Carrium means: “A Message From God!”

Carrium: 09-05-2006

“No Certain Dwelling Place: 1 year-355 Days!”

The 4th Month of The 39th Year!


4th Day of the week, which is called Wednesday!

Daniel-David’s 104th Day!

“A Seed Is Sown In The Earth!”


   I am of the “Children of Christ of America!” I bid you Peace from God the Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ! The Word of God is sent, and the thoughts of every heart are made manifest unto God. Your attitudes and opinions will stare God in the Face. The thoughts of every heart will be revealed! What are you worried about? You and the Truth have come face to face! Blessed is the Truth! It is written in Mark 4:30-32, saying, And Jesus said, “With what comparison shall we liken the kingdom of God? Or, with what comparison shall we compare it? It is like a grain of mustard seed, which, when it is sown in the earth, is less than all the seeds that be in the earth: but, when it is sown, it grows up, and becomes greater than all herbs, and shoots out great branches; so that the fowls of the air may lodge under the shadow of it.” When the Truth is sown in a good and honest heart, it will be as that grain of mustard seed! The Lord sent “Children of Christ of America” to bring you into His Ways; and, it is not a denomination! It is a description of who we are, and Whose Likeness we are showing; and, it also describes where we sprang up from, out of the United States of America! We shall show forth the true State of Unity in America! We shall spread, and become that One Nation Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all, because the Lord tends to it! Being described as an herb signifies this is given for the healing of the people! Thus has the Lord spoken, and said, “I am the Lord that heals all of your diseases! The Truth sown in your heart will heal you! Sin is a disease that causes death to the soul! It is an epidemic, and it is the worse kind of disease: but, that is not the epidemic that man focuses on. That which causes death to the body is the focus of man: but, that which causes eternal death is the focus of God. Let your focus come into focus with God’s Focus. Amen!

   Heavenly Father, cause me to know the meaning of the things which You showed me by way of the dream last night! Let Your Power come over me so that I may do the work which You sent me to do, I pray Thee. This is the day that You have made; and, You know what we need to be prepared for. The preparations of our hearts come from You. You order our steps; and, You provide for us that which we need to know. Let our prayers come forth from You. Let us not get caught up in anything: but, free us from all evil influences. Strengthen us with Your Strength in the inward man. Cause our hearts to be pure. Thank You for the Help in praying! Give me Help also in writing. Let the Lord Jesus Christ be magnified in us. Let Truth be exalted! Blessed and Holy are You! I have come forth with the praises, which You gave me to offer up unto You! And now, You are giving me the prayers! Let understanding come from on High! Send Help, O Lord! The Help of the Lord is Mighty! The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord. We need all improvements! Give Strength to our dedication to do good work; and, let our work be perfect before You. The Help of the Lord is Mighty Help, which helps us with our duties. Give us more focus on that which we are required to do. Let our prayers be fruitful! Search my heart, and expose the evil that influences; and, cause these things to be removed. Establish Your Righteousness in all of my heart. Amen!

   I considered the strength of the people, and they show a tiredness! Let no rushing be seen among us: but, cause us to work in Your Perfect Peace. People do get excited: but, they do get tired because the Spirit of sincerity is not established in the heart. Let all playing be destroyed from the midst; and, cause all of us to know the seriousness of these things. The end result will be bad for those who are not taking these things seriously. These things are not being done to please me: but, it is for the saving of their lives. Is there a sense of danger with the people? When people sense danger, they take things more seriously. But, when it is not real, they play! Threats have been exposed; and, people have realized threats against their comfort and safety: but, when the threat is over, they return to playing. What must I do, O Lord? The Words of the Lord seems meaningless! They have heard these things so much that the hearing of them does not affect them anymore. There is no sense of reality of the horrors of Hell. Let them be awakened out of their sleep, O Lord. I saw sleepy children in that dream last night. Who are these children, O Lord? They appeared as being my grandchildren: but, spiritually speaking, who are they? And, those who are walking without awareness of what is about to take place, are as those who are asleep. People continue daily with their same routines, giving no thought to what they are doing, nor thinking.

“Having To Be Awakened A Second Time!”


