Carrium means: “A Message From God!”

Carrium: 01-02-39th-Year

“No Certain Dwelling Place: 1 year-240 Days!”

The 1st Month of The 39th Year!


1st Day of the week, which is called Sunday!

7:59 PM

(Del Rio, Texas)

Thank You, my Lord, for the remembrance to speak about going into the 2nd Day after my Baptism!

After being baptized on the 7th Day of the Week, I went on into Alexandria, Louisiana, and spent the night with my brother and his family. I spoke with him about the events that took place! I would spend the night, and most of the 1st day of the week at their house, before leaving later that evening. All along I was remembering what was told to me after I was baptized that I had to make sure I took the Communion on the 1st Day, which is called Sunday! I knew the denomination called “Church of Christ” serves what they call the Communion every Sunday. This is the Day that the Lord has made: and, I say I am the Day that the Lord did make. As I sit here writing, listening for what the Spirit is saying, I expect Him to give me what the Lord wants written. In this capacity, I am operating as a Scribe, which is a Writer whom the Lord did ordain! There are three offices He said He would send: Prophets, which are Preachers, Wise men, which are those whom He gave Wisdom like He gave to Solomon; and, thirdly, but not least, Scribes, which are those who do the writing and publishing of those things that come out from Heaven. The Authority of these three is One Authority! I learned to acknowledge the Angels of God. I would often speak with Them in the capacity in which our God did assign Them to us to do for us. I say to the War Angel, “Blessed are You, O Lord Michael the Arch Angel of War, Whom the Lord has assigned to stand up for us against all of those who rise up against us. Arise: and, fight; and, send these evil fleeing!” I Blessed the Angels as we are told to do! They are Authorized by the Lord to come unto us. Bless those who come in the Name of the Lord, the Word said; and, that means to Bless both flesh and blood and Spirits, which the Lord has sent unto us. How are you going to see Jesus without saying with all sincerity, “Blessed is He who has come in the Name of the Lord?” What you do unto us whom the Lord sent; you are doing the same to the Lord Jesus Christ. Truth, whom the Lord Jesus Christ is, spoke those Words. There is a serious problem in the midst of the people of not knowing those whom the Lord truly did send! Amen!

Because the Help from the Lord is Mighty; we have Mighty Help to help us in doing what is our duty to do. I acknowledge the Help; and, I give thanks, because without the Help, I would not be able to do what I am given to do. I am given Skills by the Messenger Angel Gabriel when He comes. I am given Knowledge and Understanding, also. And, this is what I communicate to you all. The Words are not mine: but, from Him Who dwells on High. Therefore, in your heart, know the Source of these communications! I pray always for the Skills!

I thank You, O Lord, for this place; and, for those who provided us with what we needed to have remained here to do this Work. I thank You for all of the Help, both physical and Spiritual. We are able to get work done without having to rush because a deadline is approaching when we will have to pack up, and leave. Yes, it is good that I can give my full attention to that which is my duty to do, without having to work on a job for someone else to provide for our livelihood. It is good to see people opening up, and being sensitive to the urging of the Spirit. I thank You for those who give constantly; and, for those who give inspirationally. I thank You for the doors You have opened whereby people do have ways to get the Tithes and offerings to me. I ask that You will Bless these Ways to be fruitful. Let none be barren! I thank You for making a way for the people to escape from under the Curse for not giving the Tithes and Offerings to those whom You have ordained and sent. I thank You for making me available to them. They no longer have to give that which is Holy unto those dogs; nor, have to cast their pearls before swine. Yes, Lord, I thank You for constantly reminding the people about the Curse that God spoke about for robbing Him. Of course, people have been given to realize that when they are not giving to those whom God ordained, that this is counted as robbing God. Who are these people to whom they are giving? Let Light go forth; and, show them these wicked ones plainly, because the Light does make manifest that which is darkness. And, the Holy Ghost takes of that which belongs to the Lord; and, shows us to them plainly!

