07-16-36th Year

Carrium means “Message From God!”

Carrium: 07-16-36th Year

197th Day

The 7th Month of The 36th Year!


3rd Day of the week, which is called Tuesday!

“Afternoon: 1:18 PM”


“Evil Destroying The Evil!”

A testimony from Ruben Cruz Sr.


Lord, Blessed is the Deliverance that You send forth! Blessed is Your Mercy and Your Grace! Mighty is Your Compassion! You give Comfort and Strength where there is none! You send forth the Help! 


It was amazing on how You asked me, Where is that intense pain that I had been experiencing since last night? I was able to record some of the Translated Reports last night! It was a Joy to be able to do this! But then the pain in my shoulder started to intensify! I offered praises and prayed for Strength! All through the night this pain would not vanish! At one time the pain was so great that I did not even feel my leg being swollen. But still I got some rest when I would fall asleep! I do acknowledge that I felt very weak! My felt exhausted! But I remembered to thank You the Lord for the rest that He permitted me to have! But when I would get up, I would come to sit at my work station to continue to finish what I was given to start! My desire was to burn CD’s with the recorded Reports! But the pain would continue. I would fall asleep while sitting down here at my workstation. This must have happened for at least 3 times! I had also acknowledge to the Lord that I did not have to sleep, that I know that He can just restore my body and that I do not even have to sleep to feel rested! 


So this last time I woke up I was talking to my wife and asked to see if she had some pictures that I could see because I wanted to put on the background of the CD and cover! I wanted to finish the work I started! I came and sat at my workstation and I heard where is that intense pain I was experiencing all this time? I did not feel that intense pain any longer! Then I was given to see that I had an Email from Xmeah! 

I did send a curse upon that cursed condition, because of the intense pains I was told you are having! I did not like hearing how these afflictions are persisting! Blessed be the Power and Authority of the Lord Jesus Christ! And, Blessed is the Power and Authority which He has given to His people! And, Blessed are you, Ruben Cruz, my brother in Christ Jesus! Be well!

I know that this is what the Lord had Xmeah to do! After I read the Email, I was excited and joyful for what the Lord did for me! I realized why I was asked about that intense pain! Help had come and I did not even know it! Blessed is the Help that You send O Lord! That is an effectual fervent prayer! Glory be to You, O Mighty God! 


I thank You for giving me to be able to record and to post the Spanish Reports to CD’s so that the Spanish people can also listen to what You have to say! This is for their help! Amen and Amen!

Don’t be a messenger of Satan! What are you reporting to people? Will it edify them? Or, will it cause them to have negative feelings about someone?

“Day Break!”


Who will be the next to be baptized? There is plenty of water available! The Word is going forth to bring people on to their baptism!

“What Is A Man of God?”


O yes, there is that evil spirit that wants me to hurry up, and bring this forth, as the Lord said would be by the Prophet Isaiah! That spirit is working through many people! “Hurry up! Hurry up!” Much anxiousness is injected into the hearts of many people! ( “Be Still!”) They say, “Hurry up; and, bring this forth so we can see it!” You will see it in the time that God has ordained for you to see it! You will eat it when it is ready! Timing of things is dictated by God, not by man, nor by any evil spirit! I am not forced into doing anything, because the Lord my God is in Control over all matters! Neither will I be anxious for anything! I will settle in my Peace as the Lord God has so provided for me! “So be it, my Lord!” Amen!

And, people are waxing worse and worse, trying to bring some evil to pass!

Now, I will take people aside to talk with them; and, will not talk with them about their matters before all! So, even in writing, I will take you aside, and talk with you privately! I sometimes send you Emails! But, when you pose questions publicly through your writings; I will speak of them publicly through these writings! Yet, not I: but, the Lord! But, I will avoid foolish and unlearned questions, because they only gender debates and strifes of words! They are ignored!

There are times I be given to publish testimonies of others, because these can be edifying to someone else!

