Carrium means: “A Message From God!”


Carrium: 01-15-39th-Year

“No Certain Dwelling Place: 1 year-253 Days!”

The 1st Month of The 39th Year!


7th Day of the week, which is called Saturday!

9:07 AM

“New Definition To Multi-Tasking!”

Taking care of Mama, Baby, Housework, Going To The Store; and Web Sites! But, All Things are coordinated by the One Spirit! I know the people have plenty to eat on the Internet already!

10:42 AM

“The Great Wind That Shook The Tree!”

The untimely figs fall off! I am being contacted by strangers! Steps are ordered by the Lord; and, nothing is being done by habit! Timing is of the utmost importance. Who knows what time it is. The just are walking by faith! These are the things I am hearing!

12:10 PM

As I was returning from the store a little while ago, I heard these words, “It is better to die trusting in God than to live doubting Him!” I had gone to the store to get some goat’s milk, and baby bottle, because Felicia’s breast were swollen, and not much milk is coming out for Daniel-David. Until her body heals, the Lord instructed me to get this. So, I got the things the Lord told me to get at the store He had pointed me to. Everything was right there where He had told me to go; so, I did not have to go very far. On the way back to the van, I found a dime by the driver’s side door. I heard that this is the 10% that is opened. When I returned, I prepared the formula with honey (milk and honey) after sterilizing the bottle and the nipples with hot water and Blessing them with the Words of my mouth. At the moment Daniel-David is lying down on the bed sleeping after drinking a little of the formula. I thank God for the instructions, and for making these items available very near the motel so I would not be away very long. Also, as I was returning to the motel room, I heard about the changing of a law here in New Mexico concerning home schooling of the children whereby the parents will decide what their children will be taught. This is an act of God that is yet to take place. I heard, speaking specifically to Las Cruces, that this state is a Nebuchadnezzar state, whereby the government dictates what subjects the children will be taught.

12:53 PM

When your father becomes your brother; and, your daughters become your sisters, you are entering into the Kingdom of God upon this earth. You will honor One Father; and, the rest of us will be His Children. Then, you will know your mind is being elevated to the status of Jesus Christ; and, you will start to see that Mind that is in Him being operational in you. The heathens will argue with this, because they want you to remain bound to earthly things and practices. Except you become Spiritual Minded, you will in no wise see God! I have come to understand this Truth, and none holds with me in this except the Holy Father, and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. After this, you will find many coming out from among those who want to remain in those weak and beggarly ways. How can you become like God if you cannot think like God.

1:26 PM

Concerning our relating to one another in the Kingdom of God, this is the counsel from the Apostle Paul from 1st Timothy in which He said, “Rebuke not an elder, but entreat him as a father; and the younger men as brethren; the elder women as mothers; the younger as sisters, with all purity.” And now, know who He is exactly that told us to do this! Is that not the Lord Jesus speaking? So, since I have been in longer than you all, I am still as a father to you!

And, from this point forward, the Angels will deal with any controversy! For this, O God, I thank You!

Now, you can see where you need to concentrate on your own mind to see to it that you are brought up to what is acceptable to God with your thoughts. If you cannot begin to think like God, there is no way you can become like God! And, you indeed must start to be able to see Eye to eye with Him; and, that means being in total agreement with God. Amen!

Many can speak a lot of words: but, they don’t have any Understanding because they do not yield themselves to those whom God told them to yield themselves to: but, have lifted themselves up to equal or above status of those whom the Lord did Himself choose and send. You are fallen; and, don’t know from whence you have fallen. Strong delusions are exactly as God said they are, because without hearing from the mouth of God’s anointed, there is no way you will be able to recognize a strong delusion.

“Biologically or Spiritually?”

Indeed, all things are declared by God in a Spiritual Way! You are either Light or darkness! So, O God, I ask that You will help me to see them as Sisters and Brothers, and not as I have been seeing them. The Lord Jesus said His Word will divide houses!

1:57 PM

What Riech told Felicia to do, Felicia told me that she had already heard that. So, I told Felicia she will have to start trusting in what she is hearing. She has to have herself built up in Faith, because there will come a time when there will be no one else to confirm a thing for you.

2:29 PM

“Michael & Thomas At Iraan, Texas!”

There were two brothers whom we met at the picnic area in Iraan, Texas. All things concerning this are to be Spiritually Interpreted! Thomas gave both Felicia and I the Budweiser! I look at the Spirit! Thomas was a Believer, because the Lord Jesus spoke the Words upon him, saying, “Be not doubtful: but, Believing!” The birth of this child, I wanted no evil entering into this situation! The Lord set it just like He wanted it. Both of us (Felicia and I) were walking in a way we knew not. This child is Holy unto the Lord; and, that is the reason he has the Spirit of two Prophets; and, both names speaks of being Beloved by God. Not only a Prophet, which is a Priest: but, also a King.

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