Carrium: 3rd Day-29th Year


By The Messenger Xmeah ShaEla’ReEl


“The House of God Is Built Up With Living Stones!”

This is the 3rd Day of the 29th Year After My Baptism!

3rd Day of The 1st month (Abib)


3rd Day of the week, which is called Tuesday!

“The Word of The Lord From Jeremiah 50-51”


Destruction upon destruction is pronounced! So, this morning I began to listen to! If a sword is upon the horses, and upon the chariots; that means these things that men use as transportation, and as war machinery will be utterly destroyed, according to the Word of the Lord by Jeremiah! Why would not Babylon be healed? That means not taking what the Lord gave for her good! God shed His Grace upon her: but, she used all of her time to wax worse and worse! The destruction of everything in the land is pronounced! There will not be anything left in this land that can be used to build anything in any other land! Everything will be rendered totally useless!

It is written that the Word is spoken against, which is not for your good! So, it is spoken by someone that was of those who were taken into the land as slaves, even as it was spoken of as being Seraiah, who is a prince of peace! It is spoken that Seraiah was a quiet prince, which means a man of peace! It was also shown that this would be done by a writing! And, it is also noted that the tongue is as the pen of a ready writer! People are involved in many pleasures, and they are giving their attention to what they believe to be of the utmost importance: but, what will it benefit you to seek after what your desires are when the Lord shall send forth utter destruction upon the place where your work is being performed? You and your work will be destroyed in the destruction which the Lord shall send upon the whole land. What is the foundation of the land? The Lord said that the foundation has fallen; and, if the foundation has fallen, everything that is built up upon that foundation will fall; and, great shall be the fall of it.

What is the hammer of the whole earth? What is the hammer used for? The hammer is a symbol of rule, or authority and power! The hammer is an instrument for building; and, the hammer is an instrument also for tearing down! A great nation that shall come from the north means that this will be 10 nations, according to Revelation 17: but, these 10 shall operate as one nation, and this will be done by the Power and Will of God! Coming from the north means that this is something that God will cause to be done! It is written in Revelation 17, saying, “And the ten horns, which you saw are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but, receive power as kings one hour with the beast. These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast. These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them, because He is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and, Those who are with Him are called, and chosen, and faithful. And He said unto me, The waters, which you saw, where the whore sits, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues. And the ten horns, which you saw upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire, because God has put in their hearts to fulfill His will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the Words of God shall be fulfilled. And the woman, which you saw, is that great city, which reigns over the kings of the earth.” Amen!


God took control over that which belongs to the darkness to make them go forth to destroy another nation, which is in darkness! He showed forth the greatness of His Power and Might, and made that which was weaker to be mightier than that which was mighty! When the Lord God Almighty will strengthen your enemies against you because of your transgressions, you shall be utterly destroyed! Though you be the mightiest power upon the earth: but, when God is against you, He will make the smallest of things to prevail against you!


Also, in Jeremiah 50, it is written, saying, “A sound of battle is in the land, and of great destruction.” The Word said that the sound of battle, and the speaking of a great destruction is in the land; but, who is paying attention to those who are speaking these things? Yes, this is being sounded in the land! I have been speaking these warnings for years; and, pointing out to people that America is that Babylon, which is being spoken about in the Bible! It was one day as I was walking near downtown in Beaumont, Texas that the Spirit of the Lord spoke, saying, “Outlaws worked in a certain way; and, people knew them by their names, and by their faces from the Wanted Posters! People will change their names to keep people from knowing who they are: but, the way in which they work will be the same!” Then, in the Spirit He showed me a Wanted Poster! This Wanted Poster did not have a picture of the person on it: but, it gave a detailed description of the person, and how this person worked! The Spirit said, “Would you not know the person by the description?” This is a people who will not draw a conclusion about themselves! They read things in the Word of God that speaks about what things lead to destruction: but, they do not attribute this to themselves, even though they are doing those things that the Word said would lead them to destruction. If you are fitting that description, it is talking about you! “Babylon 7 aka. America!” Amen!


