Taking It To The Limit!

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Carrium: 06-21-34th-Year!

172nd Day

The 6th Month of The 34th Year!


4th Day of the Week, which is called Wednesday!

This Is For Your Spiritual Growth!

In America, we are called COCOA (Children of Christ of America)!

The Trinity Coming Together In The 4th Seal To Make Us Perfect!

“Take It To The Limit: You’re An Eagle: A Story of David!”

(A Circle of Life!)


I was hurting; and, I felt as if behind me, Arms wrapping around me; and, I laid my head back against the Breast, and was comforted! Warm and Tender Love engulfed me! “A King and a vagabond!” As I was comforted, so shall I comfort! “The Circle of Life: My Fortress of Solitude!” Without Love I Need Love To Give Love! He gave it to me; I give it to you; and, you give it to others! And, it shall eventually come back around to me! It’s A Circle of Life!

Was I hearing a song that was not the song that was playing on the stereo as if it were the song that was playing? I heard the Words clearly! But,I have been searching for it again, and I have not found it, yet! Was I hearing it in the Spirit? Amen!

The sun is going down; and, the night is approaching! I was all alone at the end of the evening: but, I was not alone! Doublelane freeways, traffic going past me ahead of me, and traffic coming from the opposite direction—I am heading westward into the setting sun! The Light is always in my face! Then, I shall travel eastward in the morning into the rising sun! You put me on the High Way; and, You show me the Signs! I am now! Tomorrow is tomorrow; but, if I shall come to tomorrow; tomorrow shall be now! I am! Take it to the limit, one more time, for God shall not allow more to come upon me than I am able to bear! No heavy loads shall weigh me down! Thoughts or motions? Listen to be instructed! I gave You my heart! Into Your Hands I commend my Spirit! From You It came; and, unto You shall it return! I have been there; but, now I am here!

The effectual fervent prayers of a Righteous man avails much; and, it is not always we have to be physically involved with something to get something done. Thank You, my Lord! Send Help, O Lord, I pray Thee! You are Wise above all! We don’t just jump up and do something: but, we wait on the Lord to instruct us in what to do! We hear of troubles: but, we don’t always have to go running to someone! Is not God present in all places? Is not His Power in all of the earth? The shepherd stays at his post! The watchman stands always in his watchtower! He hears the warnings from God; and, he blows the trumpet! Take heed!

If the Lord shall draw them, they will be comforted! You settle the minds, O Lord! The Power of God is in all of the world; and, there can be no confusion when You, O Lord, commands Peace to the minds. What would You have me to do? You cause all troubles to pass away; and, You cause the storms to cease! You open our lips; and, our mouths do show forth Your Praises, and the Power of God does inhabit our praises! You cause the Confidence to rise in the hearts of Your people, because You are our very Confidence. Blessed are You, O Heavenly Father! You say, Be still; and, know that I am God; and, it shall be so with us! You speak the Words, O Heavenly Father; and, it shall be done! None of Your Words will return to You void: but, will accomplish whatsoever You send Them forth to do. You have ordained me as a mouth for You to use; and, my hands, and all that I am is given to You to be used for Your Good Purpose.

Troubles will rise up as Euroclydon (a sudden destroying storm) always causes to do! Things might be going smooth for people for a while: but, one hell of a storm will pop up like that which happened in Acts 27. We have to be there for these people! This is what we are trained for! Many are already homeless, and these will be there to help those who have never experienced this condition! The evil is working to destroy the peace of the minds! Droughts come suddenly! People will be seen living comfortably one day, and will experience poverty the next day! Sudden changes do take place: but, who can stand this sudden shock? Who will take the mark of the beast? There is a purpose for everything that is done under the sun! Always keep purpose in mind! Who is giving ear now so he can be prepared for that time that is to come? God is not giving us shelter in other people’s homes! God sends us to people for a purpose; and, there is a purpose for everything that is done under the sun! What does God want to do! We learn to do our work in all manner of conditions, because we are always at home in Him wheresoever He has us to be. What is the purpose! A man shall speak the Word in a house, and out of a house; and, nothing is to make him weak in performing his duty! The Son of man has no place of His own to lay His Head: but, yet He is able to perform all that God sent Him to do! What is homeless? There are many people in that condition; and, everyone will come to know the Power of God in that condition! It is your joy, and your peace that is being tried! This is the learning of contentment in whatsoever condition you find yourself in! What conditions do you see yourself as being weak in! This is also the trying of your faith! Doing what God says is faith! Whatever God tells you to do will prosper! He orders the steps to bring people up out of the pit! Why are you so cast down? Rejoice! Ask God to open your lips, and to cause your mouth to show forth His praises! Teach me Your Ways, O Lord; and, lead me in Your Paths! You do deliver from heavy burdens! Let Awareness come to full! None is forsaken!

O Satan, If I were blind, you could fool me! But, the Eyes of my Understanding are opened! If I could not see, I could be caused to believe things are getting better! But, I see for myself! If I were a toilet, I would eat your bullshit! You are destruction; and, you are destroying!

