Home Is Now A 2007 Chevrolet 3500 Express Van!  We are still traveling, spreading the Word of the Kingdom of God!  “The Kingdom of God Is At Hand!”  We are no longer driving the 1995 Dodge van.  Steps were ordered in getting the old van fixed: but, I am told not to lean to my own understanding.  When it is time to let go of something; the Lord causes us to know, even though much time and money was spent trying to get it running!  I don’t count it as a waste, because these are steps the Lord had given to take.  It is also true with people.  Much time is given to them: but, the time comes when the Lord no longer has us ministering to those people.  We endure with a thing as long as the Lord gives us to endure.  It is not wasted time!  It is time that is already set by God!

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