Bless the Lord, O my Soul!  Blessed and Holy are You, O Lord Jesus.  Open my lips, and cause my hands to write the Blessings of You as it is proper!

It is a good thing to be able to do things without the limit our hosting companies put on us!  I want to be able to do things in WordPress like I do in Dreamweaver!  I want to be able to make the tables for mp3’s where I can copy and paste, and link the recordings to be downloaded.  Because I will be using the database in WordPress, I won’t be using space on the hosting company servers.  What is the solution to this problem, my Lord?  I want to be able to do daily pages; and, have a default page I can open up in WordPress.

Teach me Your Way, O Lord!  Guide me in doing all that You bring to my mind, because what You bring is good!  That which is not of You, let it not enter.  The Shield and Defense will keep all evil from entering!  “Amen!”

The Angels stand Guard while we work!

Easy to Navigate!  Thank You, O Mighty God our Heavenly Father, for the Shield and the Defense.  Let all of the people be free to work; and, give us All Strength to Work!  We will work the Work You give us.  Blessed are All of You Holy Angels, which have come from the Lord!  See to it that we are able to work without disturbances from the evil; and, let the Spirit to Work be magnified.

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