07-23-36th Year

Carrium: 07-23-36th Year

204th Day

The 7th Month of The 36th Year!


3rd Day of the week, which is called Tuesday!

“Desire for others to have joy!” I wish you all could share in the joy that the Lord has given me to have, in what He is giving me to do! God cannot make you happy if you won’t let Him!

“Give No Pain!”


Pain is deflected; or, pain is reaped! Painful desires towards the Righteous are deflected to the sender; and, pain is reaped by those who dish it out! Comfort comes to those who comfort! Heal yourselves with the Good that goes out from you to others, because it shall surely come back unto you multiplied greatly!

“Angels Disguised As Humans!”


I went to Walmart in Woodville, Texas to get some buttermilk! It was late at night! I gave my wife a Report to take to the people whom I had seen parked in a car while I was driving onto the parking lot! My wife came back and told me that they were needing some help to get a motel room for the night! While I was on my way into the store, I was caused to go to the car to speak with the man. He told me what he needed! I said I would come back after going into the store! When I had finished getting what I needed, I returned to him with what he had asked for! Giving joy of the material, and a Blessing with the words of my mouth, I started to walk away. I heard his voice say, “God bless you!” I turned immediately with a smile, realizing this was not just one of those idle “God Bless you” I have heard. With great joy, I said, “Thank you!” The car started up, and they drove away! And, I was given to remember Hebrews 13 about what was said about walking in Brotherly Love continually, and being kind to strangers, because some have entertained Angels unawares! I am very conscious about walking in my joy!

What has God placed in your path, waiting for you to come along so you can be Blessed? You shall always walk with kindness, and with Brotherly Love!

O Lord God, our Heavenly Father, let the healing be put into the waters, I pray Thee! I am given good meditations by You! I desire that which is for the good of the people! I desire the Help to come for them, because they are much afflicted! I desire that their troubles, and that which troubles their minds be put on hold! Let there be Understanding flowing in the midst; and, give meat to them that is sufficient for them, I pray Thee! He that held back the sun that it stayed, is You, the Same and Living God as of old! What are these things to You that have magnified themselves so greatly in the eyes of the people whereby their hearts fail! Deliver their hearts out of all of these troubles, I pray Thee; and, give them a time of freedom from these things! Let them know a time of comfort; and, cause all of the laborers to be active! Distress of heart is not good for anyone! Peace is what You have the Power to proclaim, and it shall be done! You are the Almighty; and, nothing is too great for You, nor impossible for You! These are my thoughts that come to me to pray unto You as I have believed is an acceptable time! Great and Mighty are You!

“Visions In The Night!”


From Joel 2: “And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions: and, also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out My Spirit. And I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke.” Yes, Lord, I still wonder about that projection of the van that I saw at the picnic area north of Woodville, Texas! I am still waiting for the understanding to come from You! It was not something that I took lightly, even though it was marvelous in my eyes; and, I was in awe of this sighting! “What is this; and, how is this being done?” Our van was physically parked in one spot to my right: but, there appeared another image of the van in the darkness in the park in front of me!

Do unto others as you would have others to do to you! Use everything you use in a very special way! Let it be for the good, and for the edifying of others! God blesses you as you bless others! Kindness works wonders in people!

“Smoking or Non-Smoking!”


What is the Messages, O Lord? Let Him that is Mightier than all speak to those who want to be strong! Let comfort come to the hearts of those who are tormented! What causes the problems? Let the liars be silenced for those who are hearers! What caused the condition that you have, or is experiencing? Who told you that? Who did you go to, to be healed of that condition? What did they do to you? Can you be recovered from the condition that they left you in? Can God restore you to being whole after they maimed you? Who are these liars that told you that this caused this, and you believed them? What really did cause your condition? What you need to be concerned about is not what caused it; but, will you be made whole? I said be made whole, and not be made maimed? What did that canker worm eat up that God cannot restore? But, whom did you put your trust in? That is where your problem lies! It is not what condition you have: but, to whom did you turn to deal with the problem? Now, don’t these things happen to smokers and non-smokers alike? Everyone is tried with something; and, it goes to show you where you have placed your trust! So, what is it? And, where have you placed your trust?

You cannot be healed of your condition if you are believing something is causing the condition that is not causing the condition! You could be involved in false accusing, and agreeing with a lie!

I see your virtue in your working ways, and how you stay up late to get work done to add to the needs of the household; and, how you cared for your husband during the time of his sickness without complaining, nor grumbling! You are seeing to the needs of your household! That is the quality of a virtuous woman, working willingly with her hands; and, having your arms strengthened!