10:39 PM

“In Asia!” And, just what does that mean? It is the time of the 4th Seal: and, the time of the Pale Horse! North Korea has the Nuclear Weapons! http://www.instant-messenger.org/02-24-34th-year.aspx

9:43 AM

“Mad Men With Their Fingers On The Trigger!”

God will not allow His Words to fail; and, not one Word that is written will fail! Is there peace among your people? It is serious business! These Sites are not novelties! These Sites are serious means of communicating to people all over the world from God! What does Iraq look like now? Did you think about how many of your people will die in a war with the United States? Just because people won’t respect you, that is no reason for having all you have gained destroyed by trying to wage war with another super power. There is no benefit in this for you, nor for your people. Hitler tried the same thing; and, Germany came out in ruins! Don’t you care about your sons and daughters? Did you not know your country would be destroyed, also? What would you have gained? Nothing! Be content with such things as you have!

9:55 AM

“A Sign From Above!”

Signs are given to those who believe! I am in the 2nd day after my 39th birthday! I remembered the days after the date of my baptism. On the 2nd day, which was also on a Sunday, I was able to take my first Communion while being in the Kingdom of God on 01-07-1979 in Ledbetter, Louisiana with an old Black Preacher. It was just the two of us. The event that led up to being able to take the Communion was awesome. As I drove southward on highway 1 coming out of Alexandria where I had spent the night with my brother and his family, I was given to remember I was told to take the Communion on the 1st Day of the week, which is called Sunday. This stayed constantly on my mind. It was my desire to do this: but, I was not seeing any place where I could fellowship. I spoke with the Spirit about desiring to do what I was told by that preacher who had baptized me on the previous day. As I drove along this highway, I passed a house with a Light in the figure of a man shining so brightly in the doorway. The lighted figure was so bright, shining like rays of the sun coming from all around it. I was like Moses seeing that Burning Bush. I was curious to know what that was. It was the image of a man standing in the doorway; and, his brightness was brighter than that of the sun. I would seek a place to turn around to go back to see what that was. I was drawn hard to do this, but with a strong curiosity. When I came back to the house, that brightness was not there anymore! I came up to the porch, and knocked at the door! A woman answered. These were Black people! I spoke to her about what I had seen, and asked if someone was standing in the doorway. She called her son, and told him about what I said I had seen. She asked him if he was standing in the doorway; and, he said no! They were curious also. The only thing they had was a small cross on the window next to the left side of the door. I began to talk with them about what had gone on the previous day; and, that I was seeking a place where I could take the Communion. I viewed this as a sign from the Lord. But, the son began to tell me about a certain preacher he would take me to. He took me to the man’s house where I would be served the Communion! It was at his house! And, it was just the two of us. I was on a journey that took me further and further away from Missouri City, Texas where I had started from. After the Communion, I would continue on southward on highway 1, thanking God I was able to fulfil what I was told I had to do. I would spend the night at a motel! (71) From the 7th Day to the 1st Day.

During this present journey, it is usually just the two of us (Felicia and I) taking the Communion together. There have been times when we were in Beaumont, we were able to take the Communion with others, also. But, that was not too many times, seeing most of our time is spent away from Beaumont in other parts of the nation.

Whosoever will, let him come

11:11 AM

The time shows up again! When there is silence; bones wax old! So, O Lord, keep my mouth opened to show forth Your Praise, and in speaking in the Word of the Lord! Mighty is the Power to continually keep us in the Way! The yokes are broken; and, the lame are made to walk; and, the dumb are made to talk! The sick are made to rise up! This is the Day that the Lord has made! I will be glad and rejoicing in it!

Watch! And, Pray, saith the Lord!

O Lord, teach me to watch; and, to pray as I ought to be watching and praying! Thank You, because You have opened my lips for my mouth to show forth Your Praise! The days of old are gone; and, You do a New Thing in these Days! The old days were marvelous: but, these Days will outshine the old Days! We do not mourn sore like doves! We do not lock up inside our houses because of fear!

