Carrium means: “A Message From God!”


Carrium: 01-18-39th-Year

“No Certain Dwelling Place: 1 year-256 Days!”

The 1st Month of The 39th Year!


3rd Day of the week, which is called Tuesday!

Daniel-David’s 5th Day

9:44 PM

(Las Cruces, New Mexico)

How do we resemble? See things the Way God sees them, and you will start to know the Mind of God! There is a certain picture that was taken of Daniel-David, and I saw the face of Ruben Cruz Senior as he appears in these days as plain as day! I have to search through the abundance of pictures that have been taken of the child. I was in awe, and said, “WOW!” And, there is Deborah Esther. I saw her a little while after she was born, and when I talked with her, she just stared at my face. Her mouth was moving as if to be trying to speak: but, I told her that her words would come. She stayed very quiet, listening to my voice. I see the same things with Daniel-David. Both have what God called twin Spirits. Deborah is a Prophetess and Deliverer; and, Esther is a petitioner in prayer for the deliverance of God’s people, because she pleased the King. Howbeit, both of these children’s names were drawn from the Hebrew history! In all of this, I am rejoicing in You, O Lord, because You have shown me great and marvelous things.

I am filled with temperance, and not easily provoked, because the Lord God is Governing my tongue. My Spirit is the Spirit of a Warrior Who does not fight against flesh and blood; but, against spirits of darkness. I have been provoked; and, have spoken unwisely in times past: but, I am more in line with Meekness in these days than I have ever been. I remember the anger of Noah who was not far from God who was provoked so that he cursed one of his sons. I came to know that the Angels of God respond to the Words of the mouths of the children of God: so, we are careful of not cursing. I sport with our son, even as I do with his mother, who is also his sister. This is strange to the people of the world, because they do not think upon things in the true sense in which things are. Their minds are not yet settled in Truth: but, live daily by the physical world. We are in this world: but, not of this world. This is more than a saying! It is an established way of knowing in the mind. How does the virgin have more children than she that is married? What is a virgin? Is it Spiritual or physical? How does the virgin have children. You are pure in heart when you enter into the Kingdom of God. Blessed are the Pure in heart, because these shall see God. Daily you are being purged; and, you shall attain unto Perfection as long as you continue to strive for the Perfection of God. Putting away old things, and old patterns of thinking, and taking on what God is sending, will bring you on into that Perfect State. Yes, you can reach Perfection in the world, if that be God’s Will.

Being begotten by the Spirit is more important than being begotten by the flesh! This is the knowledge of a Mind of Truth! Who is my mother; and, who are my brethren? It is the acceptance of a Mind of Truth that those who are born of the Spirit are united with you as one with you, because of the inward Spirit, because the Spirit is the True Seed! Therefore, we put away from ourselves the things of the flesh; and, bind ourselves to that which is of the Like Spirit as ours. We become Lights; and, God is our Father. He is the Father of Light! You are the Lights in this world, being many; but, just One Light. You are not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers!

What God joins together, let no man try to tear apart! Division and strife tries to enter in to rip apart the body; and, this is what happened during the latter days of the Early Church after the days of the Apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ were no more. And, this is the reason you see so many denominations calling themselves Christians. There were some of the Early Church who tried to make fleshly relationships to mean more than Spiritual relationships. There were those who tried to make Jewish widows to be preferred over widows of other races, seeing that both were called Christians. You make differences according to the flesh! All flesh is as grass! You are not Christ like! What you do to another of the same Faith as yours, you have done to yourselves. You have parted the Garments of Jesus Christ! How do you honor your Father without walking according to His Laws which He laid out for all by Jesus Christ?

8:11 AM

4:45 PM

5:49 PM

Their watchmen are asleep; and, I blind the diviners, saith the Lord! I said, You know God is going to take His people out of this land before He causes her destruction? This destruction is by the Decree and Will of God. We are as in a wilderness condition! We have no certain dwelling place. It was two: but, now there are three! Power of 3 in 2018. “Walking In The Bond of Love!”

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