This is a testimony from Ruben “Joshua” Cruz:




Traveled from some place in Arizona to another place in California. Both of which I don’t know the names, being small towns. Thank You for keeping me safe during the trip. There were some unexpected things that took place today, but nothing that would make me forget to call on help from the Lord. A bridge collapsed in California the other day. On my way into California, I came to a section that police were making everyone exit I-10. This was unexpected as I assumed I would take I-10 all the way to my destination which is near Los Angeles. I took the exit and pulled over to look on the GPS unit for an alternate route. I turned down one road and traveled it for about fifteen minutes. Finally, the road that I thought I could turn on, did not exist. I pulled over and pulled up the map again. I said, I’m lost. But then I realized and said to the Spirit, “But You know where I am.” All I could see were mountains and desert. There was an electric plant nearby, but no signs of any roads that led back to I-10. I made a U-turn and headed back to where I came from and then went north on highway 177. The lanes were a bit narrow and it was a one lane road. There was a slow moving truck in front of me, but instead of making haste to pass him, I cruised along behind him. Other cars were getting over into the other lane to pass us. There was awareness of not being in a rush. But, though I was not rushing, there were many others that were. With a section of I-10 closed the alternate route added about 80 miles to the trip. I could see people trying to get by slow moving trucks. I did rebuke the rushing and asked for a clear path for myself and others, because with how people were driving there was bound to be an accident. The scenery was beautiful, and I did consider pulling over on the soft shoulder to take some photos. But before I could pull over, I passed a CR England truck that pulled over and was now stuck deep in the sand. Hence my choice not to pull off the road.


I continued on down the road. As I neared interstate 10, the road began winding down in hair pin turns and steep downgrades. I was concerned because though the load is only about 40,000 pounds, I could only do so much to brake and keep the truck in a low speed. Then engine brakes on this particular engines do not brake as good as others. During this time, I did ask for help and some Braking Power because by this time I was already smoking my brakes, but had no choice but to continue to use them or wreck. I was nervous as I thought that any minute now I would look in the mirror and see my wheels on fire. I continued down asking the Angel for Help in the situation. We were able to slow down and finally made it to the bottom where I let go of the brakes to let them cool. But in all, I saw the instant acknowledging the Spirit Who is ever-present to help, and called on Him for help. And I was helped.


“Now, hear the Spirit speaking to you!” It is a fault with many that they are not hearing the Spirit speaking with them: but, they are hearing the man! That is a fault that God is pointing out with you! So, what is a man of God; and, what is his purpose here? You say it!

He is what God has placed here so He can work through to minister to people! It is not the man: but, it is the Spirit of God working through the man! He is a vessel that God has prepared for Him to use! He is a vessel that God has placed here for people to do to him what they would do to God! When you Bless the man of God; he will Bless you in return! He will return to you by his Words the same as you sent out to him. He is only sending back to you what you sent out! It is like what you are giving to God: God returns to you, multiplied, whatsoever you sent to Him. So, who actually spoke those words back to you? Make sure your offerings, whether they are words or deeds! Remember who the man of God is! He is a vessel through whom the Lord God works and speaks! So, always consider the purity of your giving, because that is the way God will send it back to you! If you are sending out insincere “Peace be unto you’s”; it is being multiplied, and sent back to you! Consider what is contained in all that you are sending out; and, everything that is contained in the things, plus the thing, will multiply many times; and, will come back to you! Learn; and, purify your giving, whether it is words or materials! Help yourselves to be pure by sending out pure! Forsake bitter words! Shut down bitter thoughts, which are evil speakers speaking in your mind! Whatsoever is active in your mind goes out in everything that you do or say! “Light, Be Activated!” Or, “You be exalted, O Lord! You be exalted above the heathens!” The Light being exalted in the mind will hold back the darkness that still remains in your mind until that time has come for them to be cast out of your mind! With Light being exalted by your sincere request; you are now able to send purity out in all that you do and say! That is the Help that the Lord gives to help you to send out that which is good and wholesome! “Thank You, my Lord! Thank You for the Help!” Speak it with joyfulness and with appreciation! Amen!



