Carrium means: “A Message From God!”


Carrium: 01-07-39th-Year

“No Certain Dwelling Place: 1 year-245 Days!”

The 1st Month of The 39th Year!


6th Day of the week, which is called Friday!

7:09 PM

(Gage, New Mexico Rest Area)

7:20 PM

7:32 PM

When we pray, we have to pray with Understanding. Therefore, we ask for Understanding! And, we say, “Teach us to pray as we ought to pray!”

Before you can give thanks, you must first have it to give!

8:23 PM

Thank You for the two cartridges of black ink for the Epson Expression Premium XP-640 printer, which we were able to get at OfficeMax in Las Cruces, New Mexico! But, I still wait for the money, also! I do expect that to be coming in, also!

The man whom I spoke with earlier (Bob) just brought us some oranges and a very colorful Mexican blanket.


5:18 AM

With joy, listen and read; and, be free from pains! Hear encouragements! Shut down the evil speakers! Desire to hear only that which is edifying, and of good reports! My anger is against the evil spirits!

So be it, O Lord! Make it so!

5:36 AM

And Joshua said to them, “Fear not, nor be dismayed, be strong and of good courage, because thus shall the LORD do to all your enemies against whom you fight.” Amen!

“Exhortation From The Lord!”

Yet now, be strong, O Zerubbabel, saith the LORD; and be strong, O Joshua, son of Josedech, the high priest; and be strong, all of you people of the Kingdom of God, saith the LORD! Be strong; and work, because I am with you, saith the LORD of hosts! According to the Word of the Covenant that I Covenanted with you, when I brought you out from under the power of sin, so my Spirit remains among you! Do not be afraid, for this I say unto you, saith the LORD of hosts, “Yet once; and, it is very soon; and, I will shake all spirits of darkness, and all flesh; and, even the sea, and the dry land! And, I will shake all nations, and the desire of all nations shall come! And, I will fill My house of these latter days with glory, saith the LORD of hosts. The silver is Mine, and the gold is Mine, saith the LORD of hosts. The Glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former, saith the LORD of hosts: and in this place will I give Peace, saith the LORD of hosts.

O God, our Lord, not one of Your Promises will fail! Make haste, I pray Thee, according to what You have urged me to ask of You. You shall be quick in doing what You said You will do. Faithful are You in performing all that You say. Amen!

Though it is Friday, the 6th day of the week, it is appearing as a Sunday, the 1st Day of the Week. What is the meaning of this, my Lord?

It is on the 1st Day of the Week is when the Body of Believers come together before the Lord.

Let that gathering come, I pray Thee. I have much Food to serve! Let the eaters and the hungry come. The Table of the Lord is prepared! Let the hearts be humbled! Cast down the pride, O Lord! You are merciful! Give them listening ears! Set hungering and thirsting in the hearts!

6:21 AM

It is coming! Before you go into great distress, there will be deliverance! You are not going to be tried beyond that which you can endure. Though afflictions and pains be there; they will soon pass away. You will know the joy and peace with the Comfort of the Lord! Your faithfulness is rewarded. Your strength is increased!

Who is the stranger who just came. You are found by those who were not seeking You, O Lord! There was a timing thing that took place yesterday whereby we were at a certain place along the freeway at a certain time to be seen by a man driving along the highway. And, this is how we came in contact with Bob, not the Navajo Bob: but, a man who passed us in his vehicle, and flashed his emergency signal lights and turn signal lights after he passed us. I heard he had acknowledged the Messages on the van. I flashed my high beams to let him know we acknowledged him, also. This is the man who came up to where we had parked at the rest area far in the back of this rest area: but, yet, he was given to see where we were. The Lord caused us to meet here. He came up to the van! I stepped outside to speak with him: but, it was very cold outside. After we had finished talking, I returned to the van to warm up. It was later that I heard a knock on the side window of the van. When I looked out from behind the curtain which covered the side window, it was him again. He had brought us some oranges, and a colorful Mexican blanket, which reminds me to the multi-colored coat that Joseph, one of the sons of Jacob, had. It is a mantle! So, I ask of You, O Lord, as to the meaning of this!

