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“No Certain Dwelling Place: This Is The True Work of The Evangelists!”


“We Are On The Highway, Going To and Fro Bringing The People The Word of God To Make Them To Be One People!

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5th Day of The 12th month (Omega)


2nd Day of the week, which is called Monday!


Arch Angel, fight! Amen!


Blessed are You, O Lord Gabriel, the Messenger Angel, Whom the Lord sends unto His servants with His Reports! Give us the Reports from the Lord; and, give us the skills, which the Lord has authorized us to receive from Him. Let us have the understanding, also! Amen!


Blessed are the Spirits, which come in the Name of the Lord! Blessed are all of You, Heavenly Hosts, Whom the Lord has assigned to encamp round about us! O Lord God, You give us our start, because You are Alpha! You have no set pattern in how You do things! But, You teach us how to follow You in the Way in which You are leading us! You also give us the ability to follow You! Amen!

I see false preachers in abundance! These are men of the darkness, being led by evil spirits, which causes people to believe lies! God is angry: but, false preachers are making people to believe that God is pleased with them! Therefore, they are believing in a peace between them and God that does not exist! How can God be your God if you are not obeying Him?


All things are possible with God! In a dream, I saw an old man whose youthfulness had been returned to him! This man was made young again! But, what would he do with his youthfulness? I saw him lying in bed with a young female! What will you do with the ability which God gives you? I have heard of people desiring money: but, if they were to get the money, what would they do with it? What kind of evil spirits still remain in you. Those are the spirits that will cause you to use whatsoever you have gained in an evil way! I saw this in a movie, which is called “Cocoon!” The older people were given youthful vitality again: but, because some of them had foolishness in them, they used it on foolishness! One even turned to a younger female, and forsook the older female whom he had been with! Foolishness would rule over you to cause you to use whatsoever you have gained in a foolish way! Foolishness is one of the evils that the Lord spoke about in Mark 7, as that which comes from within that defiles a person! Amen!


I have heard people saying to the Lord that if He would give them such and such, that they would do such and such! But, when they received what they asked for, they don’t do what they promised to do! But, God already knew that this is what they would do when they asked Him! I have seen fat females losing weight; and, afterward they go about enticing men to lust after them. Now, they use what they have gained to destroy souls! They try to get things that they were not able to get when they were fat! Many people cannot gain things from God because they have within themselves those evil spirits, which would cause them to use these things to promote more evil. God will not give you more ability to do more evil! That ability they will have to get from those evil spirits whom they want to do work for! You can sell your soul to the darkness; but, that is no guarantee that the darkness will give you what they promised you! God could prevent them from doing so! Many people are desiring things from God; and they believe that if they would receive this, they could do more good! But, they have not paid attention to the evil that yet remains in them. The evil that is in you is what would influence you in the use of what you have gained, even though your thoughts are about doing more good, if you had it. The evil deceives people with what appears to them as good thoughts, and good desires! Consider how you have already been using what you have already had! You have gained money: but, you have shown impulsive spending, and foolish spending. Some have held onto money, and would not spend the money on things that were needful, while looking for money from someone else. These are people who spend other people’s money, while holding onto theirs! God always sees what you will do with what you have already been given!


Who shall teach me to do what I am given to do? I saw in my youth that our high school football coaches did not have the ability to teach! I realize that they did more criticizing of the players than teaching them how to play the positions! I was the first place kicker to ever hold that position in our school: but, there was no one there who could instruct me in what to do when I would start making mistakes. I had started off kicking beer cans in the street! Then, one day at football practice, the coaches decided to have some of the players to try kicking the extra points, and field goals! I started kicking, and became very good at it: but, somehow my technique became flawed, and I could not figure out what I had started to do wrong! And, neither was there anyone who could tell me what I had started to do wrong. I learned this position from a desire to do this. And, when my technique became flawed, there was no one there who could tell me what I was doing wrong. So, it was on a Sunday, while I was watching a Professional football game on television, I started to pay attention to Lou Groza! By watching his technique, I was able to figure out what I had started to do wrong! I had unconsciously started to lead off on the wrong foot! A small thing had come in, and had messed up everything! But, there was no man on the coaching staff that could point this out to me! Then, I realized that they had no ability to teach! When I was called by the Lord, I was told by Him that no man could teach me: but, that He would teach me, and that He would teach me thoroughly! The Lord is a constant Watch: and, when things start to go wrong with us; He leads us back into the right ways! A man of God must have the willingness, and the ability to teach!


