Who Am I?

Carrium: You’re-An-Eagle!

Carrium means: “A Message From God!”

By Evangelist Xmeah ShaEl-Ela’ReEl: The Messenger!

“No Certain Dwelling Place: This Is The Work of An Evangelist!”

“On The Highway: Going To and Fro!”

Matthew 13:52: Then said the Lord Jesus unto them, Therefore, every scribe (ordained as a writer), which is instructed unto the kingdom of Heaven is like unto a man that is a householder, which brings forth out of his treasure things new and old.

In America, we are called COCOA (Children of Christ of America)!


I Am Xmeah “David” ShaEl-Ela’ReEl: The Lord’s Messenger

Children of Christ of America



I saw the numbers 3+4; and, I understood this to mean “The Trinity (3) Coming Together In The 4th Seal To Make Us Perfect!

Carrium: 07-15-34th-Year!

196th Day

The 7th Month of The 34th Year!


7th Day of the Week, which is called Saturday!

Give me the natural speech, O Lord, I pray Thee! Mighty is the Spirit that takes control, and causes me to be as I am supposed to be. As He is, I become! Amen!

“Who Am I?”


For thirty five years; two months; and, eight days, I walked in the world not knowing I was Light! I was reborn on 01-06-1979. I began thinking about my first born this morning. His name was already fore-known to me, even before I knew the Lord! I also had the names of the next two revealed to me! I thought about the ordeal that we went through to get him into the world. I said, “It was through Hell and High Water!” I began thinking about that night! Of the three that were born to me, only one came forth during the daylight hours. I remembered these experiences very vividly! The first was a son; and, the next two were daughters. “The Power of Love!” Only the third is a natural born Texan: conceived and born in the same state and city. As for me, I was born in Louisiana, and was taken to Texas by our father at an early age. And, when I was to be born again, the Lord took me back to Louisiana where I was baptized in Glenmora, Louisiana during the afternoon of 01-06-1979. Again, I was carried to a place by my Father, my Heavenly Father, this time! My first born was conceived in New Jersey, and transported across the country in his mother’s womb to California, and back to Beaumont, Texas! The night of his birth was an adventure in itself. We had to travel (my mother with us) through a flood on highway 124 going to Galveston, Texas in a Corvair! The ferry that takes the people over to Galveston Island had to be recalled to take us across Galveston Bay. A policeman escorted us to the hospital. These were days before the Light appeared in me. Past 2:00 AM (Central Time) in the morning of 07-24-1969, a son was born. When I consider the time of the second child, I saw that the time of her arrival was near the time of the first! Her arrival was after 3:00 AM (Eastern Time), on 07-06-1971. 3:00 AM eastern time would be 2:00 AM central time; and, the minutes were nearly identical. “The Circle of Life!” But, of the three, only one has come to the Lord. I still hold hope for the others, because they were also fore-named before they were born. Through all of these births, I never knew my own name, nor who I really am. I had heard my name mentioned, but, never attributed it to myself, because this person was as if he was someone else. And, I did not know that I was that someone else. A vision had appeared to me long before I would be led to my baptism. I became the “I am” that I heard while sitting on the parking lot at the telephone company, where I was working at the time, when I saw a vision, and I heard, “There were David’s before you; and, there shall be David’s after you! Every name has a beginning and an ending! I am Xmeah ShaEla’ReEl: Warrior, Angel of the Divine of God!” I was impressed with Him when I saw Him. I said, “He looks like me: but, He only looks like me!” I was referring to His appearance as resembling me: but, His Ways were far more impressive than mine. And now, I say, “I am Xmeah ShaEl-Ela’ReEl.” I had seen the vision of the man that I would become. I understood that “Angel of the Divine God” meant that I had the Spirit of the Living God within me; but, He had not yet revealed Himself to me to move me into the work that I had been ordained to do. In the 3rd month of 1980, in Santa Barbara, California, my name was changed! The name David Eugene Jones had come to an end: but, the Spirit of the name had been made known to me, which I had been given at birth. I understood that David Eugene Jones meant “Beloved; of Royal Birth; Son of John!” The Spirit of the name has come into being, saith the Lord! And, I say, “Amen!”

The strong bear the infirmities of the weak!


The Working of the Holy Spirits within!


What is wrong with my mouth? Nothing! It is Power! Challengers are destroyed! Confidence is Strengthened! Joy is magnified above all that come up against it, because it is the Joy of the Lord; and, our God is a Consuming Fire! It shall be afraid of us because of our God being present with us. My lips cannot be shut, because the Lord God opens my lips; and, my mouth shows forth His praises! All Glory go to You, O Heavenly Father! You cause the noises of the wicked to cease; so, therefore, I say unto You, Cause all of the noises of the wicked to cease! Amen! It is the Power of the Living God! Whatever the Ability is, God gives it. I thought about ability! If it is for someone else to do, and there needs to be a payment for the person or people to do it; God gives the ability to pay for what needs to be done, if this is what He wants done. We are not always going to be physically involved in what needs to be done. Instructions as to how to get something done comes by Way of the Spirit! All liars are put to silence! The evil will try to get us to do something that will take away from what we need to do. Let someone else do it; and, you give your full attention to that which is your duty to do. O Lord, provide all that I need to get this done, I pray Thee! Amen!