When you pray, pray with the Understanding, also! We quote words that are written in the Bible: but, you must seek to understand what is being said. Understanding comes to those who are anointed by the Lord by way of the Messenger Angel. Then, we communicate the Understanding to the people.

Come, now: and, let us reason together!

7:07 AM

Now, O Lord, consider the faithful, and those who have been faithful in giving. Remember Your Promise, O Lord, to those who give consideration to the poor. Deliver them out of all of their troubles, O Lord, because You are Faithful to all of Your Words. Grant deliverance to Ruben, Riech and Deborah and Joshua. These have been faithful to give to us all of these days we have been on this mission. The evil have attacked them! Deliver them from those evils, and forgive their trespasses! Restore them according to Your Promises! Make Your Face to shine brightly upon them. Remember Bob, also. Remember June, because she responded to Your urging while we were in Benson, Arizona at the Sahara Motel! Remember her offerings! Reward them quickly, O Lord; and, let no distresses have opportunity to come in. I have not heard the report of their deliverance, yet! I wait for the report, O Lord!

A parable is a story that is told that has a Spiritual meaning!

9:49 AM

“What Kind of Words Do You Allow To Come Out of Your Mouth?”

How about this? You cannot change anything by your thoughts! If you can think upon good things; then, speak them! Let good go out of your mouth to help someone; and, what good you send out will come back upon you multiplied. Did you believe what God said. So, it is a sin to know the right thing to do, and not do it. Consider just how great your transgressions are for disobeying Him in that which He commanded you to do! God did the Creation by speaking, and not by thought! So, you don’t like speaking to one another in the Words of God, huh? You love speaking many other things! But, none of these things benefits you! And, you said you want to be like God! Speaking is where the power is, whether it is evil or good that is being spoken. Which have you been choosing? So, you love being silent, and call yourself obeying God! You are a liar! Are you resisting God: but, you still expect something good to take place with you! Dream on! The Lord God said that those who are resistive to doing what He commands, is facing destruction! Remember Isaiah 1:19-20? Those who rebel are facing death at the Hands of God! So, why are you expecting Blessings! You must first be willing; and, then obedient to do all that God commands you before you can receive the good from God! God keeps talking to people about not seeing them speaking to one another in His Words: but, people continue to keep silent before Him. Are you His Jewels? Are you part of His Jewels? Those that do those things He commanded are part of His Jewels, and not those who do not!

God will help you because you helped others! Don’t let your mouth cause a cancellation of your Blessings from God! Negative things that are spoken will cause negative things to be turned back upon your own heads!

“Deliver us from this evil, O Lord!”

Go before God with praises before presenting your supplications to Him! Does He not already know what you are going to ask even before you ask? Desire that all things be set in order according to God’s requirements! That is satisfying God! Satisfy the requirements! Will you open a combination lock with the wrong combination; or, with just some of the numbers? To get it opened, the combination must be right!

Yesterday, while at the parking area on IH-10 westbound, I saw a brand of lock called a Master Lock lying on the ground! The lock was open: but, there was no key. If the lock should be shut, it could not be opened again, because there was no key. What opens Heaven? The Lord said, “I will give you the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven!” Why need a key if something is already opened? You have to have the Keys! I asked the Lord for the Keys! What is to be bound on earth will be bound by Heaven; and, what is loosed on earth, will be loosed from Heaven. So, teach me Your Ways, O Lord!