What has God pronounced against the military, and that system that is set up as a watch, and as an early warning system for the nation? He said He would bring upon them a spirit of sleepiness, which will cause them to become unaware! He will cause confusion in the midst! I remembered the time of September 11, 2001! The watchmen could not detect those who would strike the nation then! This was the warning to the people to wake up! He also said that the military that is stationed in other countries will be cut off; and, without a source of supplies, they shall soon run out of supplies! Who shall supply the military whose nation is destroyed?


Joshua, who is one of my grandsons, wrote, saying, “Last night, I was shown a dream that showed that Xmeah, Cherry, Riech, Felicia, and I were parked at an open field. We were in the drive way of an open field. The place appeared as a barn. In the distance there was an old barn. There was a wooden fence surrounding the open field. There were a couple of brown or red horses grazing in the field. Xmeah, Cherry, and I were in a van. Cherry was sitting in the back seat in the middle. Xmeah was in the passenger seat, turned back towards Cherry. I was sitting on the left, next to Cherry, holding a cloth, damp with peroxide. Xmeah was speaking something, but, it was not clear what he was saying. At one point, he did tell me to rub the cloth on the bottom of Cherry’s forearm. When I began rubbing the peroxide on her arm, I could see that she had small bumps, like a rash, on her arm. In the dream, it was clear that we all knew that Cherry was about to die. Xmeah had already prayed for her; and it was already known that she had everything taken care of between her and the Lord. We were not crying, or very sad. But, I could feel that there wasn’t any joy. When I rubbed the peroxide on both of her arms, I could see that this was a little painful for her. In the dream, I could tell that the peroxide and the cloth were not planned to be brought, but instead the Spirit lead me in bringing the things that we would need. In the dream, I was also thinking about how Xmeah would feel. He did not look happy or sad. He was just, praying for her as he took care of her. But in my head, I was thinking about how would this affect him. I felt that this would affect his work and his life. I felt that he would give up, and not complete his work now that his wife had died. And then, I knew that if he would give up his work, that the end was near.”


It is written in Ezekiel 24, saying, “Also the Word of the LORD came unto me, saying, Son of man, behold, I take away from you the desire of your eyes with a stroke: yet neither shall you mourn nor weep, neither shall your tears run down. Forbear to cry, make no mourning for the dead, bind the tire of your head upon you, and put on your shoes upon your feet, and cover not your lips, and eat not the bread of men. So I spoke unto the people in the morning: and, at even my wife died; and I did in the morning as I was commanded. And, the people said unto me, Will you not tell us what these things are to us, that you do so? Then I answered them, The Word of the LORD came unto me, saying, Speak unto the house of Israel, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I will profane My sanctuary, the excellency of your strength, the desire of your eyes, and that which your soul pities; and, your sons and your daughters whom you have left shall fall by the sword.” Amen!


Preachers don’t retire in this world! A preacher’s work is finished when he dies; and, not when his wife dies; nor, for any other circumstance! The Lord God is the Strength of His life! I have heard of men, who called themselves preachers, quitting because of something that happened! True preachers cannot quit! Joshua was the man whom God chose to follow after Moses, because he was one of the two men who showed great respect for Moses! The preachers who take this Word, and do even as this Word is saying, are called Joshua! Who are the horses that eats that which God shall feed them; and, who are horses that eats from the kitchen table of Jezebel? You belong to the one’s whose doctrines and beliefs you are accepting; and, that is the food that you are eating! Who supplied it? “Bel is confounded!” Anything that is after the manner of Jezebel, and the treacherous ways of obtaining information! Who are the men who are respecting and obeying my words? These are the chosen of the Lord! The Lord God will choose whosoever He will! He looked among the 32,000 that reported at the call of Gideon; and, selected only 300! Amen!


