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“No Certain Dwelling Place: This Is The True Work of The Evangelists!”


“We Are On The Highway, Going To and Fro Bringing The People The Word of God To Make Them To Be One People!

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Sunday: The 1st Day of The Week!


O Lord Michael, fight! Amen!


O Lord Gabriel, give us the Reports! Give us skills; and, cause us to understand by the Authority of our Lord Jesus Christ! Amen!


O Lord God of my Peace, be still; and, You be multiplied unto all by the Authority of our Lord Jesus Christ! Amen!


“How Is Your House Being Used?”


People are looking for ways to use their houses to make money out of their houses! This should be a special concern to the wives, because they are commanded to remain at home! But, they are also commanded to produce money for the household with the gifts and talents which the Lord has given them, according to Proverbs 31. Nothing should be going to waste. And, the houses should not be left idle, and devouring up money: but, should be used as a work place to produce money. Even the preachers are commanded to start building their congregations, using the house in which he lives! Amen!


I saw by way of a dream that I had visited my sister’s house. She was giving a party: the kind of party that people pay to attend. It was not a very big crowd. I saw vulgar dancing going on. I went into the kitchen, and saw that the stove was gone also. So, there was not going to be any cooking taking place in this house! This is not the way a house should be used! Amen!

People are in need of finances: but, what will you allow to go on in your house just to get money? This is what I see going on even in the congregations! They get hard pressed for money; then, they allow all manner of evil to go on in the place just so that money can come in! I also saw a party going on in another house in the neighborhood. People will pay to go to a party: but, this type of entertainment is not legal for the Christian. All of our joy is founded in righteousness; and, there is nothing that we are given to do that will stimulate sexual desires in others. I remember how it use to be fashionable, whereby men would give parties in their houses, or they would get together to rent a suite in hotels for their parties! This is the way they made money: but, many souls are destroyed in the process. I remember how they put out fliers, announcing the party. When they got a reputation, people would seek their parties! Amen!


What does this mean, O Lord God our Father? Amen!


Help, O Lord, because trouble is near! Cause my enemies to keep silence, I pray Thee! O Lord Michael, fight against my adversaries; and, deliver us from our oppressors! Amen!

I understand how we are supposed to speak highly of our assemblies in the Lord: and, we should announce to everyone where we fellowship. Be excited about being established in the true Ways of the Lord; and, glorify Wisdom in having the worship services in your houses! Was not this the example which was shown to us by the Apostle Paul in Acts 28? They that worship God must worship Him in Truth, and in Spirit! The Spirit is in the Way of Truth; and, if the place where you assemble is not set up according to the Way which the Lord has shown us; then, that which goes on in that place is not the worship of God: but, it is a disrespect for God, instead; and, that is devil worshiping! Can a preacher be hired and fired in that place? Is the congregation being sought for money to pay for a building? Is there a special time set up for the collecting of the tithes and offerings during the worship service? This should not be! The proper way is to have the offering box sitting at the door, just as entrance is made into the building; and, those who come in must drop their tithes and offerings in the box as they come in. The Lord does not disrupt the services to collect money! The giving is private between the giver and the Lord; and, the tithes and offerings belongs strictly to the preachers; and, no one is allowed to exercise any controls over that which belongs to another! Trumpets shall not be sounded, announcing to all who gave what, and how much was given: and, neither is there supposed to be any quarterly reports showing how much each person has given! Your giving is supposed to remain a secret between you and the Lord Who knows how much you gave. Give cash! No checks are acceptable, because that is a record of who gave what, and how much was given. This is the Way of the Lord! Do you agree with that? If so, you have agreed with the Truth! Amen!


Do deacons exercise power over the preachers in that place? This is not the way of the Lord, if this is what is going on! And, the Lord is not in that place; and, neither is He with those that approve of these ways! Amen!


I love the habitation where the Lord’s Honor abides! Be excited about doing things the right way; and, your excitement will cause others to be excited, also. You will be blessed of the Lord for doing righteousness! This is compelling the people to come. What kind of excitement do you show about the place where you assemble? You shall not be excited about places where the Lord’s Honor is not shown, no matter how beautiful the place is! Righteousness is beautiful unto the Lord! Amen!


O Lord God, I have sown much: but, have brought in little! What is going on? I am remembering the Word from Haggai that said such a thing! The way is right: but, there is an attempt to try to get me to change from the way that the Lord has shown me to do things! Stay on course! Amen!

I remembered Psalm 73 on yesterday during the services. The Lord said that the wicked will try to influence us to turn to their ways by showing us all the material things that they have. They will even speak to us about the number of people in their congregation; and, they will speak about how beautiful the building is! This is also what the disciples did to the Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 24, when they wanted to show Him all of the beautiful stones that went into building of that temple. But, the Lord was not impressed, because He had just rejected that place because they would not allow the Truth to be practiced in that place! What is so beautiful about a place that is left as desolate? The Lord has promised that not one stone shall be left standing one upon another! The building would be destroyed because the people were not allowing the Truth to be practiced in it! Though these places do seem to be prospering, we do remember that the Lord has set them in slippery places! We wait on the Lord for the increase to come! Not for money! There is an attempt to discourage by the conversation and displays of the wicked! Amen!


I thought about how our stove had to be fixed; and, the roof of the porch is leaking: and then, I thought about what was said in Psalm 73, “The wicked have all that they can wish for!” But, this brings a smile to my heart because I see the close relationship that I have with the Holy One, that I am able to recognize these things that are being done in the world, according to what the Holy Scriptures have pointed out. The Words are not just words that are written in the Bible: I actually see them taking place just as it is written. Amen!


