Glorify The Lord!

Carrium means: “A Message From God!”


Carrium: 10-31-38th-Year

“No Certain Dwelling Place: 1 year-177 Days!”

The 10th Month of The 38th Year!


1st Day of the week, which is called Sunday!

Many who are called Christians are believing in, and are working by certain laws of darkness, which they are calling laws of God!  But now is the purging coming!  Are you trying to hide the breaches?  How will they break in?  You can hide things from people: but, the evil already knows where you have left the openings for them to come in because of some evil you are trying to hide from people!

How do I do this, O Lord?  Give me that which I need to Glorify You!  Everything that is allowed to happen is an opportunity to Glorify the Lord: but, we don’t always know how to let this be!  Teach me Your Ways, O Lord!  Let there be no silence from the Light!  We are never to be alone; and, it never shall appear to us as if we are alone in any condition!  It is not people that can be a comfort: but, the comfort wherewith God comforts His people is the comfort that must appear.  How does the comfort work?  It is not always a taking away of the pains, or removing a person out of the condition: but, it can also be in the form of the comfort that the Lord Jesus sent to John the Baptist while he was in prison awaiting execution.  The Light did not become silent for John!  The Lord said He would be with us even unto the end of the world, which also speaks about being with us even unto our end in this world.  We are never alone; and, this is the reason I am constantly telling the people about acknowledging the Lord at all times, no matter where they are, or what situation they find themselves in.  Don’t ignore the presence of the Lord at anytime.  Don’t let any evil be so enticing to you that you will ignore the presence of the Lord.  This is like telling the Lord to leave you!  You don’t know if He will return!  Choosing evil is telling the Lord to leave.  I will not fear Death because the Lord will be my Comforter, and God shall be my Confidence.  This is what I am working towards!

I am not influenced in what I do by what someone else does!  Remember the things the Lord said about the robber devouring all of your fruits!  Remember also: He cannot comfort those who won’t allow Him to comfort them.  Is it clear to you that you cannot tell others what to do until you get yourself straightened out?  This must stop!  God said to pray for one another!  Do that, and you will be obeying God!  And, don’t try to rush God!  He will not do anything within the time frame you set!  When you cannot wait for God, you are walking in the ways of King Saul!  You will be rising up, and doing things that are not authorized for you to do!  You will justify yourself because of the situation you are in, or because of something that has risen up.  Amen!

People still believe I am telling them those things I am given to tell them.  They don’t believe that it is God Who gave to me what He wants to tell them.  How do I know they are believing I am speaking these things?  Because they are trying to explain themselves to me!

    Be instant in praying!  Who said, with a concern for a person’s soul, “Lord, help him, because he is hurting himself by what he is doing?”  Or, did you say in a disgusted way, “Lord, help him to stop that, because that is disgusting to me, and to others?”  Did you express your feelings of concern for the soul of a person?  No, you focus on how disgusting the act is; and, you increase in bitterness!  Bitterness is operating in a time period that peace and joy should be operating in.  Give no space to the devil!  Always recognize the times when you are allowing the devil to operate you.  Let praying for others replace some of that bitterness!  So be it, O Lord!  Amen!

The thoughts are words spoken to you by spirits!  How have you seen them being able to influence you?

    By you remembering the things you were told, will put a stop to confusions trying to rise up.  When I ask God for mercy for someone; that mercy requires a person to start doing what the Lord is telling him to do.  The mercy is cancelled if the person returns to doing evil.  That destruction that God spoke about will no longer be delayed.  It will come quickly!  God is tired of holding back His Wrath for those things He has seen going on before His Face continually.  God did not intend for people to continue to live off the prayers of another, while they continue to enjoy doing evil.  Grace is given for people to use that time wisely, and start getting things straightened out.  God will not destroy as a group: but, He will destroy according to what He sees coming from individuals.  He does strike precisely!  People cannot continue to walk around here doing whatsoever they want to do: and, neither will they be allowed to destroy the work of someone else.  Every opposition, and every hindrance shall be removed to make space for those who want to do what God commands to be done.  When this evil is removed, you will see things flowing more smoothly.  When God starts to bring His people, there shall not be one in the midst that shall be a hindrance.   This is a Church that will outshine the early Church.  It shall come to pass as the Lord Jesus Christ said about our Heavenly Father will purge the unfruitful people out the midst.  God is Judging already; and, He knows the deeds, thoughts, and private speech of everyone.  He will strike suddenly; and, neither will He tell His messenger when He will strike.  But, the messenger is being sent in enough time to warn the people, and to tell them what they must cease from doing, and to start doing.  God is looking at the thoughts and opinions of the people, every time He has given me to speak something, or to write something.  He is Judging you according to how you are judging what He said by my mouth, or by what He gave me to write.  I know He has given me to speak to people about what He said in Jeremiah 6 about being tired of holding back His Wrath, because people continue with wickedness.  He is talking to those whom He has been talking to, who have not turned from those wicked thoughts, ways, and speech.  He has told people about what their ways are saying to Him, and about Him.  By your wicked ways, you are cursing at God!  He will eventually return to you what you have been sending to Him.  It is best that you get out of the way, because you are meddling with what God is doing!  There is nothing hard about what God is giving anyone to do.  He told you about the evil desires in your hearts that causes nothing but wars and fightings continually.  Those are the things you need to get out of you, because God is not going to tolerate this warring and fighting much longer.  He has a crop to bring in!  Amen!