This is the Lord’s Day! O Mighty God, give us gladness and rejoicing in it. Let the “Feast of Joy” be magnified! And, let Joy be multiplied! You said, “Comfort you, My people!” Let it be done through me as You have Commanded, Heavenly Father! Let distress of heart be removed! O you distress of heart, you be removed; and, you be cast into the sea! My tongue is as the pen of a ready writer.

12:12 PM

Now it is 1212 as it was 1111. Two has better work than one! Let the 2’s come forth!

The Best at the cheapest price! O Lord, I thank You for the remembrance of that! Give us all of the Best at the cheapest price. We are to be good stewards over that which You have Blessed us with. Make us to be good stewards! Let there be no wasting of our goods! Examine it, O Lord; and, show us our errors!

1:58 PM

Some years ago the Lord had me to write about those who abide in the heart of the wife while she abides in the husband’s heart! Who all is in her heart; or, in his heart while he abides in the wife’s heart? There is a crowd! Abide alone! No, not mothers, nor fathers, nor sisters, nor brothers! There are many longings for others! Only the Words of God should be with you as you abide in the heart of your mate! Leave father and mother; and, be joined with you mate!

“Switched At Birth!”

I remember how long it was before I saw my children, whom I accepted as my children, after they were born! I saw an abundance of babies in nursery! Which one is yours? O what a mess! Children being switched at birth is more common than you think! Consider where the majority of the children are born. Consider who is attending to those newborn babies? How are these attendants’ heads covered? What spirits are present in the place where these children are born? How do you know that’s your child when the child is finally brought to you? Blessed are those who give birth at home by midwives, because the babies never leaves the mother’s or the father’s sight, and carried to a place where a lot of other babies are. In the hospital, someone comes up to a window, and shows you a baby, and says that’s yours! Mama is drugged; and, who knows where the minds of the attendants are? Did they bring you the right baby? When you consider the spirits of darkness ruling over the minds of the people in these hospitals, it is not hard to think people are being given the wrong babies. Things are misplaced! But, they grew up being accepted and loved! The spirits of darkness love to cause confusion! They love robbing, killing, and destroying! Learn to have your babies at home. And now, they are even making laws that will restrict home births. It is truly a system of the god of forces!  (Many ways of forcing people!)

People say, “There is no denying that’s your child!” But, have you noticed how some dogs start to resemble their masters by expression! There was a child that people said looked just like me: but, he was not my biological child. We were around one another so much that people started to see a resemblance! I remember things from the days of old when slave owners would send their studs to other plantations! How many relatives got mixed up with one another after the Civil War was over, and the slaves were set free?

Christianity Is Not A Democracy!” Does that surprise you? Then, hear this: The Apostle Paul said, “I give you charge in the sight of God, Who quickens all things, and before Christ Jesus, Who before Pontius Pilate witnessed a good confession, that you keep this Commandment without spot, unrebukeable, until the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ, which in His times He shall show, Who is the Blessed and Only Potentate, the King of kings, and Lord of lords; Who only has immortality, dwelling in the Light, which no man can approach unto; Whom no man has seen, nor can see: to Whom be Honor and Power Everlasting. Amen.” The Word of the Lord by Jeremiah also said, ” And I will give you Pastors according to My Heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.” (Jeremiah 3:15) You don’t vote for preachers! They are sent to you by God! Receive those whom He sends; and, you will have received Him! If you did not receive the preacher from the Lord, you have not accepted the Lord Jesus Christ; and, the Spirit is not speaking to you through that man, or woman, because he is not a vessel whom the Lord has chosen, and sent. It is your life, and it must be governed line upon line according to Jesus Christ! Preachers are vessels through whom the Spirit of God will speak to you all! Believe what the Lord said about not having received Him, if you don’t receive those whom He has sent! How did you get your preacher? Did you accept him because he was of your race? God does not compromise! Take your Salvation seriously! It is not a joke! Eternal Damnation and Torment in the Lake of Fire is serious! Your heart should tremble at the reading of these Words!

I am Evangelist Xmeah ShaEl-Ela’ReEl: The Messenger!

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