This is how real joy, and love is tried! When things get tight, we get an opportunity to see how we perform before the Lord! In this is real love and joy being strengthened! I remembered the dreams from yesterday where it showed that a mother (an ex-wife) and her son rejoiced at seeing the man because that meant they could get some more money. It was stated that they only cared about the money that he could give them! Trials come to try our faith; and, many will not endure these trials! I have heard continually this morning how the Lord said in Psalm 73, that He would guide us by His Counsel; and, afterwards receive us to glory! These are Words that are given to us to remember for our comfort! The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord! All of us need to be perfected in day by day living! There is no limit to what the Lord can do in one day! Amen!


O Lord God our Father, Who art in Heaven, give us this day our daily bread! Hear the Words of my mouth; and, establish my heart in all righteousness: for righteousness pleases You! Teach us to pray as we ought to pray; and, cause us to listen attentively to every Word of Your Mouth; and, let us not ever be without instructions coming from You! Amen!


This is the continuation of Carrium 01-01-69.1, #01. I was typing on the word processor, when I saw “Memory Full!” Sincethe Lord showed me to just start a new file; this is what I have done so that I can get all of the report in this Report! There will always be something that will be allowed to come in to see if it can wreck our joy! Even to try to disturb the peace! But, the Lord is arming us daily to fight against all intruders! I remember the report that the Lord gave me about the Titanic Sinking! This nation is as this Titanic! This nation, in her practices, have issued a direct challenge to God; and, the Lord has declared that the people are saying that this nation shall stay forever, according to Isaiah 47. He said that their ways proves their thoughts, even though they are not saying these words with their mouths! We know the ship is going down: but, I am as the radio operator who must wait until the very last moment before abandoning ship! I have to send out these Reports as long as I can. O you people, look around you and see if these gross transgressions will not bring about the Wrath of God upon this land! Amen!


“What Have You Done That Causes People Not To Be Able To Hear You?”


“Peter, put away your sword!” Do not avenge yourselves; and, don’t think you need to fight to protect the Lord, nor the Church! Don’t cut off a person’s ear by your actions. But, seek to be made able to cause the deaf to hear. What you do could cause a person to not listen to you. They see you going contrary to the Will of God: and, they say, “How can you tell me anything?” Amen!


Don’t allow the Gift that God gave you to be used for evil purposes! I have a unique style of writing and painting! I remember how someone had solicited me to do some posters for them, advertising their appearance at a night club. I did not do the poster! Shall I take what God has given me, to give glory to the devil? The Lord prevented me from using my gift to aid an evil purpose! If someone saw something that I did, giving glory to the evil, this would be like cutting off their ears. Amen!


O Lord, put their ears back in place: and, let them not be affected by those foolish things which I have done in my spiritual youth. There is a prayer for this! Pray Psalm 25. God’s judgments are just! O Lord, all of Your judgments are just! Amen!


“Understanding of The Highway 12!”


Highway 12 means the “High Way of the 12 Apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ!” Turning onto the road means to make the right turns by the Spirit: and travel the way of the 12 Apostles! No one, nor anything can keep us from knowing the ways of the Apostles! Amen!


What does it matter if another person declare you to be evil? Can’t you examine your own ways, and compare them with the ways of God? Can you not declare what kind of tree you are by the fruit that you bare? Can’t you be satisfied with what you have seen about yourself? When you find errors in your ways, don’t you change to the right way that you have learned? Who then can judge you? You have judged yourself; and, have made the necessary corrections. Do you still need to be confirmed by someone else? If your ways have become God’s Ways; then there is no condemnation! Amen! You are justified by God: so, the condemnation by man does not matter! They that judge you as being evil shall be judged by their own judgments! They have judged, and condemned the Ways of God! Therefore, they cannot have salvation: because they have condemned the Holy Way, and have judged it to be wicked! Amen!


Let not your anger be turned to violence! Be you angry: but, don’t sin!If your anger turns to violence; then you should know that something is wrong within you. Seek to be purged of that which can provoke you to violence! Amen!




O you wicked, let fear be upon you! You are too bold; and you go about to intimidate! You shall be intimidated! The Lord shall bring your own fears upon your own head. The fear that you send out shall be the fear that shall return unto you. Amen!


“Someone Could Be In The Place You Are Supposed to Be In!”


There was a house that was called 2460. A woman suddenly moved out of the house; and, I was able to occupy the house! Who is in the land at this time; or, what is in the spot where something of God’s should be? Again, I see being disposed from a position that someone else is supposed to occupy. The land belonged to God’s people: but, the wicked abode in the land. The Lord removed the wicked; and, placed His own people in the land! This also refers to the part of the Scripture that speaks about the temple in Jerusalem that must be moved so that the temple of God can occupy that spot! But, this is spiritually interpreted. Jerusalem refers to the individuals; and, the land is the heart of the individuals! But, the evil knowledge occupies the heart at this time; and, this must be removed from the heart so that the Knowledge of God can stand in its place! Amen!


Lord, what is the meaning of this dream concerning us? Amen!


The Lord has said that they that are presently dwelling in the land shall be cast out: and He will cause His people to dwell securely in the land. I am remembering Ezekiel 34, where the Lord prophesied against the preachers that are holding positions as pastors; but, will not feed the flock what the Lord wants to feed them! The Reports from the service on yesterday spoke along the same line: but, it came from Malachi 1 & 2. Amen!


This is the day that the Lord has made! Give us gladness, and rejoicing in this day, O Lord! Amen!


Share this with your Pastor, if you have one. If you don’t have one: ask God, in the Name of Jesus, to send you a Pastor according to His Holy Promise. You should request every CD that is mentioned in all of these Reports. Amen!


“No Certain Dwelling Place: This Is The True Work of The Evangelists!”


“We Are On The Highway, Going To and Fro Bringing The People The Word of God To Make Them To Be One People!

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