10:40 AM

The sickness is of the flesh, and not of the Spirit. Not all sicknesses come because of sin, either. As I have said before, if we were not to suffer with sicknesses, why then would God make provisions for our healing! Sometimes He allows a sickness to remain, or allow a sickness to be allowed as a trying of our faith and our patience. Consider Job! Also, remember how the Lord pointed us to remember Job. If there is sin; it will be pointed out! Your Faith will heal you; and, you know Faith is doing everything that is commanded that comes forth from the mouth of the Lord. Of course, you know the mouth of the Lord are those whom He has ordained and sent. Some are healed right away: but, others are not. Consider who the Apostle Paul is! He had a companion he had to leave behind with a sickness. Surely, God could have healed the man: but, we look at a trial that would come to try to prevent Paul from going forth to do what God commanded him to do. “I don’t want to leave you like that!” But, in this case, it would be necessary to leave a person behind. Is he not in Good Hands? Can your focus remain of the duty that lies ahead rather than having your thoughts about someone who is left behind? You must go on, and do what God has commanded you to do. It is your love for God by doing what He has commanded you to do that will be the reason your sick friend will be cared for. It was reported to the Lord that Lazarus, a close friend, was sick. But, the Lord had other things to do at that time; and, He did not just leave off doing what it was that God had given Him to do to go tend to Lazarus. Lazarus died! When Jesus finally arrived there; there were words to this point, “If You had been here our brother would not have died!” I have heard of sicknesses: but, I was not allowed to leave off from doing what I was given to do to go see about the sick. Now, the Lord will give us what we need; and, will take care of those who are/were sick. God tells us that when we give our attention to what concerns Him; He will give His attention to what concerns us. I had to leave it all to go about to do the Will of God; and, all that concerned me was taken care of.

I also remember a time when I passed within a block of the house of a brother; but, was not permitted to go to that house. Recently, I have come very close to where a grandson was: but, I was given to pass on through. It is a timing thing: and, all of our timing is in the Hands of the Lord. We have to be in certain places at certain times to perform what is the Will of God. Not many parents can understand the Working of their children who are anointed by the Lord. Many times a child will have to tell his own parents, “Did you not know I have to do the Will of God?” But, many parents will want their children to put them before doing the Will of God! If the child does not give his attention to doing the Will of God; those parents could end up being without that child, because God could kill him, or her! The Lord Jesus said if we put anything, even mothers and fathers, before Him, we are not worthy of him. If anyone should die because I did not tend to my duty that the Lord ordered me to do; that blood will be upon my head! Being married to the Lord means leaving fathers and mothers to be joined to the Lord! The Will of God for Rebecca was for her to leave her father and mother, and brothers, to go be joined with a man (Isaac) she had never seen. It is not reported that she ever saw them again.

6:13 PM

(Las Cruces, New Mexico)

It has been awhile since we spent a night in this city! Events are strange! This is a strange situation I am in. Today is Sunday! Really! All day long there has been nothing in my mind about this day being any other day but Sunday. We passed through Deming, New Mexico along a certain street; and, the school zone lights were flashing to slow traffic down to 15 miles per hour. And, I said it must be some really dumb children here that they have to go to school on Sunday. Then, I was given to realize it was Friday! On our way to Las Cruces, I said we will get to the motel before sundown so we can serve the Communion. Then again, I was reminded that it is actually Friday! I walked into this motel room, and thoughts came about turning on the television to see how the playoff games were coming along, because to me, it was Sunday. Then again, I realized it is only Friday; or, is it? I have never had this sense of feeling of a day that is not the day, like this before. So, I heard a passage from the Lord, which I searched the Bible for! And, it is written in Zechariah 14, saying, “And it shall come to pass in that day, that the Light shall not be clear, nor dark: but, it shall be one day, which shall be known to the LORD, not day, nor night: but, it shall come to pass, that at evening time it shall be Light. And, it shall be in that day, that Living Waters shall go out from Jerusalem (a point of beginning); half of them toward the former sea, and half of them toward the hinder sea: in summer and in winter shall it be. And the LORD shall be King over all the earth! In that day shall there be one LORD, and His Name One.”

And, this is the day is that is still appearing like Sunday, which we call the Lord’s Day, when all of those who are called the people of God come together. Then, as we were coming out of Walmart at Las Cruces, I said I must have skipped into the future, because it is still Sunday to me. And, even at this moment it is still Sunday. I have to stop, listen to know that it is still Friday, or is it? I have not seen anything like this before! It is as if for certain, this is the First Day of the week (Sunday)! But now, the sun is going down; and, we shall see what it shall be! Amen!

Where am I, O Lord? Physically, I am in Las Cruces: but, Spiritually, where am I. Felicia senses the same thing, that the day was Sunday: and, she too have to be reminded that it is Friday!

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