   It is written in 1st Kings 19:5-8, saying, “And, as Elijah lay and slept under a juniper tree, behold, then an Angel touched him, and said unto him, Arise and eat. And, he looked, and, behold, there was a cake baked on the coals, and a jar of water at his head. And, he did eat and drink, and laid down again. And, the Angel of the Lord came again the second time, and touched him, and said, Arise and eat; because the journey is too great for you. And, he arose, and did eat and drink, and went in the strength of that meat forty days and forty nights unto Horeb, the mount of God!” It is time to come: and, it is time to take that journey which will take you all the way to where you started out to reach. Jesus Christ is the Horeb, the High Place of the Most High God, where all men need to desire to reach. The Power comes by the Spirit of God to bring you on into becoming One in the Likeness of the Son of God. God has sent forth what you need to attain unto that Promise! This is the Bread, which the Lord has sent unto you by His Spirit! Do not take this lightly! Do not eat just a little, and return to your old ways, which will be as falling back into a sleep! The jar of water at the head is speaking of the Word of God which comes to wash the filth out of your mind: and, the bread that is prepared over hot coals is the Word of God which is tried and proved. God has given you this Bread to Strengthen your hearts. The Lord said, I am the True Vine, and My Father is as the Farmer Who tends to the Vine. Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit, the Heavenly Father will take away: and every branch that bears fruit, He purges it, that it may bring forth more fruit. Now you are clean through the Word, which I have spoken unto you. Take that which God has given you for your washing; and, that takes place when He points out evils about you. Believing what He said is as washing when you confess to His Truth about what is in you. By His Word He will instruct you in how to get these things removed: and, by doing what He has commanded you to do, will cause these evils to be removed. Now hear this! I will teach you and instruct you in the way in which you shall go. I will guide you according to what I see, saith the Lord. You will follow all of My instructions, and you shall be clean. I will give you of My Spirit, and your heart shall be made strong. My Spirit will not enter into you as long as you allow an evil, which I have pointed out to you, to remain. You have heard that I will not dwell in an unclean temple. Amen!


This is showing how people cannot stay awake when there is something pertaining to the Lord, and for their lives: but, for every other matter they have all of their awareness intact. What is this sleepiness all about? It is the evil that is trying to keep you from receiving what you need to live. Understand this Truth; and, believe every Word. Who has paid attention to how sleepy they get when things pertaining to their lives are being spoken: but, alertness comes when other things are being spoken about? And, what about this unawareness while in the face of trials? The Spirit is with Elijah; and, Elijah has shown himself to be a man that is faithful to the Lord: therefore, the faithfulness of the Lord towards him is also shown. He has done the Lord’s will all of his days; and, the Lord will not forsake him in his old age. Therefore, the Angel would stay with him, and make him very aware of the need to receive all that He was sent to give him. The Strength that we need to endure, what is ahead of us, is sent to us from the Lord by way of the Angels of the Lord. God gave Elijah the Spirit to be his Strength. We receive the Spirit from God; and, the Spirit gives us the ability to do what we need to do: but, that Spirit will not enter into us as long as some evil spirit is allowed to remain in us. That Angel symbolized Power from God to do what needed to be done. Amen!

   Give that Power, O Lord! You have said that You will give Power unto Your servants! You are faithful to do all that You promised. Amen!

   Hear this, all of you! Now is the time to start paying strict attention to the Words of my mouth, the Lord has said. It is also written about how the Lord had to awaken His disciples twice, before telling them to sleep on, now! You hear what is being said; but, you don’t seem to realize how important it is to you. What does it mean? The Lord said that your life depends on you receiving every Word that comes forth out of His mouth! His mouth is the preacher that He sends unto you. The Lord had told His disciples previously about what they must do. He said, “Watch! And, pray that you do not enter into temptations!” Did they realize what He had said to them? Awake out of your sleep! That means to come forth out of your unawareness, and do what the Lord has commanded you to do! He told them how that Strength would come! He said that the Spirit is willing and able to cause them to do what they need to do: but, if they would depend on any other method, it would not benefit them! How do you awaken yourself? The Lord sends His Spirit to awaken you; and, you will find out what you need to stay awake. But, you must first acknowledge that you were not paying attention. Your Help comes from the Lord; and, He knows when people are not being honest. Those who are dishonest will not receive anything from Him. People act like the preacher will give them the Spirit, and all they have to do is fool the preacher, and he will give them that Spirit. He does not have the Spirit to give to anyone. He has the Words of the Lord, which makes known to you what you must do to receive the Spirit from God. No one can fool God, whereby they can fool Him into giving them something! A good and honest heart is what is always what is needed before you can get anything from God.

