the System of God that is Greater than the praise of the systems of the world. I seek the Power to heal! Let there be more Healers to rise up, O Heavenly Father, because You are He Who brings up all that are ordained for the Kingdom of God!

“Writings of The Evening!”


Rejoice! This is the day that the Lord has made! So you say, “I will be glad and rejoicing in it!” He leads in the Paths of Righteousness! It is known if you are God’s people! Are you a rejoicing person? Well, God creates His people a-rejoicing! Going on and on and on! Seek that your joy might be built up!

“No Certain Dwelling Place: This Is The True Work of The Evangelists!”


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“Watch For This Van!”


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“A Van Called “Fury!”

Carrium means “Message From God!”

Carrium: 07-11-36th Year

192nd Day

The 7th Month of The 36th Year!


5th Day of the week, which is called Thursday!

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