I had remembered my first missed extra point, which caused the game to end in a tie! The students were shocked when they found out that the game had ended in a 6-6 tie. This was an away game! They were asking, “What happened to the extra point?” It was like a shock when they heard I had missed! “He missed!” That was unheard of! I had never missed before! And, it was some time later that I would be talking to a former Junior High coach, and he said something that stuck with me! He said, “Now, you know just how important one point is!” I knew that I had bitterness in me because I was more talented than others in several other positions on the team; and, most people knew this. I figured that the players from the north end were being discriminated against, and favor was being given to those from the south end! I wanted more time at running back: but, I was being pushed more towards kicking! After I had missed that first extra point; that is when my former coach talked with me, and made me see just how important this position was! I never resented kicking anymore! But, that was the only time that I would have an opportunity to kick a game winner! The running back positions were the glory positions! Now, I am given an opportunity again! Now, you are my extra point! Each person is important; and, we can bring in souls, one at a time! And, I don’t resent the position that the Lord has put me in, even though I am not in a position to get glory in this world! I remember the newspaper clippings, which reported the names of the ones who had scored the touchdowns: but, right after that, it would be written that I had kicked the extra point! Amen!


It is written in the Word of God, saying, “When the people therefore saw that Jesus was not there, neither His disciples, they also took shipping, and came to Capernaum, seeking for Jesus. And when they had found Him on the other side of the sea, they said unto Him, Rabbi, when did You get here? Jesus answered them and said, Verily, verily, I say unto you, You seek Me, not because you saw the miracles: but, because you did eat of the loaves, and were filled. Labor not for the meat, which perishes; but, for that Meat, which endures unto everlasting life, which the Son of man shall give unto you, because Him has God the Father sealed. Then said they unto Him, What shall we do, that we might work the works of God? Jesus answered and said unto them, This is the work of God, that you believe on Him whom He has sent.” Amen!


Glory was not given to me by the world! I did not become a famous football player! For what reason did the Lord tell the people that they were seeking Him? Surely, they did not come to Him for the right reason! By receiving those whom the Lord has sent, you will be able to receive the Lord! Why would you come to hear me? There are many famous people who gained their fame in other ways: but, afterward they start to profess Jesus Christ. Why do you go to hear what these people say? How did he get his glory? Was it because he glorified the Lord, and the Lord glorified him; or, did this glory come because he was a well known football player whose name is mentioned in all of the sports programs? Why did you go to hear that person? His glory outshone the glory of the Lord; and, you did not go to him because of the Lord: but, because of his fame. Many are speaking Truth: but, because they are not famous, the people will not hear them. Notice how well known people are able to fill places where they are given to speak! You came because of their fame, which they gained in some other way. But, look at the fame of those whom the Lord had chosen, and look at how they became famous! A great football player says he gave his life to Jesus; and he has come to your town to speak! You flock to go see him! Did his fame draw you; or, did the Spirit draw you! But, in that town was a poor wise man that people never flocked to, because he was not famous. Therefore, if you went to hear the famous man; but, never went to hear the poor wise man who labored among you for so many years; you were not drawn to the famous man by the Spirit; but, by his fame! Therefore, you cannot get to God, because the Spirit did not draw you! People love to be seen in the company of those who are famous! If I had been allowed to become a famous football player, the people would be flocking to me by the thousands: but, they would not be drawn by the Spirit! So, when they come, I will know it will have been the Spirit that drew them, and not because I had previous fame as something else! It is amazing how the Lord even took away the name that I went by of old, and gave me a new name!


You pass up Elijah to go to Jezebel! This have I seen also! The Lord has set me over against fancy church buildings by putting me in an old common house! People walk past this old place where His honor dwells, and go to places that are more comfortable and acceptable to them! Therefore, they have turned down the Lord! There are situations written about in the Bible whereby the Lord placed Himself in certain positions whereby people could see both Him, and something else! He saw what they recognized as being what God approved of. At one point, He sat in a place whereby the people could see both Him and the temple, which they had built! The people gave more respect to the temple, which they had built, than to the Lord Jesus Christ, in whom the Spirit of the Living God dwelt! And, this is also shown when people will spend millions of dollars on building of buildings, but will not spend ten dollars to help a poor man! Does God care more about the buildings than He does a man? This is what people are showing about God by what they are doing! How does the poor man read this? Does he not read this as meaning God cares more about buildings than He does about people, because of what those who are calling themselves His people are doing? Every month they spend thousands of dollars to pay for the utilities, and for the upkeep of those buildings, while the poor are dwelling in the streets! The Lord spoke about these people who dwell in their comfortable buildings while the House of God lies in ruins! You are sitting comfortably supposing to be praising God, and worshiping Him, while a man lies in the gutter! If God’s concern is about that man that is in the gutter, why isn’t yours? God is waiting to see what those who are called His people will do! If you can see a man in need, and God has given you the means to help; He wants your bowels of compassion to be opened up, and help that person who is in need! He is still looking for that “Good Samaritan!” Amen!