   Don’t let your mind be turned away from the fact that God is observing your responses to what the preacher is speaking to you. Stay aware of that fact! Ask for that ability, and it shall be given to you! He is looking directly into your mind to know your thoughts. He is pointing out all of these things to you. By what He sees in you will determine whether or not you will receive what He has to give. And, you will receive what He has to give, according to what you allow to remain in your heart. For the evil which you allow to remain, there will be destruction: but, for the Righteousness, there will be His Blessings! If this Word is not important to you, He knows it. If it is pretense, He knows it. I am sent to tell you what God is offering you! It is Life, or Death! Believe what I say, and call upon the Lord with your belief intact about what He is saying to you through me, so that you might be able to believe, and be saved, and made stronger. How are you trying to stay aware in listening to what the Lord is saying by the mouth of His ordained preachers? Don’t try to do it without asking the Lord to give you what you need so that you might be able to follow alertly in what He is saying, and that you might be given ability to completely realize that it is not the man that is speaking with you, but the Spirit of God speaking with you through the man. Ask God for that ability to believe what the Lord Jesus Christ said without doubting that this is the true situation. Ask God that you might not be distracted by any means when the man of God is speaking with you. Speak with Him about how you need to know how important this is for your life, because you don’t have the realization about how important His Words are to you. You don’t know how important these Words are to you: but, you can quote what the Lord Jesus Christ said about a man will live by every Word, which proceeds from the mouth of God. Again, the mouth of God means the preachers whom He has ordained and sent to speak with you. Honor those Words, because the Words and the Lord Jesus Christ are the same. The way you show towards those Words are the same way you are showing towards the Lord Jesus Christ. By following those Words, you are following the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!


   The look of alertness does not mean you are alert! You have learned how to put on many expressions, on your faces, to make it appear like something that it is not. But, when you face the trials, you will see that you were not as alert as you presented yourself as being. Do not pretend, because pretense only means you will be killed in the face of a life and death situation. Amen!

   I saw this in the dream about grandchildren finding it hard to stay awake while the man of God was present, even though it was late in the night. How have you been programmed? Let us be deprogrammed! Consider again what time it was when the Lord had to speak with His disciples about remaining awake. What do you need, and how have you seen yourself? Your awareness of yourself is very important. You need to show more awareness about what you see about yourself, and know that these things, which are not good, will lead to your destruction. Without realizing this, you are lacking in awareness of the truth. You will respond the wrong way, just like Peter did when those men came for Jesus in the garden. I tell you what you need now: but, it is up to you to know that it is important for you to have these things installed in you. If you don’t take these things seriously, you are going to be without what you need to live. Amen!

   In the dream, it was shown that I would drive my van back to a house, which appeared to be the house at 1540 Gill Street. I was on my way back to our house! I drove from the Cruz’s house late one night, and on the way, while driving southbound on Magnolia, I spotted the Cruz’s Ford van pulling into the driveway of a house at the northeast corner of La Salle Street and Magnolia. Had I stayed too late at their house whereby they were being kept from going where they wanted to go? How long will the Lord keep you, and what will you find yourself desiring to do while the Spirit of the Lord is still present? Many have been found desiring to bring a thing to an end that the Lord has provided! Are you waiting to go some place? Your mind is where your desire is, and your attention is not in what is present with you, even though you seem to be listening to what is being said. You feel tensed! You feel pressured! But, the Lord will keep you as long as you need to remain as long as you desire to remain. It is for your life, and that is His only concern! Would you be desiring to get to Death? Whosoever is desiring to leave the presence of the Lord, who is Life, is desiring to get to Death. But, you don’t see it that way, because of your unawareness of the truth. The Lord is trying to hold you back from desiring Death! Everything that is away from the Lord is Death. The Lord, and the Lord’s Ways is the only Life! Now look at your desire for the Word of God. How did the Lord say He wants to see your desire for His Words? He said it shall be above all, and more precious than everything! Be not satisfied until you see your desire just the way the Lord described it should be. Amen!