I also heard about oppositions being removed: but, the removing of the oppositions started from within the heart, and starts to work its way outward. So, I said, Remove these oppositions, O Lord, starting from within me! The incoming and the outgoing must flow freely. I remembered how the water started to flow from the side of the alter in the Temple; and, it kept flowing, causing an increasing. I remembered because it is being spoken to me by the Angel of the Lord. In times past, when I spoke about removing the oppositions to the flowing, I thought only of that which is outside of me. Now I seek the beginning point, working outwardly! I also look at why things cannot get to me, seeing that problems are also set up within me that keeps, what is coming in, from coming all the way in. Now, no more of that either. Pluck these things up, O Lord; and, cast them into outer darkness, I pray Thee. Yes, I pray in secret; and, the Lord God will answer me openly. It is spoken that as soon as a person had finished doing what he was doing that another came forth for it. This is what I looked for! I have seen this take place before when I was doing artwork. Nothing was hanging around for a long time. I also remembered to pray that God would provide for the needs of those who will get these things, that they will also receive what they need to be able to purchase these computers. I pray for their guidance so they can be guided in using what God has provided them with, that they might use if for the purpose that God gave that to them. It is for the Children of God. Let the pull of the evil be removed, O Heavenly Father! So, I pray for their help, also! Let none of these things be turned aside to others. While I am yet praying, You will answer me! Thank You for teaching me to pray as I ought to pray. Let All Spiritual and physical Power be made manifest! Amen!

“An Idea of Hope!”


But, it is a reality! Hope is a reality, not just an idea! I considered knocking! What is knocking? I took my knuckles, and banged on the table once; and, then I said, Knocking is a continuing of banging the knuckles against an object. (Like Deborah Esther does.) And, so is praying continually for the same thing is as knocking! It will open! Be persistent! Give me that Spirit of Knocking, my Lord our Provider! Providing is also something that I looked at! The Lord God is our Provider; and, what He provides is good. O how often the evil speakers speak about something that God has provided as being evil. They are liars; and, our minds are established by the Lord our God about everything that comes from Him. Establish this, O Heavenly Father; and, it shall not be moved. I am told to command something to be done; and, because I did as I was commanded, the Angels of the Lord carried it out. How shall our confidence be increased if these things are not done? Leaning not to our own understanding is also dissolved! There is a Perfectly Good Reason! Because God said so! How do I know? I trust! He allows and He prevents! God is willing to communicate with us; and, we show that we are willing to communicate with Him by doing what He tells us to do to allow that communication to be established. God said, “This is the Way to get that Communication established! First, you start by listening to Me speaking through the mouths of those preachers Whom I have ordained as My mouth! The Holy Ghost, the Spirit of Truth, makes all of these plain to you! Is this not what is written in the Book of the Lord? And, it shall come to pass, if you will continue in what I command you, you will hear Me! These are the Ways that I have ordained for things to come to pass.”

Pay attention to the distress of heart! Do not ignore it! It is shown to you so you can become confident in destroying all manner of evils! Rejoice in this, because God has given you an opportunity to use the Power! Afflictions and pains are to be dealt with in the same manner! Be no more professional complainers! Make it so, O Lord!

I heard, Remember Noel Daniel! Let the Shout go forth, saying, “Power in the Name of Jesus!” Amen!

Glory to God! Think not about glory for yourselves! Seek that which gives Glory to God. Jesus did raise people from the dead; and, it was not for Glory for Himself: but, for the Glory of God! Seek no praise for yourselves! Blessed are the Pure Intents and Purposes! Establish all my intents and purposes as pure, O Heavenly Father! I will not seek any praises for myself! Establish the heart is the Perfect Way, O Heavenly Father! I shall see it! Thank You! The Good that we sow for others is also the Good that we receive to ourselves!

It is nice to put the two mint tea bags in the cup of coffee as I was inspired to do.

What was the noise that I heard as I was offering praises to the Lord last night? I saw that a board had fallen from the underside of the roof this morning. It was hanging. And, I began considering those things that need repairing with this house that we abide in. That shall not be a distraction! But, I will not get involved in doing things that God has not given me physical ability to do; and, even if I had the physical ability, that does not mean I will be involved in the physical work! I have considered other things this morning; and, as the Lord commands, I will bring these things forth. The noise makers are put to silence, and the Spirit of the Lord can speak freely with me, because He removes these disturbances, even those things that are happening within the body! “All of you distractions, be you dissolved!”

It is good to be able to offer freely unto the Lord! It is good to see the Help of the Lord overpowering the desires of the wicked! It is good to be joyful! It is good to be kind!

Evangelist Xmeah ShaEl-Ela’ReEl: The Messenger!

Children of Christ of America

“No Certain Dwelling Place: This Is The Work of An Evangelist!”

“On The Highway: Going To and Fro!” Spreading The Word of God!

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“At Home In The Van!”


Our home is on the road! We live in our van! We go about spreading the Word of God, bringing Understanding to the people! I was looking for a house, and I found a house, even this vehicle. I thought about how mighty those of old were in bringing the Word of God to the people while they were in a homeless condition. This is the advantage that the Lord has made for us. Jesus Himself live as a homeless man: but, look at all He brought forth while living in that condition. “Sojourner!”

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