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Carrium: 042

“The Carrium Is The Understanding of The Bible!”

This Is The Journey!

“3 Years – 142 Days In Delivering Food To The Hungry!”

The 9th Month of The 40th Year After My Baptism!


3rd Day of the week, which is called Tuesday

Prince Daniel-David-1 Year; 257 Days

Princess Mary-ElishaBeth; 121 Days

The Lord Said, “He That Reads; Let Him Also Understand!”


   Thus saith the Angel of the Lord, “This Report is for all of the inhabitants of this land, from The Lord your God, Jesus Christ! At the reading of this Report, either the spirit of Josiah, or the spirit of Jehoiakim will be revealed in you! The accounts and actions of these two men can be found in 2nd Chronicles 34:14-28 and Jeremiah 36:20-32. This is the Day of The Lord! This is the Day that the Lord has contacted you! Harden not your heart against any Report coming unto you from the Lord your God, as king Jehoiakim did!” Amen!

“Jehoiakim Destroys The Reports From God!”


   The Word of the Lord said, “Just because a person refuses to believe, that does not make it to be a lie!” Who is Jehoiakim? Understand the evil spirit, called Jehoiakim, that works within your mind! It is written in Jeremiah 36:20-32, saying, “And they went in to the king into the court, but they laid up the roll in the chamber of Elishama the scribe, and told all the words in the ears of the king. So the king sent Jehudi to fetch the roll: and he took it out of Elishama the scribe’s chamber. And Jehudi read it in the ears of the king, and in the ears of all the princes which stood beside the king. Now, the king sat in the winter house in the ninth month: and there was a fire on the hearth burning before him. And it came to pass, that when Jehudi had read three or four leaves, he cut it with the penknife, and cast it into the fire that was on the hearth, until all of the roll was consumed in the fire that was on the hearth. Yet, they were not afraid, nor rent their garments, neither the king, nor any of his servants that heard all these words. Nevertheless, Elnathan and Delaiah and Gemariah had made intercession to the king that he would not burn the roll: but, he would not hear them. But, the king commanded Jerahmeel the son of Hammelech, and Seraiah the son of Azriel, and Shelemiah the son of Abdeel, to take Baruch the scribe and Jeremiah the prophet: but the LORD hid them.


   Then, the Word of the LORD came to Jeremiah, after that the king had burned the roll, and the words, which Baruch wrote at the mouth of Jeremiah, saying, Take you again another roll, and write in it all the former words that were in the first roll, which Jehoiakim the king of Judah has burned. And, you shall say to Jehoiakim king of Judah, Thus saith the LORD; You have burned this roll, saying, Why have you written therein, saying, The king of Babylon shall certainly come and destroy this land, and shall cause to cease from thence man and beast? Therefore, thus saith the LORD of Jehoiakim, king of Judah; He shall have none to sit upon the throne of David: and his dead body shall be cast out in the day to the heat, and in the night to the frost. And I will punish him and his seed and his servants for their iniquity; and I will bring upon them, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and upon the men of Judah, all the evil that I have pronounced against them; but, they hearkened not. Then, took Jeremiah another roll, and gave it to Baruch the scribe, the son of Neriah; who wrote therein from the mouth of Jeremiah all the words of the book, which Jehoiakim king of Judah had burned in the fire: and there were added besides unto them many like words.” Amen!

   Jehoiakim is another evil king; and, he is a certain kind of evil spirit, which the Lord warned about, to pay attention to the way this spirit will move people, so that we won’t be found in that kind of spirit! He is found among those people that believe that God approves of them! These people refuse to see just how far out of the Ways of God they are. A Prophet is brought up to speak the Words of the Lord unto a stiff-necked and rebellious people, because those prophets (preachers) that are already in the land will not speak the truth to the people! Jeremiah has a hard job, because he must speak about the destruction of a nation, which he was born in; and, prophesy against a people whom he lives in the midst of. Those people refused to see the wickedness which they were doing; and, they had a firm belief that God approved of them! I see this, even in America! Examine yourselves by the Word of God; and, you will know what your judgment is, if judgment were to be executed upon you at this time. This is what Ezekiel saw in Ezekiel 9. Many appeared to him as standing: but, when the Lord showed him a vision of what would remain, if He had judged the people right then; Ezekiel was shocked! The spirit of Jehoiakim becomes angry against the Truth that is sent by written, or recorded Reports! Jehoiakim will destroy these Reports! Jehoiakim is your example of what God will do to those that do this evil thing! This is the judgment for such people! Thus saith the Lord God, “Your dead body shall be cast out in the day to the heat, and in the night to the frost!” (Jeremiah 36:30) And, that means to be delivered unto Death and unto Hell! Amen!

   When the Truth comes, He will upset the evil hearts! Even king Jehoiakim did not want to believe that God had sent such a Report as was given to Jeremiah: so, he cut it up, and burned it in the fire! To speak against the Report is as cutting it up; and, to become angry against the Report is as burning it in the fire! When you destroy the Truth: consider this as having destroyed Jesus! What good will He be to you then? The Truth is the Word of God; and, so is Jesus, both the Truth and the Word of God. To reject the Truth, is to reject Jesus Christ. By burning the Report, which was the Truth, Jehoiakim considered Jesus to be a liar, and was worthy of going to Hell, which is signified by casting the Truth into the fire! He would not even read all of the Report, which God had sent! He would have had Jeremiah killed: but, the Lord caused them not to be able to find him! But, the Lord sent another Report, along with what was originally written, and more, because of the thing, which was done to the original Report! Amen!

