07-28-36th Year

Carrium means “Message From God!”

Carrium: 07-28-36th Year

209th Day

The 7th Month of The 36th Year!


1st Day of the week, which is called Sunday!

How is there Faith in Jesus Christ? Is it not doing whatsoever He has commanded of us to do?

Is it not that you believe that God sent Him, and gave Him everything He told us we need to do? Therefore, faith in Jesus Christ is believing what He said, and doing what He said! Judge, O God, Judge! Amen!

It is good to be able to have the Assembly gathering in the house again! It is good to be able to be positioned in a place to wait for the people to come! Many invitations were sent out during the week! Draw, O Lord, draw, I pray Thee! Seeds were sown in the field! Amen!

So, this is the Day (Sunday as it is called) that the Children of God come to present themselves before the Heavenly Father: but, as the Word said, Satan made an appearance, also! This was shown to us in the Book of Job twice! We also know that Judas also sat among the disciples during the First Communion! Make sure Satan is not hitching a ride with you! The Messenger stands in the Place of the Lord Jesus Christ in the Assembly: but, who are you among those who gather?

Thank You for the preparations for the Assembly, “The Feast of The Lord!” This is the First Day of The Week! Evil has no place on this property, nor anywhere around this property! Thank You for the Steps for preparing the place for the people to gather! The Authority over all evil spirits are given; and, they are not permitted to operate at this location! “Where are you coming from, Satan?”

“Glory Be To You, O God Almighty!”

When I was a little boy back in Latania, Louisiana, the older people used to say to me, “Play on your harp, little David!” I did not know what they were talking about until I became a man in the Lord! I will sing; and, I will sing some more! “Sing, David; Sing!” I listen to songs, and the melodies are written in my mind! I add words of Praise to the tunes! I understand the tunes that calm people; and, I understand those that excite and exhort people! All of this is by the Spirit! I am fulfilled in singing! I sow much; and, I reap even more than I have sown! And, the Word of the Lord is fulfilled in this!

Straight and tall, and steady, because by Your Spirit are we upheld, O Mighty God our Heavenly Father! Not in our own Strength: but, in Your Strength! O God, cause Your Strength to be manifested in us, I pray Thee! Your Strength is above all strengths!

How do we gain confidence except we have something to practice on? Oppositions are allowed so we can come into being what we are supposed to be! Trials come so our fruits of Righteousness can be developed! Rejoice in the tribulations, because it is not here for your destruction: but, for your gain! In tribulations, you gain your patience! And, in your patience, you gain your experience; and, in your experience, you gain your hope! And, Hope is what endures whereby you have the Hope to abide in!

You are Blessed above all, because you are Children of the Most High God! In the Image and Likeness of the Son of God (Jesus Christ) are you being created! Amen!

“I will show you Jesus plainly! There are many false Christs on display in the world, being displayed by many who are calling themselves Christians: but, you shall show forth the True Christ!”

You are as a cloud that is full of rain; and, therefore, you empty out of yourselves to the people, and they are refreshed by that which comes forth out of you! You are as a precious jewel in the treasure of the Lord wherewith He purchases many souls!

“Seeking To Understand!”

A Seeker of Truth went forth; and, as the Word said, he found! He went forth as a Peacemaker! In his joy he walked; and, he understood! The stories he told did inspire many! He came unto a people who had lost their Way! He is a restorer of Paths to dwell in! He set straight many Proverbs! He walks with Angels of the Most High God!

“Establishing of The Place of The Gathering!”

You have emptied out that evil that stood to resist, O Mighty God! You set Your Dominion! You make the place where the people can come, and relax! They learn, because You teach us thoroughly! O how You make things so clear, O Lord! No spirit of darkness can stand to cause confusion to stand! He that says he does not understand, is a liar, because by the Greatness of Your Power and Might, You cause even a fool not to be able to error! Whatever You say, is what is! You say, Understand; and, who can keep back himself from understanding! Who has such power that he can resist the Will of the Almighty God! Then, therefore, You do Judge according to what You know You have caused to be. Confusion cannot stand when You have declared clarity! “Let there be” You say; and, it is! Amen!

I will see Great and Mighty Things coming from You this day, O Heavenly Father! I see Them even now!

“Refresh & Restore!”

Fear not! Loving and kindness are qualities of Christians! Therefore, be you filled! We have outpouring; and, that is the reason why we are constantly being filled! Ain’t it the Truth, Deborah? Amen!

O Lord God, remember Deborah for all of her kindness and consideration of others! Bless her with comfort!

Mighty and Holy Power, Glory be to You! You be exalted! Your Steps that You order us in are Great and Powerful! Order the Steps; and, we shall appear even as the Steps are!

Boldness of the Lord, You be exalted! Cursed are you cowardly and intimidated ways: you be removed, and you be cast into the sea! Blessed is the Boldness of the Lord! You be exalted!

The Power of Instant Speaking against the evil is from the Lord! It is the Power of Awareness that the Heavenly Father establishes in the hearts of all of His people! The Spirit instantly speaks for us out of our mouths! Amen!

The Word said, “A little leaven leavens the whole lump!” Leaven speak about yeast, and how yeast causes the whole loaf of bread to be affected! A little yeast affects the whole thing that it is in! Even so, a little bitterness in the hearts cause everything that goes out from you to contain bitterness! Bitterness, like pride, is a deflator! So, cast down your pride; and, remove the bitterness from your hearts!

“Remember: let not your hearts be troubled by those things that are reported by the ungodly!” You establish it; and, it shall be so, O Holy Father! Establish it, I pray Thee!

And, the Lord causes that which the wicked speak to come back upon their own heads! So, therefore, let your tongues be governed by the Lord! Let the Guard be set over your lips! Also, consider those things you are writing! Let God be your Editor!

You are the All Mighty God; and, I work in the place that You tell me to work in! I do the Work that You give me to do!

What kind of evil is this? Blessed is the Holy Power that comes by the Authorization of the Lord Jesus Christ! O Lord, give me that which I need to destroy this kind, I pray Thee! Thank You for the remembrance; and, thank You for giving me what to ask for! I remembered the dream about a certain kind of gun (Power) the old man told me I would need to destroy a certain kind of evil that was coming!

Circulation, be free! Learn to speak the Words that I tell you to speak, saith the Lord! So be it, our Heavenly Father!

By the Power of Christ, I overcome all things! Blessed and Holy is the Power of Christ! It is the Power of the Living God! It is the Power of Truth! I am persuaded by the Lord Jesus Christ; Him, and Him Only! He is the Power over my persuasion as He is to all of His people! Amen!

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