07-17-36th Year

Carrium means “Message From God!”

Carrium: 07-17-36th Year

198th Day

The 7th Month of The 36th Year!


4th Day of the week, which is called Wednesday!

“Morning Has Broken!”

Writings of Ruben “Joshua” Cruz From On The Highway!


I want to be always in Your Timing because it is Perfect. I’ve seen this at work at times. What is it that I allow that removes me from Your Timing? This is what I was looking at. When it is time to rest, I will rest. And when it is time to get up, I will get up. Even now as I have gotten off of a drive tonight, I am feeling tired. But while on the road I thought I would get to a certain place. I acknowledged that what will be is what will be, and that I should not be thinking ahead of time. This is something that I constantly have to watch for, is wandering off to the future or down the road, when in fact I am right here, right now. I can’t say what will be, I only know what is. Thank You for the free flowing through the mountain driving earlier today going north on interstate 5 through California. I’m still in California tonight, but am in route to Washington. I ask that You would let me be sensitive to the urging of the Spirit, that I will hear when it is time to go and what to do. Amen.


Instead of setting the alarm to wake at a certain time, I turned it off and set the phone on silent mode. When I would wake up would be when the Spirit would wake me. I got up this morning two hours before my drive time clock would reset. So now I had time in the morning before going off to work. The sun is already up this morning when I got up. But, I was thankful because I acknowledge the Spirit is Trustworthy. And in things like this, I will trust in the Lord to keep me in His Timing. I wrote recently about being in God’s Timing. I believe this is a good way to start, from the time I wake up, being woken by the Spirit. I know there are miles to travel to get to my destination, but my mind will be kept in now. And I will handle what is at the moment and deal with what will come when that time comes.

Privacy is respected! Privacy is established! Eyes are blinded; and, ears are deafened! Peace is established! This is the work of the virtuous woman (Spiritually speaking): “She considers a field, and buys it: with the fruit of her hands she plants a vineyard.” I considered the Work that is done by my hands! Now the converts! Now are the hearts made fertile; and, so are the bodies of those whose hearts are made fertile! God has given me everything that I need for the minds to be set right! The Power of Reproduction is here! The Seed is in the Barn! The vines and the trees will produce, each bearing fruits with the seed of its kind in itself!

And, that which is posing as Christians will no longer hinder true Christianity! They get no respect as if to be Christians! I do not respect the devil! All devils are rebuked!

You are a wife by Ways; and, not by title, even as you are a Christian by Ways, and not by name only! The Truth has spoken it! There are those who are not wives that conduct themselves more like wives than those who call themselves wives! The Truth has spoken it! God is purging out! No more holding positions without doing the work of those positions in the Kingdom of God, the Lord has said. I saw whereby, in the Book of Nehemiah, that those who had strange wives, put away those strange wives, because they were not wives at all! These were just those who were in positions as wives, but, were not operating according to how a wife works. A wife is a suitable help to her husband in the kind of work that he does! Her attention is towards the kind of work he is given to do! If he is a preacher; she dedicates her attention to his work, and not to the work of another who is called a preacher! And, there are those who call themselves to be children of God who cannot speak to one another in the Words of the Lord! This was also pointed out in the Book of Nehemiah whereby it is said that the children could not speak the Jews language: but, could only speak in the Babylonian language, which means their conversation of preference is about worldly things, and the Lord God will rarely hear them speaking one to another in the Word of the Lord! It is a strain for them; and, when they do start, they are not able to continue very long with joy. This is what the Lord is saying; and, this is what He is seeing among that which calls itself Christians! His Report is True!

“Sending Tithes and Offerings!”

If people (strangers) want to send their Tithes to an online account, my Lord; how do they do it?

“Suitable Help (Help Meet) In Spirit, Body and In Mind!”

What’s the rush? Get you hence! You are an offense to me! The fertile ground is the mind that has been properly prepared to receive the Word of the Lord, which is the Seed! That is a Good, and an Honest Heart! Get that bitterness out of your minds, because joy cannot be full while bitterness remains! Let your hearts be clean and pure as commanded by the Lord! He will not dwell in you while you are allowing anything unclean in His Eyes to remain in you! And, why would the Lord be telling you about another preacher when your own husband is a preacher of the Highest order in these days? That is where your focus should always be turned, if it is the Right Spirit speaking with you! While any wife shows disrespect for her husband in anywise, her head is exposed to evil spirits who will continually influence her mind, because she has come in direct contact with them, as the Apostle Paul warned about in 1st Corinthians 11. Believe the Truth! Have your heads properly covered, because if you remain uncovered; you will be turned over to those evil spirits because of disrespect for what God told you! Be not bitter against the Truth! That bitterness about what has been written means you are bitter against Jesus Christ, because those are His Words!

And, neither shall any of you desire that another should fall so you can get something that you want!

“From Start To Finish!”

I started working on a Video DVD yesterday, and did not stop until all things were done, including doing an encoding to WebM format for uploading to the Internet on www.4th-seal.com, and making the page for it. The Lord did not allow me to give sleep to my eyes until all was done. I was also given to communicate with Felicia by Email while I was doing my work, because she was also up doing some work! It was after midnight when everything was done! So, I say, What is the meaning of this, my Lord? When this thing gets started; it will not stop until all is done! I considered the sowing of the Seeds! We have a lot to sow: plus the Power to produce more! “Fruits With Seeds In Itself!” Amen!

“After Midnight: 12:04 AM”


“The Beginning of A New Day At The Going Down of The Sun!”

“She rises also while it is yet night, and gives meat to her household, and a portion to her maidens. She considers a field, and buys it: with the fruit of her hands she plants a vineyard. (She increase what she started with.) She girds her loins with strength, and strengthens her arms. She perceives that her merchandise is good: her candle goes not out by night. She lays her hands to the spindle, and her hands hold the distaff. She stretches out her hand to the poor; yea, she reaches forth her hands to the needy.” Who can find a virtuous woman, because her price is far above rubies?

I am producing and sowing! The Seed is good, because it comes from God: but, let it not be like a man putting his sperm in a barren womb! O Lord, make the minds fertile, I pray Thee! These seeds must be sown in good and honest hearts before they can take root!

And, I will be kind; and, it will not be grievous to me! The devil cannot take me!

Respect the privacy of others just like you want others to respect your privacy!

I will not stop until all is set right, and everything will obey my voice! I will not get discouraged when these things don’t do as I command them to do, right now. These things will depart, because the Lord said these things will be subject to us. We will have to cause greater beasts to lie down! Lions and bears and wolves will become subject to man again! Amen!

Your Spirit is getting stronger and stronger, because you are giving attention to what is being spoken to you out of my mouth! You are allowing the Lord to increase you!

Who thinks you are a fool? So what if people think you are a fool? Are you a fool? Don’t let what people think about you matter to you! You become a fool when you go about trying to prove to them that you are not a fool! That makes what they think about you to mean something!

I enjoyed putting together the video DVD that the Lord had me to put together on yesterday! Copies are made for distribution; and, two are already distributed! That is working with a purpose! I am getting “The Vision” reworked!

Don’t contend with God for control over the body of His servants! The Angel of the Lord rebukes such!

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