   There are many popular and influential preachers who will persuade many people against the truth, even as it was in the time of Jeremiah, such as is found in Jeremiah 23, whereby there was a false prophet that caused the people not to believe the Words of Jeremiah! Did his persuasion change the outcome of those in Jerusalem? Just because they were persuaded not to believe, that did not make it to turn out to be a lie. And, neither will those who persuade people not to accept those things, which I have been given to report, make it to be a lie. God said that those that do this, causes the people to have a heavier yoke put upon their necks; and, the Lord God will kill such preachers who persuade the people away from the truth! Amen!


   Those who destroy these Reports are in the spirit called Jehoiakim; and, they shall receive the same punishment that is written about Jehoiakim! The Lord has explained this to all of you before you continue with this Report! Amen!

“God Is Comparing Everyone With His Word!”

(Compare Your Ways And Thoughts With His!)


   Thus saith the Lord God, “For as the Heavens are higher than the earth, so are My Ways higher than your ways; and, My Thoughts than your thoughts. For as the rain comes down, and the snow from Above, and does not return there; but, waters the earth, and makes it bring forth and bud, that it may give seed to the sower, and bread to the eater: so shall My Word be that goes forth out of My Mouth: It shall not return unto Me void; but, It shall accomplish that which I please; and, It shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent It!” (Isaiah 55:9-11) Amen!

   Thus saith the Messenger Angel, “Now comes the comparison! The Lord God will show you yourselves; and, He will show you the Lord Jesus Christ, Who is the Word of God! God the Father approves of the Lord Jesus Christ! The Lord Jesus is “All of the Thoughts and Ways of God!” Now, compare yourselves with Him Whom God approves of! All of you have sinned, and fall short of the Glory of God, Whom the Lord Jesus Christ is! But, that is no reason for remaining short of that Glory: for you are commanded to grow up into the fullness and likeness of the Son of God!” Amen!

   My Lord, and my God, be it done unto me even as Your Word has said, I pray You! Amen!

“Come, Now! And, Let Us Reason Together, Saith The Lord!”


   Did you understand what God said? He said, “Come, now!” That means, right now! He is telling all to come, right now! That means to stop doing what you are doing, and pay attention to what He is saying! Open up your heart to be reasoned with; and many things will come clear to you! Amen!


   The Lord God said, “Come, now; and, let us reason together! Let us work this out; and, I will show you everything clearly, even though your sins are very plain: but, I will cause them to be as nothing to you, because they shall be utterly destroyed. I will make the evil to be very plain to you. I will break it down for you; and, you shall see it for what it is. I will open your eyes again; and, you shall know the evil, even as I know it. I Am The Light; and, I Am That Light that makes the darkness to manifest itself!” Amen!

   The Spirit called out, saying, “What of The Night, O Watchman?”


   And, I answered, and said, “My Lord Most Holy, You know! Tell me! What have You seen?” Amen!

“This Is The Report Of The Watchman!”

(Isaiah 62:6)


   Thus saith the Lord, “I have set watchmen upon the walls of everyone that trust in Me, which shall never hold their peace, day nor night! You that make mention of the Lord, keep not silence! And, give the Lord no rest, till He establish, and till He make you a praise in the earth!” Amen!

“How Are People Drawn Out; And, For What Purpose Are They Drawn Out?”


   Traps Are Set! Here Are Three Situations! “Meat Attached To A String!” “The Cheese In The Rat Trap!” “The Worm On The Fish Hook!”


   Satan is drawing discontent black people out with a piece of meat tied to a string. He is pulling it back, keeping it just out of their reach, as they seek after it. He is drawing them further and further into a desert condition where no water is. They are following selected blacks like a band follows the drum major. The woman is enticed, and drawn away from the house, leaving no guide for the children. Many women have left their modest homes at the urging of a sweet talking male, who showed her much comforts and money. She is drawn out, thinking she will have what he has! But, he has no intentions of giving her what he has! He has used this to attract many females; and, he is not about to give it up, nor share his devices that he uses to catch many. How many females were before you? Where are they now? Did he keep any of them? She is drawn into a condition whereby she cannot return to where she came from. She is as a people who are drawn into a desert where no water is. Once she is drawn out, she will be turned over to Death and Hell, because he that drew her out, only intended to destroy her. She is not a part of his plans; and, he has no desire for her. Satan is “White Only!” The people were drawn away from healing practices established by the Lord, so that the doctors could inject poison into them secretly, causing epidemics among blacks to cause them to be destroyed in a subtle and systematic way. Satan had to lure you away from a safe haven, so he could begin his process of eliminating the majority of blacks.

