Carrium means: “A Message From God!”

Carrium: LetUsBeDirectandStraightForward

“No Certain Dwelling Place: 2 years-25 Days!”

The 6th Month of The 39th Year!


4th Day of the week, which is called Wednesday!

Daniel-David’s 139th Day!

“Let Us Be Direct and, Straight Forward!”


O Lord, early do I seek You! Your Spirit shall guide me in seeking You, constantly! Let Your Presence be made known! And, let Your Glory be revealed! I look to You to bring forth the Understanding of the complete Bible! Let every word be translated; and, every symbol be made plain! The names that are written will be shown clearly; and, all will know who God is speaking about in these days! There will be no mystery about whom God is speaking about! He will proclaim; and, He will establish! Amen!


I look to You to establish all the peace; and, to make all things to come to pass as You have proclaimed! You are faithful in all of Your Promises! You bring forth the complete understanding of the Book of Revelations, and all of the Books of the Bible! You have seen from the beginning: and, You have declared things before they even appeared in the earth! Before a nation is born: You declared its end! But, who is formed that can automatically understand what God is speaking about when You have spoken a thing? Who can understand anything that You say, except You cause them to understand? If You shut it up; no one will be able to open it up! But, You deliver the people from delusions! Those who want to be delivered, will be delivered: but, those who want to believe lies, even after the truth has been revealed to them, shall be allowed to believe the lies! They shall perish in the lies which they have chosen to believe! Your Will be done! Your Will is done! Amen!


The nation shall perish in a fiery destruction unlike any ever before it: and, the only comparison that it can be compared to is, Sodom and Gomorrah! Even Sodom and Gomorrah is the example that comes closest to the destruction of this glorious land, which is called the United States of America! She calls herself united: but, she is showing every manner of being united only in the desire for the ways of wickedness: and, the people with one accord, turn their hearts to the darkness to serve sin! But, the righteous shall be delivered from all those plagues that shall come upon America, and the nations surrounding her! Ashes you see as beauty! And, destruction you see as progress! Amen!


What are you pursuing: Live, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness? There is no life in the American way; and, there is no freedom in her ways, because her ways are the ways of sin and bondage, which leads to the chamber of Death, going down into the pits of Hell, for all those that follow after her, and seek after her ways! Do not proclaim her as liberty and justice for all! Are you so blind, that you will not acknowledge the truth that I show unto you; and, would you rather continue to believe the lie that I have given My approval to this land, saith the Lord, Who is the Judge of what is righteous, and right! She shall die a fiery death as the whore who forsake wedlock! Amen!


Her young men walk in a violent and vain way; and, her young females are lewd, and without morals, and shame! They give their sex freely to whosoever come along; and, they have made to be public, what is supposed to be private to an husband! Yea, even those who call themselves wives are found walking in a whorish way! They have babies: but, they cast them aside in favor of other pleasures, and in favor of making money, and pursuing careers! They are no mothers at all: yea, they are mothers: but, not in the term of motherhood: but, in the term of the foul and vile terms that is used commonly among them! Amen!


They dig pits with their vaginas: but, I will cause a stink to come up out of that pit, that will cause a skunk to blush! I will hit them in their privacy with plagues; and, I will cause an itch that cannot be cured, saith the Lord of hosts! And, I will cause their bellies to swell; and, a rotting between their thighs! I will cause their legs to be full of sores! And, they shall know that I am the Lord that did this! Amen!


Return unto Me; and, I will return unto you! But, if you will not return: I will fight against you, until you are utterly destroyed! I have spoken it, saith the Lord, The Creator of all things, both seen and unseen! Amen!

I will dance with the Lightning Bolts! I will hold them in my hands as holding onto the Hands of God! I will call upon the Almighty; and He shall save me from harm by His Mighty Power! He will not cause harm to come unto me by that which He does! I will hang from the Lightning Bolts with my hands, and be transported across the skies, as swinging by a rope hanging from a tree! The Lord my God favors me! Amen!


The order has come! The order has come to write that which the Lord say; and, to write that which the Lord show me! Amen!


Faithfulness is found in all of Your Kingdom, O Lord God: but, there is no faithfulness to be found among the wicked! My tongue is as the pen of a ready writer; and, my writing instruments are as the tongue of a ready speaker whom You have prepared to be so! You establish us in the work which You have ordained for us! Your work is a glorious work; and, Your praise is glorious praise! Amen!


America is the Whore which is spoken of in the Book of Revelation: and, her judgment has already been proclaimed! But, multitudes; yea even millions will not believe the truth which the Lord, The Almighty God, has proclaimed to them! They will refuse to believe the evidence that is evidently set before their faces! But, they will perish because of their lack of belief in that which the Lord God has spoken! He does not lie: and, He has said, “Before I bring a thing upon the earth, I will show it plainly to My servants, the Prophets! I will send them with My Report: and, they shall proclaim it before all the people! I have set Watchmen: and, I have sent them! They shall declare all that I proclaim to them! They are not required to give account for the blood of those who perish in the destruction, which I shall bring upon this nation for the abundance of her wickedness!”


The hearts shall be made afraid at this Report: and, those who are to come out of darkness, will come: and, none can prevent them from coming! A cup has been sent around the world; and, the nations have drunk of that cup! And, America has served all the nations that cup! But, the righteous shall refuse it; and, shall drink of the cup of the Lord, which is His Spirit! Amen!