In my youth I caused you to be in the pit: but, in my Strength I will lift you up! O Lord, You are He Who Renews! I would know the meaning of the two young Black boys who showed the man where the woman lived! These two were walking as the man continued to fly. The man would see the woman, and pick her up to fly away with her to a place where they would get married. It was a church building that he was looking for. I could feel that the woman was very heavy initially: but, her weight did not hinder the man from flying. What is the meaning of the weight of the woman? And, when I awakened from the dream, I felt very tired as if I had been carrying her around! This was a woman that I knew many years ago after I had graduated from High School. At one point I would have married her; and, at that time I would have been seeking a “church wedding” as they are called where we would stand before a preacher; and, lie! I would understand later that this marriage could not take place because my children had already been known as to how they would come. The mother of the children would be of Spanish origin. I was moved from Texas to Nebraska during the mid 60‘s where I met this female. She had come from New York to attend college in the same city where I was stationed while in the Air Force. A little over two years later we were married in “A Church Wedding!” Neither of us knew the Lord: but, it was traditional to do this thing that way! I had no idea that I was a chosen vessel during those days! I was as wild as a West Texas Wind. I was that man that the Lord spoke to Peter about as when he was young he would go wheresoever he decided: but, when he would grow up, another would lead him, and take him where he would not have chosen to go; and, would eat that which he would not have chosen to eat. Eating Spiritual Food was the farthest thing from my mind. Now, it is my greatest delight! I do hunger and thirst for Righteousness! This man was drawn hard to the Light when his time finally came, which the Lord already knew. Up to that day, the Lord was nowhere on my mind! And, I was alone when I was called! I questioned my existence, and the reason for my existence! I felt unfulfilled all of a sudden! I was empty and unsatisfied inside! I was extremely filthy and bound up! This that had touched me that day caused me to be so curious as I had never been before. I kept saying many times, “What is this; and, how do I know these things?” Many burdens I carried got lighter! He purged my conscience of guilt! My life is now traced to incidents that are spoken of in the Bible. All of my life, the Bible had been kept from me whereby I knew nothing about what was written in it. I would understand why this was so, later! And, when I started to write, I would later find out that I was writing the things that were written in the Bible! The mysteries are still being revealed to me. I have walked with Angels unawares; and, at times I was made aware I was in the presence of Angels! I have been taken into the fiery heat of the deserts, and the freezing cold of the winter; and, drenched in the stormy rains! I have cried, and I have laughed! I have been ashamed, and I have rejoiced! I have hung my head; and, I have lifted up my eyes to Heaven! And, in this I have said, “The Lord is my Keeper!” And, all of this began with a question in the 1st month of 1976, whereby I just said (not to anyone in particular; but, just as a wondering), “Who am I; and, is this all that there is to me!” “This Is The Journey That Continues With Awareness!”

And, what is the meaning of the small green colored John Deere tractor shaped generator that would be carried in the back of a 3500 1 ton van. I saw the van also! It was like the light blue 1 ton GMC van that I used to have. This generator was about knee high! There is nothing that You show us that is not important!

There was another dream about the woman that plays the character “Star Buck” in the television Battlestar Galactica! This is a manly character! It appears like a female having in her mind those things that pertains to a man. She said after seeing the penis of a Black man, “I thought yours would be bigger!” She wanted to have sex with the man while being on top of the man! This seems like something that is for selfsatisfaction; or, a “do-it-yourself” position. There is a lot of that seen in movies and on television. These appear to be domineering females! Is this not a society that is given to pleasures? Sex is for the married only! Sex without being married is called fornication; and, fornication is a sin at any age!


A generator is something that generates! This was an AC (alternating current) electricity generator! All things are supplied to us according to what God knows we will need! We are told to do something without even knowing why we are told to do what we were told to do. God knows what we will need. Amen!

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Having No Certain Dwelling PlaceIs TheTrue Work of Evangelism!”


“We Go About The Country Bringing The Word of Understanding To The People To Unify Such As Are In The Light In The True Faith!”

Psalm 121:1; “I am lifting up my eyes unto You, O Lord, from where my Help comes.”


This is what the Lord is saying to you, “If you bring all of the Tithes to those whom I have chosen and sent, that they might be provided for; and prove Me now in this Way, saith the LORD of hosts; and see if I will not open for you the Windows of Heaven, and pour out a Blessing to you, that there shall not be room enough to receive it. And, I will rebuke the devourer for your sake, and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground; neither shall your vine cast her fruit before the time in the field, saith the LORD of Hosts.”

And now, you rise up early in the morning, and go forth in the Spirit of the Lord: and, as you go forth, you stand, and say, “Hear me, O you children of the Lord, and you who abide by His Laws, “Believe in the LORD your God, so shall you be established; believe His anointed preachers, so shall you prosper.” Amen!

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