Carrium means: “A Message From God!”


Carrium: 01-04-39th-Year

“No Certain Dwelling Place: 1 year-242 Days!”

The 1st Month of The 39th Year!


3rd Day of the week, which is called Tuesday!

7:38 PM

(Picnic Area In IH-10 Westbound, 15 mile east of Fort Stockton, Texas)

Peace be unto you all from God our Father, and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; and, from us who work in the Vineyard of the Lord on the highway, going to and from as the Spirit guides us. A wonderful event took place at the Rest Area just west of Sonora, Texas. After stopping in Sonora to get food, and directions from the Spirit, we were directed to travel westbound to the Rest Area on IH-10. As we sat in the van, my lips suddenly opened with the clapping of my hands, offering praises to God. Because it was warm outside, the Lord had me to roll down the windows. As I was singing and clapping my hands, there came up to the van, taking pictures these three Asian woman who started to clap their hands, also. One said, “We are Christians, too!” I acknowledged what she said, and what she did in response to what she heard me doing. They were taking pictures of the van with joy. Then, they wanted to take pictures with us. One took a picture of me and the other; and, then the other one took a picture. Felicia took their camera, and took a picture of the three of us together. All of this started because the Spirit inspired me to break forth in singing! The Door came wide open for us to commune with one another. They are on their way to California. They did acknowledge me as being a man of God, and asked that I would pray for them to have a safe journey. In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I offered the prayer to God; and, the Spirit also opened my lips to rebuke every evil from their path, and to make the path clear. Amen!

The timing of the Lord is Mighty! Plus, an offering was also given. I acknowledged we were put back into the flow; and, the Lord spoke about how the aspirin circulates through the blood stream through the veins to take away the pains, and to open up passage ways. I have previously spoken about the freeways and highways in this land are like the veins that allows the blood to circulate through the body. That which heals and comforts is carried to all parts of the body. So, I said, after spending almost two weeks in Del Rio, we, with what we have, were injected again into the flowing. The Healing of the Body is going forth.

Also, the Lord had me to do some more arrangements in the van to allow for more space in the back where Felicia sleeps and works, and to remove some of the weight off the rear axle.

Where are the Black people? But, I thank You, O Lord, for those who are coming!

8:35 PM

I heard, “The Power Is Back In The Blood Stream!” I am back on what was given me to speak of as “Base 10!” I will go along many highways: but, I will always come back to IH-10. It was in my early years when I was hitchhiking around this nation that the Lord gave me to refer to Interstate 10 as “Base 10!” I have travelled this Interstate from coast to coast; and now, Felicia has also. We have also taken the coastal highways northward on both the east and west coasts; but, not all the way to their most northern points. Now we are here at a place we have been in many times. But, it is always different. When we came into this picnic area this evening, there was an 18 wheeler parked along the wall, back up all the way to where the wall curves. But, there was space along side his trailer where I backed up to. After a little while, the 18 wheeler pulled out. I said to Felicia that he was parked there to reserve this spot for us so no one would come to park where we usually park.

I wait for what it is that the Lord wants written. I have set up the generator to power the equipment, and to get heat if needed: but, right now it is comfortable. When we came back to IH-10, up to this point, I have seen only one MVT truck parked at the eastbound picnic area, which is about 2 miles from this picnic area on the eastbound side. We usually see a lot of MVT trucks on the freeway. And, we saw only one Sky truck heading eastbound. Joshua is in El Paso at the moment. I laughed, and said we are headed that way to push him out of El Paso. (I guess Felicia must be getting cold, because she just turned on the electric heater.)

We still have that slow leak somewhere in the front right passenger side tire. While in Del Rio, I took it to a tire shop to get it checked. The man said he put 50 pounds of air in the tire, but, could not find a leak. We have come across some thorns that are as hard as steel, and that is possibly what is stuck in the tire. So, I will have to take it to another tire shop to have them take the tire completely off the rim. It is a very very slow leak. O Lord, let this problem be found, and fixed, I pray Thee. I was surprised to find such thorns out here. I tried to break one with my hands, and that is when I saw how hard they are. Yes, they are hard enough to penetrate a tire. They are like steel needles: but, they are growing on plants.

9:38 PM

If we were not going to get sick, God would have never made provisions for our healing! But, I thank You, O Lord God, for comforting Felicia, because she had symptoms that would be described as a flu, having chills, pains in the body, no energy and fever. But, as of today, she has not spoken about these things; and, again seems very lively!

8:53 AM

“If I Had A Hammer!”

I got a hammer! I found a hammer lying on the parking area this morning at this picnic area which is about 15 miles east of Fort Stockton, Texas! “I’d hammer out Justice! I’d hammer out Freedom; I’d hammer out Love between the Brothers and Sisters all over this Land!” A song by Peter, Paul and Mary!

11:04 AM

We are still out in the midst of the flowing!

11:34 AM




11:36 AM

Though you cannot see them, you will hear what is coming! This is like when the blind Prophet was told Jeroboam’s wife was coming, disguising herself as another woman. Our awareness is by the Spirit of the Lord. People will pretend to be someone whom they are not: but, the Spirit will indentify them as to who they truly are. At times the Spirit will also make them speak who they are without them realizing they have exposed themselves. This is the Power of God over all flesh, and over all spirits! Thank You for this, my Lord! It is Power from God Who works with us. God gives us to speak things to them that they will be wondering how did we know that. This is to make them aware of the presence of God! Woe to those who forget God! It is good to have your reminder!

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