   It is written in Zechariah 6:6-8, saying, “The black horses, which are therein, go forth into the north country; and the white go forth after them; and the grizzled (that which is terrible and gruesome) go forth toward the south country. And the bay (desires that wanders, and are not established) went forth, and sought to go that they might walk to and fro through the earth: and He said, Get you hence, walk to and fro through the earth. So they walked to and fro through the earth. Then cried He upon me, and spoke unto me, saying, Behold, these that go toward the north country have quieted My Spirit in the north country.” If those that go to the north country has quieted His Spirit; what is His attitude towards those that are terrible and gruesome, and wandering?


   In Zechariah 6, why are the black horses heading northward? This is reasoning. You must have been in a south condition if you had a need to go north. The south symbolized the conditions of darkness; and, the north symbolizes the conditions of the Light. These are Spiritual conditions! But, whom did the Lord show that would be the first to go?


   You are not taking genocide seriously! Now, they tell us the blacks comprise over 50% of aids victims? How did this happen, when the disease was introduced among whites? How did blacks all of a sudden become the majority of those who are infected? Because the blacks were pulled out of a content situation, and drawn into a belief that they could achieve in this society; they are now caught in a place where only Death and Hell stands! Destruction is all around them. This is the genocide. Amen!

“The Steps To Becoming A Good Man Are Ordered By The Lord!”


   Thus saith The Lord, “What Is The Spirit Trying To Give You That You Are Not Taking Seriously?”


   You shall always answer by saying, “My Lord, You know! You make me aware of that which I am not taking seriously, I pray You!” Amen!


   These things, which you are not taking seriously, will I make clear to you! Amen!

“The Preparations of The Heart In Man, Comes From The Lord!”

(Being Prepared For That Which Is Ahead!)


   Thus saith the Lord God, “Who among you will give ear to this? Who will listen attentively, and hear for the time to come?” (Isaiah 42:23) Amen!

   (1st Kings 19:5-8) “And, as he (Elijah) lay and slept under a juniper tree, behold, then an Angel touched him, and said unto him, Arise and eat. And, he looked, and, behold, there was a cake baked on the coals, and a jar of water at his head. And, he did eat and drink, and laid down again. And, the Angel of the Lord came again the second time, and touched him, and said, Arise and eat; because the journey is too great for you. And, he arose, and did eat and drink, and went in the strength of that meat forty days and forty nights unto Horeb, the mount of God!” Amen!


   The Spirit of the Lord was sent to prepare Elijah for that which he would face; and, the Word is being sent in these days to prepare us for that which is to come! Only the Lord our God knows what we are going to face on a daily basis! Give ear to what the Spirit is saying! “Horeb, the mount of God” is translated to mean reaching the highest point in that which you started out to achieve! Amen!


   Thus saith the Angel of the Lord, “There is a danger in the midst of the people, of not taking things seriously, which the Lord God has sent forth! There is too much playing around with that which is intended for your life, and for the lives of the people! Many of you are not eating as you should be; and, some of you have fallen back into a sleep, after eating only a little bit of that which God has sent forth! This is your awakening! You will be awakened a second time, if need be! But, if you fall asleep the third time, the Word will pronounce a Judgment upon you that will say, “Sleep on, now!” You will be sealed in that condition!” Amen!

“What Has Caused The Holes In America’s Defense?”


   You got Swiss Cheese as your wall! Thus saith the Angel of the Lord, “Are you truly defended as you suppose you are? America appears to be an impenetrable fortress: but, the sins of the people within, has caused a breach in her armor! The wages of sin is death: and, as long as the desires of the hearts of the people are for sin and evil, death is drawn within her borders! What defense can you set up that will cause a Law of God to fail? And, know this for sure: the Wrath of God is near to come upon this land because of the abundance of wickedness, which He is seeing going on before His Face continually! The Judgment of a fiery destruction has been pronounced upon this nation! The sins of this nation has mounted up to Heaven! That is like a pile of sin that is like a mountain, whose height reaches all the way up into outer space! The Lord has said that the sins of this nation are piling up continually, without any decreasing! (Revelation 18:5) Therefore, her destruction is pronounced for the abundance of violence which is committed within her borders; plus, that which is heaped upon other nations! God has remembered her iniquities! As a great stone is cast into the sea, and it sinks to the bottom, not being able to be found: this is the Judgment that is pronounced upon this nation. (Revelation 18:21) What shall you do, seeing that God has pronounced a Judgment upon the nation in which you abide? Come out of every sinful condition which the Lord will point out to you; and, separate yourself from this daughter of Babylon! As a city is of a nation; and, as a daughter is of her mother: so is this nation looked upon as a daughter of the system of Babylon; and, as a city of that system of nations! For, thus saith the Lord God, “Come out of her, My people, that you be not a part of her sins; and, so that you will not have to take part in the plagues that shall come upon her!”


   Pay attention to all of this Report; and, keep those things that are reported herein: for the journey, that is ahead, is too great for you! If you are not properly prepared; you will faint in the way! Remember the five foolish virgins, which are spoken of in Matthew 25. Thus saith Jesus Christ, Who Is The Lord!” Amen!

“A Good Man Will Bring Forth Out of His Good Treasures, Some Old, and Some New!”

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