And, at another time the Lord sat in proximity to the offering box inside of the temple! That meant the people would have to recognize the true High Priest, and decide to whom they would give their Tithes and offerings! It was like the 10 lepers who received instructions from the Lord as to what to do to be healed! The Law that God gave Moses told the people that they would have to return to the priest who gave them the instructions, and show him how God had healed them, after they had been healed! While those 10 lepers were on their way to the priest, all of them were healed! But, only one realized who it was that told them what to do to be healed! He returned to the Lord, and showed his healing to the Lord: but, the other nine continued on to where they thought upon as being the priest! And, this is how it has been with people who have come to me for counsel about their problems! They received what they needed through my mouth: but, they continued to go to the places where they have always gone, where they never got any help! The Lord showed them where He was speaking to them through: but, they still went to the places where He had not spoken to them! Why continue to go to a dry well expecting water, while you are continuing to die from thirst? The Lord has already chosen those whom He will use to speak with the people through! He will not speak through those whom you have chosen, just because you like them! Yes, they will sound impressive in their speech: but, you are never delivered out of your troubles! Only the Word of God delivered to you by the Spirit can deliver you! Amen!


It is time to really become separated from those of the darkness; and, serve the Lord your God with all of your heart, mind, soul, and strength! It is time to truly become aware of the Truth! It is time to dedicate yourselves to everything that the Lord Jesus has said. It is time to shake off the dirt as He has commanded to be done, and become thoroughly cleansed! If you shall exalt those whom the Lord has sent; you have exalted the Lord! But, if you shall cast them down; you are casting down the Lord! And, if I were to stand next to the President of the United States, whom would you recognize the most? So, what you would do to me, you would have done to the Lord! If you recognized the President above me; you would have placed the President above the Lord! There are ways in which you have other gods before Him that you are not aware of! Giving respect to what someone else has said over that which the Lord has said is one way you are doing this. Placing other men higher than those whom the Lord has chosen is another way! Those whom the Lord has anointed stands in His place in this world! Giving respect to the laws of the land over the Laws of God is another way! When a law of the land contradicts a law of God, which law will you favor? For instance: can a man or woman divorce the spouse for any reason? The law of divorcing pertains to those who are calling themselves Christians; because there is no marriage among those who are still dead to sin. Christians are commanded by God not to initiate a divorce! The one who initiates a divorce must be an unbeliever! That person is an unbeliever because that person did not respect what the Lord commanded him not to do! All disobedience is a sin! A Christian sets himself apart from the unbelievers, because he will show his respect for everything that he has heard from the Lord Jesus Christ. A true Christian does not try to find a way to justify himself when the Law of God has clearly stated what he shall, and shall not do; or, has stated under what circumstances a thing will be permitted. A Christian does not look for a way to justify an evil lust, which comes to tempt him: but, he looks for strength from God to overcome all situations that rise up against him. A Christian looks for how to repair a breach; and, to restore paths to dwell in. A Christian is a product of Love; therefore, he is not easily provoked! A Christian is a product of Love; therefore, he will endure all things! But, yet, there are those who call themselves Christians who will look for justifications in having done what they have done; and, they seek the justification of the masses! And, they will find many approving of what they did! But, they will not realize that the darkness was given permission to come to them to agree with them in that, which they wanted to be justified in! God allowed a multitude of liars to come to them, like He said He would do, because they did not just want to accept what He has said. The great multitude shall vanish in the day in which you will stand before God to give account unto Him! Amen!


When shall the fear of God return to the hearts? But, as for the wicked, it does not matter if they divorce, or not; because there is no faithfulness among those who are in darkness! One more sin will not make them any more deader than they already are! One more transgression will not put them any deeper in Hell than they are already going! How much more worse can it get for them by doing one more thing against the Will of God? Just one transgression will get you the maximum sentence! One thing for sure, you cannot be sorry about doing an evil that you do with awareness, and with joy in doing it, after being constantly told not to do that evil thing! People apologize a lot just before punishment is issued out! They apologize a lot when they get caught in some evil! They can throw out “I’m sorry” out of their mouths faster than a speeding bullet when they are facing punishment! But, your “I’m sorry” is applied to the wrong thing! I’m sorry to have to tell you this: but, the time of being sorry ran out; and, now is the time of punishment! And, these two times cannot be switched around! In the day that you have heard the Word of God condemning your actions, or your speech, or your thoughts; seek from the Lord the heart to be sorry for your sins! Seek Godly sorrow, now! Amen!


When you have your own thoughts running in your head, you cannot listen to what is being said! Now, you must learn the fullness of keeping silent before the Lord!


When you are catching Hell in a relationship; it is because you caught Hell when you were seeking after that relationship! But, you did not know that it was Hell that you were trying to catch, because it was so sweet to you! If you think you are catching hell in your relationship; consider those who will enter into relationships in these days without the Lord’s approval. There is one thing about evil, as time goes on; it gets worse and worse! The devil that you picked up ain’t nothing compared to the devils that will be picked up by those who come after you! Amen!


“No Certain Dwelling Place: This Is The True Work of The Evangelists!”


“We Are On The Highway, Going To and Fro Bringing The People The Word of God To Make Them To Be One People!

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