“Keep away from senseless arguments, and fightings with bitter words in your mind!” So be it done unto me, even as You have spoken, my Lord! “Let there be no listening to meditations about fightings, nor arguments with others! Establish the joyful thoughts!” Be it done unto me, even as You have said, my Lord! “Let there be no pretense being presented before your Heavenly Father; and, depart from all bitterness and malice!” As You have spoken; let it be established, I pray Thee! Amen!

What about provoking, O Lord? There are two kinds of provoking! One is to do good; and, the other is an attempt to move someone to evil! Doing good is never an attempt to provoke someone to evil, nor to wrath! Doing the Will of God is a must; and, nothing should be able to stop us from doing what God has commanded us to do! I exhort you to Righteousness in doing the Will of God! Is it a Good Spirit? Evil is not happy with Righteousness; and, neither is Righteousness happy with evil: but, the happiness of the Righteous keeps the Righteous from sinning by becoming violent, not even in thought!

“Thank You For The Watching!”


Yes, O Lord, You did help me to come in, even with the stomach pains, and with the pains in my shoulders, I was able to bring the people back safely to Beaumont! You even had an 18 wheeler to pull back behind me! You did cause me to be joyful in dealing with people! You gave me to give my attention to what is always going out from me! This is a Mighty Watch that You have set me in! I encourage people with the encouragement that You have given me to pay attention to greeting, rather than being greeted! It is what goes out from us is what causes the same to come back to us, being multiplied greatly! Not even evil and bitter thoughts are to come forth out of us, because, surely, God will multiply even these back to us! It is good to be watchful of our thoughts; and, so that we will not be in agreement with any evil! That is Power that You have given to us, Heavenly Father; and, for this, I give You thanks! You are truly making us aware of the evils that try to go forth out of our minds! These are shut down; and, there is no agreement with them!

“Let Your Light (Jesus Christ) So Shine; And, Let Men See Your Good Works!”


The Help of the Lord is Mighty! And, I do give You thanks for all of the Help that You give me, my Lord! I thank You for both the Spiritual Help, and for the physical help! The Angels excel in Power, already; so, therefore, I pray for the strength, and for the comfort and peace of those who are the physical help whom You have given to be a help to me! Let them be made to be strong, and content, having all of their needs supplied! You have shown the Strength of Joy in them! You have Strengthen with Praise, and with Faith! You have Strengthened with Contentment! You are Mighty in Power, and in Consideration; and, You are the Supplier of all of our needs! Because You have supplied me with such Help; I am able to go about to do that which is my duty without having to attend to other jobs! You are Faithful in supplying our needs! You have given Strength to the focus of feeding Your Sheep as You have commanded me to do! The kindness of others towards others is evidence of Your Spirit being in them! The homeless, and the cast down are embraced, showing forth to them that God loves them, also! The Love of our hearts is Genuine and Pure, because it is the Love of the Lord Jesus Christ! Mighty are You in what You have done for us, and to us! You are Faithful in giving us Strength! Wonderful are You in Your Doings! You give us to recognize the Good Qualities You have established in us!


Thank You for the awareness of being kind to strangers, because we have been entertaining Angels, while being unaware that These were Angels! Only after the encounter was I made aware that these were Angels of the Most High God, coming in the appearance of ordinary men! Therefore, the Way of the Word is manifested in me; and, I give You thanks for establishing me in the Ways the Word has commanded, which said, “Walk in brotherly love; and, be kind to strangers, because some have entertained Angels unawares!” We are sowing seed for our needs that will be coming! The heart is glad, and is made to be rejoicing, because this is the Commandment of our Heavenly Father!

“Go: And, Wait!”


Trust in God’s Timing!


Do your work with joy and with gladness! Keep your Spirit bright, thereby being able to make others to come up out of depression! Rejoice in the work that God has given you! And, do all things for others as if you are doing this for the Lord. Always doing your best with great delight! Let nothing be done in grievousness! Live joyfully! Be strong in being joyful! Your Spirit will radiate from you to encompass others! Your Spirit shall be as your shadow passing over the sick to bring them up, because strong is the Spirit of God in the people of God! You are the Light of the world! So, let your Light shine in this way, that people shall be able to see your good works! Because it is the Spirit of God working through you to do these good works; people will be seeing God at work through you! In this Way is He Glorified! When they see you, they will be seeing Jesus Christ! You represent the Most High God! Walk as such! And, so I will! Amen!

Resisting the devil! No bitterness can come into me; therefore, no bitterness can go out from me! I have the awareness of these evil spirits trying to rob me of my Righteous Power! No robbery will take place here! The Lord God is my awareness! My joy rules in Power! Thank You, O Lord God, for the Help that You give me to be able to help others!

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