   Let me not become satisfied, O Lord, until I have reached this condition of Horeb! You will strengthen me with Strength until I attain unto this stature and measure of the Lord Jesus Christ. Many Likeness of the Lord Jesus Christ are being pointed out to us; and, we need to have the willingness to reach those Likenesses. Many have stopped their approach unto those Likenesses, and have become like people who stopped short of a goal. Arise, and move onward! Give me the boost, O Lord, to continue to move on upward, I pray Thee. Hear my prayer, O God; and, know my belief that I need to move onward and upward.


   I was on my way out to my van when I saw the children come out of the house! I got into the van, and had left before they had left their house; but, they had arrived at a spot before I had gotten to that spot. Are you in a hurry to get some place? It was late at night. As I was leaving, I saw the children coming out of the front door, looking very sleepy. What do you give up so you can hear what the Lord has to say? There is a place you want to go to: but, is it a place you need to go to? What He has to say is for your lives. What is so important that you cannot stay focused on what the Lord is delivering to you? What you think you need to do more than listening to what the Lord has to say, you may not be around to be able to do that. Before an evil takes place in the world, the Lord will send His servants in enough time to warn the people. The Lord knows what is going to be; and, He will send His servants in enough time, so that you can have enough time to get ready for what is going to come. But, where is your priority? Are you thinking about something else to do while the Lord is delivering to you what you need to live? What is more important to you than Life, your own life? I finally arrived at my house on Gill Street: but, this time I would park the van on the west side of the house facing northward. We don’t always do things the same way all the time. Amen!

   My Lord, what kind of tree is a juniper tree; and, what is the meaning of Elijah sleeping under that kind of tree? A juniper tree is a kind of evergreen shrub, or a type of tree of the family of the pine tree. So, I thought about the cutting down of pine trees, and how they are used in the celebration of Christmas! I also remembered a day when I walked along a freeway in Georgia, when I noticed so many pine trees! So, I asked the Lord why were there so many pine trees in this land. I knew that the Lord does not create things for no reason; and, I realized that there must be a reason for Him making so many pine trees! Then a man came along and told me about the medicinal qualities of the pine needles. The use of the pine tree will cure many ailments! Amen!

   The Lord Jesus is called “The Tree of Life!” What kind of tree are you under? A man is known as a tree: but, there are many different kinds of trees; but, they are classified under two categories: Good, or Evil! Many are acting like they are under a Good Tree; but, they are showing that they are not eating the fruits of that Good Tree. Amen!

   What is bread baked on coals? What is marriage, and when does it appear? People spend a whole lot of years with one another, but, never reach the point of marriage. What is marriage? Is it a long time in the making; or, is it still not in the making after a long time? God can do a quick work when the people are not resistive to His Will. God defines marriage as two becoming one! Two being in total agreement! Is that impossible? Not for God? When God gives both, the man and the woman, what it takes for them to become one; they will become one if both will do the part, which God has given them. He offers them the right mind; and, each mind must be good and honest. The bitterness towards one another must be removed from the hearts! Provoking to cause bitterness must be removed! Every effort to insure peace must be focused on by each individual. Evil desires must be purged out; and, Wisdom must rule over each heart. Foolishness must be destroyed from both hearts. Honor and respect for the Same One God, and all of His Laws must be the apple of the eye of each of them. Each person takes off what God says to take off, and adds what God gives them. Only God can establish two minds to operate as one mind, if both will allow Him to do in them what He knows needs to be done. If this is not done, marriage can never take place. You spend a long time together; but, you never become married. But, you call what you have as being married, until you learn the truth about what it truly takes to become married. Now, marriage is another Horeb, the mount of God, that the two must seek to reach! If you are counted worthy to reach it, you will know it! How can you know something that has never been experienced in these days! We only accept substitutes as being marriage, and it is falling far short of what a true marriage is! This is a thing that the evil is working hard to prevent from coming into being, because they know they cannot do anything with such a union! It will be too Powerful for them! But, let the real thing come into being, and then you will behold how good and how marvelous it is! True Power will come, and only will it come in becoming one with another in God! What can stand against a man and a woman who have become One in Spirit, Mind, and Body in the Lord? We can only think about it! But, many evil desires remaining in them will not allow this to come to pass! Who has ever experienced true marriage on earth? Who will? Amen!

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