Because the Message from Jeremiah 50-51 is recorded onto CD, you can listen to it over and over; you will start hearing things being said that you had not paid attention to before! But, people don’t like to go back over things that they have already heard before! They are always looking for something new! This is the way it was on the 1st day of the week when the Lord had us to start discussing those chapters, whereby it was read, saying, “They have gone from mountain to hill!” He said of His people, Whereby you used to be as a mountain, strong and mighty; you have now become like a hill in the world! Even so, if you will compare the size of the land that God gave Israel originally, and compare it with what you see in these days as being called Israel; you will find that the size in these days is like a hill compared to a mountain. So, the amount of the Laws of God that are being abode in is very small as compared to the amount of Laws there are! When you see Revelation 2 and 3, you will see how the Lord spoke about no one being found abiding in all of the Laws! As you learn of a Law, you are to abide therein; and, as you start to abide, you are increasing in your growth! As more is added to you; surely, you are increasing in height, like a hill will start to look more and more like a mountain when its height is increased! But, because you allowed the things of God to be taken away from you; you did decrease in stature! The Lord said that their shepherds were the cause of this! “Their shepherds” means that these are shepherds that they had chosen; but, are not the ones whom the Lord had chosen, and sent to them! You allowed your preachers to take away the beliefs in the doctrines of the Lord; and, replace them with things that are acceptable in these days, which are provided by the world! In place of Angels, you have a belief in flesh and blood men! You are allowing them to take treasures out of the temple of God, and replacing them with things of the beast! Now, you find many things standing in your hearts in places where they ought not to be standing; and, they are standing there even as if to be something of God. These are beliefs that you have been caused to accept! Therefore, the Lord said in Isaiah 31, saying, “Woe to them that go down to Egypt for help; and stay on horses, and trust in chariots, because they are many; and in horsemen, because they are very strong; but, they look not unto the Holy One of Israel, neither seek the LORD! Yet He also is wise, and will bring evil, and will not call back His Words: but, will arise against the house of the evildoers, and against the help of them that work iniquity. Now, the Egyptians are men, and not God; and their horses flesh, and not Spirit. When the LORD shall stretch out His hand, both he that helps shall fall, and he that is helped shall fall down, and they all shall fail together.” Did you not pay attention to what God said about going down to Egypt? Egypt was given to symbolize darkness, and bondage to sin! You have left your position of Power, and have made yourselves to be slaves to sin again! Because people did turn from that which is Spiritual unto that which is physical, the Apostle Paul was given to write in Galatians 3, saying, “Are you so foolish? Having begun in the Spirit, are you now made perfect by the flesh?” What he is saying here, is to the people of these days, that you should look back at the works, belief, and faith of the early Church in their days, and compare what they trusted in with what you are trusting in! The Church having begun trusting in the Spirit is not made perfect by turning to trust in that which is physical! Every Spiritual benefit has been replaced by something physical! Amen!


I will also refer you back to 01-06-2008.1.mp3to hear this Report again!


The Word said in Jeremiah 50, saying, “Remove out of the midst of Babylon, and go forth out of the land of the Chaldeans!” God said that you will have to physically remove from this land; and, also to get all respect to every law and beliefs of this land out of your hearts! He said He would cause an assembly of nations to come up against this nation: but, you must have departed from this land before that time has come! And, when these nations will have used up all of their arsenal of weapons in the destruction of this nation; there shall stand up one nation who still has weapons! That shall be the beast; and, you will then see why it is said after that, saying, “Who is like unto the beast; and, who can make war with him?” Because God made those nations to use up all of their weapons in the destruction of the whore; only one nation will remain with military power! “Russia!” Amen!


And, why should there be two red horses grazing? And, where shall this take place? It is written in Revelation 6, saying, “And when He had opened the second seal, I heard the second beast say, Come and see. And there went out another horse that was red: and, power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and, there was given unto him a great sword.” The Lord spoke of the land of the Chaldeans as meaning the laws and beliefs in which a people abide by, and believe in! These laws are called Chaldeans! So, the land of Israel means the boundaries of the Laws of God for the people of God! The Lord said He would bring His people (Israel) again to their habitation, which means to be brought back into the True Ways of God; and, in these Laws shall you abide, and shall not anymore go outside of these Laws for anything, nor for any reason! All who continue to abide in His Laws are His people: but, those who go outside are outlaws! Amen!


To whom is the understanding given? “And this is the writing that was written, MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN. This is the interpretation of the thing: MENE; God has numbered your kingdom, and finished it. TEKEL; You are weighed in the balances, and are found wanting. PERES; Your kingdom is divided, and given to the Medes and Persians.”

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