08-06-36th Year


This is:

Carrium Means: “A Message From God!”

“For The Greater Glory!”

Stop sowing sorrow when you are being corrected: but, start showing joy! You are waxing worse and worse by that which you are sowing: but, you always cast the blame on someone else, when you are doing the greater damage to your own self by what you are allowing to go out from you! With the Shield of Faith, you can block what come from the outside, coming from an outside evil power: but, there is no defense for that which proceeds out of your own heart! Watch: and, pray that you do not yield to temptation! This is how you stand in the watch for your own soul! Block it from coming out from you by sincerely asking God to set that Guard over your lips so that you will not speak unwisely with your tongue, because it will, whatsoever it is, come back multiplied upon your own head!



Sow your joy always, because that is what is coming back upon you to make you to be more joyful! And, sowing that bitterness has also made many to be very bitter! The Law of God is always in effect! “You reap what you sow; and, that kind that you send out, comes back to you multiplied to make you to be more of that kind!” The Laws work whether you believe in them or not!


“Steps Are Ordered!”

Proverbs 31: ”The Virtuous Woman!” “She rises also while it is yet night, and gives meat to her household, and a portion to her maidens.” In comparison to the Heavenly, people are as the female, even as the Church is as the Wife to Jesus Christ! We are the ones that brings forth the children for the Lord; and, we do what we do by His Spirit being in us! We become as a fruitful vine that bears much fruit, even as a fertile woman bears many children for her husband! Amen!

In the 3rd month of the year 2000, I started using a computer! Most of the writings that were done at the beginning were being done with a program called StarOffice. This morning, the Lord has me writing from the Apache OpenOffice word processing program, using my laptop! I set up a page that should be compatible with most printers, and not just the Epson printers! I look for something that all can use, and to make things available to all people: rich or poor!

I thought about confessions this morning! I have heard men making confessions about what they have done: but, rarely have I heard females making confessions about the sins they have done! They always play the role of the victim, always being the innocent one! All have sinned, and fall short of the Glory of God, Whom Jesus Christ is!

O Lord, God, cause the meditations of my heart; and, the Words of my mouth to be acceptable in Your Sight, I pray Thee! I have come to work, and not to mess around! You have set my focus on working! You give to us all of the Help that we need so we can accomplish the Work just like You did for Nehemiah, because You assigned him the duty of rebuilding that Wall at Jerusalem! Thank You for giving us Angels to have charge over us! Now, this is the Wall that I am given commandment to establish, because You said that a certain amount of time is given for us to have that Wall built, according to Your Word that You gave the Messenger Angel to tell Daniel, which was given for us in these days! (Daniel 9)

We will not be drawn into fighting against people by these sneaky unclean spirits, approaching us through people! We are given to pay attention to ourselves! The evil spirits want us to overlook them, and to set our focus on arguing with and fighting against flesh and blood: but, that is not going to work! I am trained to fight; and, I know who I am commanded to fight against, and who not to fight against! Amen!

My Lord, thank You for the remembrance of what You showed me in Wyoming many years ago when a woman in her fury came to her husband, beating her fists against his chest: but, the man just stood there! In comparison to spirits, all flesh is the weaker vessels! So, we by the Spirit of Light being given to us, become stronger than the spirits of darkness!

When they come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord lifts up a standard against them! Lift up the Standard, O Lord, I pray Thee, because they have come to hinder me in my working! You are the Mighty Power Who sends them fleeing! You loose the bands of wickedness; and, You cause the people to be delivered from under their power! You have caused me to recognize this; and, You have tuned my attention towards the spirits of darkness! They are not able to cause me to focus on people. You have done this Great and Mighty Thing, O Heavenly Father!

When confusion looms; clarity comes, because the Lord causes us to see through the confusion! We are given Spirit in our inward man! This is our living! This is the Understand that comes to the mind! We are aware; and, it is making us more awake! This is how God add more life abundantly to us! We work with what He has supplied us with! We are able to see ourselves clearly; and, this is why the Lord Jesus told us about getting the beam out our own eyes first! Evil do take over in people: and, we have to have our awareness about us that we don’t stop to start focusing on people. That shows us that we are able to be distracted by these evil spirits: but, the Spirit of our Awareness causes us to be aware of the power that is trying to force our attention away from evil spirits to be focusing on people! The Lord is Mighty in Power; and, He that is in us is greater than all of that which come to try to move us in ways we should not be going! Our attention is focused by the Great and Mighty Power of God! People’s minds stay confused because of these evil spirits! They are as blinded to the truth about what really is going on: but, lying spirits ruling over their minds, cause them to think something is going on that is not going on! But, we have our awareness of this! We show mercy and concern about the people: and, we seek how to get them delivered from under those evil powers! We are aware by the All Knowing and All Seeing God; and, our relationship with Him has been secured!

Satan shows anger towards a person because he is not able to influence that person by coming at him through uncovered people! We read the spirit in the actions, and in the speech! “Where are you coming from, Satan!” He has hitched a ride in someone: but, our Spirit that discerns spirits causes us to recognize him! Surely, he does not like to be exposed, because he prides himself in being able to deceive people! Our mouths will open; and, the Spirit of Light within will direct our words to the proper place; and, that is towards the evil spirit. We don’t try to reason with the person without first having sent that evil spirit fleeing! This is how the Lord Jesus had to cast those demons out of that man who was called Legion before He could speak with the man! This is what you must do! This is your awareness of what work must be done first, before you can do what you desire to do! It is communicating with people that you do desire, isn’t it?

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Carrium: 08-06-36th Year

218th Day

The 8th Month of The 36th Year!


3rd Day of the week, which is called Tuesday!

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