No matter what the evil will try to put upon our flesh; the Lord will give us what we need to counter it! You are Faithful, O Lord, in giving us what we need! This also includes giving us what to ask for, because we don’t know what to ask for! That is a fact, because God said we don’t know what to ask for! But, many times you think you do; or, you think you know what you need! We don’t try to solve the problems by what we think will solve the problem: but, we understand that God knows what will solve the problem! Therefore, we rely on Him to tell us what we need to ask for, so we won’t be asking Him to supply us with what we think we need to deal with the problem, when God knows that won’t work!


“Get you hence, Satan! You are an offence to me!” I speak as the Spirit commands when an evil is identified! Amen!

“Bidding To Others What You Have!”


Do you have Peace to bid to others; or, are those just empty words you say, when you say, “Peace be unto you!” You have to be in Peace along with your joy before you can bid Peace! Be set in all of the Right Ways before you attempt to do what you are supposed to be doing! “Set me, O Lord; and, I will be set!” Is your heart being tossed? Set the Peace of your own heart, first! Make sure your own! Amen!


Bitterness and meanness won’t let you do what is for the good and for the edifying of others! “It sure won’t!” If you are spewing out any bitterness, you can be sure it is going out in everything that you do. Do you want to build people up; or, do you want to tear them down? Bitterness and resentfulness is working silently in the background in everything you are doing, or saying! You walk around with a look or sound of peace: but, those underlying evils are also at work! You find yourself always being contentious, and an attempter of the killing of joy! These things are coming out silently! The sounds are not joyful sounds to the hearer, because of the bitterness that comes out in those sounds that are being sent as content and joyful sounds! It is the spirit in these sounds that makes them what they are; and, not as they are made to appear to sound as being. The devil is in disguises of righteousness!

You are paying so much attention to other people being deceitful, that you are not paying attention to your own! Are you walking in honesty? Are you pretending to like, and don’t like?

What is trusting? That no harm can come to you because you are walking as God has commanded you to walk, no matter what others are doing! You are always in your joyfulness and peacefulness, no matter what situation you are in! You are quiet in storms! I am not talking about physically not saying anything: but, you are settled in peace and joy, operating with the confidence that the Lord is keeping you in your joy and peace, while being settled in your Right Mind! Loving and Kindness are ruling in you at all times! “So, running to and fro is an offence to you! Send it fleeing!” Amen!

What is being done behind your back? Who cares? Everyone gives account to God! If another don’t want to consider the presence of God, what is it to me? If someone wants to be sneaky, what is that to me? I pay attention to what I am doing that God is commanding me to do; and, what you do out of my sight is between you and God! I don’t creep around trying to catch people in things; I consider what spirit I am walking in before God! What is allowing you to walk in a way that is destroying the peace of your heart? And, when you speak to people; how do you speak? Is it the sound that makes it to be what it is; or, is it the spirit of the mind that has made it to be what it is, regardless of how it sounded? Take heed to your spirit!

This is real time writings!

If someone wants to do evil in secret, what is that to me? You can stop evil deeds by your presence, so you think: but, can you stop evil desires of the hearts of others? So, why should that bother you when you cannot stop evils of other people? You just keep yourself in turmoil, while walking in pretense of peacefulness and contentment!

Start respecting other people’s privacy! Give your attention to your duties! Do you seek counsel? Do you want someone other than the Counsellor present while you are seeking counsel? Or, do you just sit to listen to what others are talking about when their problems do not pertain to you? Why are you sitting and listening to what is being spoken to others? Do you have a problem? Seek counsel concerning your own problems! If the Preacher is preaching; everyone is to sit and listen! But, when someone comes to talk with the Preacher about his or her problems; you are not to be sitting, and listening! People will speak freely when there is not others sitting and listening! The Preacher is the Counsellor!