There is evil in the midst!  I hear what You are saying, O Lord!  O Heavenly Father, I ask for deliverance from this evil!  What is it that I can do, O Lord?  I find myself having to lie down most of the day!  The body became very weak: but, I seek that my focus will be made stronger!  There is a way that a righteous man functions in every condition that he finds himself in!  Everything that is allowed to come have to bring forth a righteous benefit!  As You said, O God, There is a purpose for everything that is done under the sun!  I don’t speak these things for people to feel sorry for me.  I will know only those who come into the Light!

      What did the Word of God say?  I am persuaded by the Word of God!  What God says is the reason for something is the truth!  No one can change my mind about that!  The reason all of this fighting is going on is because you have evil desires in your heart.  That is a fact, because that is what the Word of God said!  I see the wars and fightings; and, I know what the Word of God said is the reason for wars and fightings!  Now, I will tell you what God said He is going to do if this does not cease from before His Face.  He will destroy all of those who are walking, and even having desires that are contrary to His Will.  He already has all of the evidence that He needs to destroy every one of you!  I tell people constantly, it is not important what you can get a person to believe about you, because God does not take reports from any person about another person; and, neither can anyone stand before God to speak to Him on behalf of another person, or plead for another person.  It is already Judged: and, there is nothing left but a fiery destruction.

      So, you females want to run everything?  You want to be the boss!  You are falling right into the frame of mind that will be the reason sudden destruction will come down upon you.  I saw a female fire herself from her own business!  She fired her husband; but, did not realize what she did to him, she did to herself.  Are you Mrs. Donald Trump, saying, “You’re fired?”  On Sunday I started listening to some comedy; and, I am still listening to comedy today!  Is this Christianity?  Is this house called the house of God?  Is this house become a comedy of errors?  What will you do when God starts to laugh at you?  I learned my lesson well!  (When I said I wanted to see the Mighty Acts of God, I did not think I would be seeing how He can destroy something!)  That’s the only consistency I have seen!  If there is a conflict between the husband and one of the sons, what side did you stand on?  Aren’t the children supposed to be told point blank that God said to honor your father and mother?  With all of this conflict going on continually, I don’t expect this thing to last much longer, because God is not pleased with what He is seeing!  He will utterly destroy it.  I expect things to happen just the way God said!  I have to have total belief!  When He swore to do good for those who keep His Laws, I believed Him; and, when He swore to destroy all of those who go contrary to His Laws, I believed Him!  It shall be to Him as Shiloh became to Him!  Though Shiloh started out as something that God placed His Blessings upon: but, because Shiloh turned to do evil, He cursed it, and destroyed it!  He was telling you that because the man of God is in your midst that this did not matter!  What good has the man of God been to you?  Have you not shown God that he is useless?  His presence won’t save you!  The wages of constant bickering and backbiting is the devouring of one another.  Not one of His Words will fail!  The bottom line is: who has considered that he is showing God disrespect to His Face?  I have heard and seen years and years of nothing but complaining about one another!  Amen!

      Aren’t you showing God you don’t need a husband?  Aren’t you showing God you don’t want a wife?  Are you showing God you don’t want a father and a mother over you?  Isn’t it more fashionable for you to do whatsoever is good in your own eyes?  Is that not what you have been showing?  God said, “Did I deliver you so you can do all of this evil before My Face?”

      Who wants to be a shining Light, and a beacon?  There are a lot of people in this world: but, none of those who allow bitterness to remain in the heart can be a Light to reflect Light in the world!  No dishonest person can represent God!  God’s people are Peacemakers!  As you are thinking you are a child of God, consider whether you are honest, and a peacemaker!  Have I not seen this?  Have I not seen people coming, and sitting before me asking for God’s counsel as if to be a people that will do what God would tell them to do?  Is there any one of you that is doing what God gave me to tell you to do?  I have seen people constantly coming to me to be the Referee in their fights!  Am I to declare the winner?  When you devour one another, you are all losers!  Am I to access penalties for foul play?  God has Judged!  You are professional killers of people!  You are a Marine; you are trained to kill; but, you are far from being Healers!  No one said, “Lord, get this bitterness out of me, because that is what I see about myself!”  Every opinion about someone else will be based on what condition your heart is in!  Amen!

      When your joy is in doing the Will of God, you don’t need anyone else to make you happy, because you have within yourself that which makes you happy!

      Life and death are in the Hands of the Lord; and, people will continue with evil until the Lord rises up and kills them!  Talking and warnings from God does not matter to them.  Nothing stops them but death!  Amen!

      How is it that you are trying to do things together in some physical activity, when you cannot come together in the Spiritual condition first?  Are you being told you are doing something wrong; but, what you are being told you are doing wrong, you thought you were doing it right?  Are you convinced you are doing something right?  Were you very disappointed when you found out that you were not doing something right as you thought you were?  Why were you disappointed?  Be thankful you found out, so you won’t have to go on being deceived!  Amen!

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