The Lord God is cutting off all pretenders from the assembly of the righteous! The Lord is preparing a hook! He is preparing a great hook; and, He shall take the wicked away in His Wrath! He shall make space for the children to come! He shall remove all that are holding places, who will not do the work that is required for that position! No one is exempt! All will be tried; and, the Lord will remove those whom He find not baring proper fruit! A righteous man cannot save anyone else by his righteousness! He, alone, shall be delivered because of his righteousness! Neither sons, nor daughters can be saved by the righteousness of the righteous father! Every person must stand in his own righteousness! Amen!


The Angels are Powerful; and, no one can resist the Power when it is come up against them! Who is able to stand when the Almighty God has sent forth the order to cause the fall of a people, or a nation? He did not say you would believe this Report: only that this Report would come unto you; and, afterwards, the Judgment will come upon you from God! He will warn you before He takes actions against you! The Lord has proclaimed a sword upon this land; and, upon the people who remain in wickedness! Amen!


And, many false prophets have made the people to relax, and believe that God is for the United States! They declare all that they do for other nations: but, if you have not love; and, if you transgress: none of your righteous works shall be remembered in the day of your judgment! Amen!


The overthrow of America shall be as the overthrow of Sodom and Gomorrah, and of the neighboring cities around about, saith the Lord! And, no man shall abide there; and, neither shall a son of man dwell in it! Amen!


Blessed are You, O Holy Ghost, Who gives us to remember! Blessed is the remembrance from the Lord! Amen!


Let my focus be towards You to please You, O Lord! Let the meditations of my heart; and, the answers of my tongue come forth unto me from You! Teach me to pray; and, cause my ears to be attentive to the Words of Your mouth; and, stir up the Spirit in me to respond to Your Voice immediately! Blessed are You Who gives Power to us to do Your Will! Cause Your Will to be done in us just like the Angels do Your Will, O Lord! You are He that stands strong against these evil spirits! Amen!


O islands, keep silence! Stand down, O Satan! Let the people come; and, let them renew their strength! Let them draw near together; and, let them speak! Thus have I spoken; and, commanded the wicked,” saith the Lord! Amen!

Who is Joseph? Joseph is the son of Jacob! He is ordained by God to keep His Inheritance in the time of famine, so that it does not perish! This is the keeper Spirit! God has a remnant that is kept from being destroyed in these days! All of the people of God are in bondage to the Babylonian system, which we know of as democracy! This is the smoothest disguise that Satan has ever been allowed to bring forth into the world! The system of God’s government is already set: and, He did not need any man to bring forth any laws to govern the people by! If a nation shall be declared as righteous: that nation must enact all the Laws of God to govern itself by! The Laws of God are sufficient to run any nation by! That nation is kept, because God will oversee that nation! But, wicked men cannot be placed in the high offices! And, neither can they be given the right to execute judgment upon another, if they are also found in transgression in some form! Let the judges judge himself, and see if he satisfies God’s Laws! If wickedness is allowed to sit as judges; will they not judge the righteous as wicked? But, wicked men and women are set up in offices to govern this nation: but, the people do not look upon them as being wicked, because they love to practice wickedness, also! If this is done; then that nation will resemble Jeroboam, who set up the vilest of men as preachers! The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest of men are exalted, it is said in the Psalms! Amen!


Satan’s system of democracy will give the power to vote, to people who are not clean! And, if unclean people are given power to elect the leaders of the nation: those unclean people will elect unclean people like themselves! Since they are in darkness; they will not agree with those who come preaching righteousness! Since the majority of the people are already in darkness; that means the power of the vote is to the darkness, because of that majority! There is no chance that a righteous man can be elected by a people who are not delivered from the power of darkness! Amen!


Therefore, God makes His Own Selections to the offices which are ordained for ruling over His people! He does not use the laws that are brought forth by man, to judge His people by! And, He does not expect His people to be governed by two sets of laws, as some have been found preaching! God’s people are subject to One Law Giver: even Jesus Christ! God’s Laws are Righteous Laws: and, all of the world shall abide by His Laws! But, they will not abide by His Laws; because their hearts are given to wickedness; and, they are lifted up in the pride of Satan, who believes he can make things better than God; and he also believes that what he can bring forth is superior to that which the Lord God, Who created him, can bring forth! This is why we see men going around, trying to improve on the work of God! They have declared, that by what they have done, they have made things better! This is vain thinking: and, this shows the power of the influence of Satan upon them! Amen!


The sun stands in the heavens in its brilliance: but, man walks upon the earth full of darkness! His shadow is cast over everything: and, since his mind is full of darkness, he goes about destroying all that God has created, while thinking he is making things better for all! He will not admit to his mistakes, when great disasters come about because of the foolishness which he has done! He has caused many things to be out of balance; and, disasters are taking place all over the world because of that which man, in the name of science and progress, has done!


I keep photographing Your Beauty, O Lord: and, I am still requesting that You give me some awesome shots with the camera! I ask that You would make it appear before my face: and, I do commit this camera into Your Hands, as You have ordered me to do! Amen!


There are some awesome things on display in the cloud formations! Amen!


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