How are evil speakers affecting you? Do you want them to shut up; or, do you want God to give you what you need that it will be as if they were caused to stop speaking? Because you are not being affected by their noises anymore, that shows that God has given Power within you against such! How do you want this to be! As for me, I want God to give me what I need within me to make it to be as if they were made to stop talking! I want the Strength and the Power within myself, because God will not take all evils out of the world: but, He has declared to us that He will give us what we need that will make us immune to what they are doing and saying.

I rose up at the breaking of day this morning! The night was cool and comfortable! I listened to what the Spirit is saying! I remembered what I remembered by what is being spoken to me! I remembered giving Glory where Glory is due. I remembered hearing certain people speaking about certain program software that recovered files! The software is praised! I seek that which will Glorify God, and be a Praise to Him. How did I get this thing that did what it did? If the thing won’t do what I need it to do, can I still get done what I need to get done! How do I move forward from this problem?

“Taking The Opportunity To Sow!”


I will be held back from doing things at times so others can take the initiative to start doing! If I don’t do it; who will? So, coming back from a recent trip, I was told to keep silent, because I was doing all of the singing praises, and speaking in the Word of the Lord! So, when I stopped singing, no one else would sing. What are your offerings to God of your own free will? What are you speaking to others about in the Words of the Lord that God said He wanted to see from all of us? Who is being reminded to do those things that they have heard God say He wants to see? Then, I reminded them again about what God said He wanted to see! Now, is there a willingness to show God what He said? But, there is always an asking of God to do this or that: but, what about those things He commanded you to do? You are leaving these things undone; and, you show no delight in doing that which God said for you to do! So, He has no delight in doing for you what you desire of Him! He is unto all of us as we are to Him! That is what the Word of God said. So, if you want more movement from God towards you; make your movements towards Him in doing what He is telling you He wants to see from you!

Freely I give; freely I receive! This is the Law of the Lord! I do not withhold knowledge and understanding! What we hear in secret, we shout it out to others! This is for the edifying of the Body of Christ. We are learning, and we are teaching! Blessed are You, O Lord Most Holy! You give us all that we need in a timely fashion; and, Glory goes to You! Praise is Yours! You do not ever fail! You are our Keeper!

Hell, the Lord rebukes you!

What is a disease; and, where is the disease? A disease is not only that which is physical in nature: but, also spiritual! Where is the healing taking place? Lord, You know! Cause me to be aware of what the healings are being applied to! I know that the body is usually the focus on being healed! Is the mind being healed of torment? How is the mind being set?


So, I sought to understand healing; and, the Lord sent the Angel to speak with me! He communes with my mind! I am able to see things I never saw before; and, I am able to understand things I never understood before! I rise up with my right mind; and, I relate to all people in the right way! That is a healing that has taken place with my soul! If God does not heal; what is it that I can do? If God does not restore; what can I do? If God does not heal somebody; that is not a strike against me! God is merciful to those who are merciful! If God does not heal me; I wonder why He does not heal me! That is what I seek! I look at other healings! I look at the Spirit! I look for what He has added to me! What is the Strength to endure in what conditions! What kind of attitude am I walking around with! He has healed the awareness, and has made it stronger! He has healed the hearing; and, have been healed of anxiousness! He has given a measure of contentment! What has He healed? There are many things He has already healed: but, certain things still remain! But, He has healed! I understand this! He has healed me is so many ways; and, it is not just by looking at sicknesses and diseases that I look at healing! Souls are sick from sin; and, healing takes place there, also! He has healed me of sneaky suspicions! He has healed me with His Peace! He has healed me of bitterness, and malice. Without God, I cannot do anything! People have to pay attention to their own cleanliness! What is withholding? God is Ready: but, what is withholding? He knows all of the secrets of the hearts! There must be pure and honest hearts! Obedience and respect must be on display before Him. We stop all arguing with people!

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