Shields Up!

Carrium means: “A Message From God!”


Carrium: 07-08-34th-Year!

189th Day

The 7th Month of The 34th Year!


7th Day of the Week, which is called Saturday!

“The Brazen Wall!”

  Dearly Beloved, I write this to you that you might continue in establishing your heart with the Understanding of those things that are written in the Bible, which is called the Book of the Lord!  I was noticing the Enterprise, the starship in the television series Star Trek, that how when weapons are fired at the Enterprise, the shield is hit: and, everyone and everything within the ship will shake: but, a Brazen Wall, which is spoken about by the Prophet Jeremiah, absorbs the blows, and repels them; and, there is nothing being shaken which is within that Wall!  We are coming forth as a Brazen Wall Condition as spoken of in Jeremiah 1.  We will not be soon shaken by that which is fired at us by the wicked.  I also saw what the Angel was pointing out to me about holes being in our Wall.  Those holes are spoken of as being breaches!  I saw where people were trying to communicate with crew members in another place: but, there was a smashing of the devices that were used to communicate to the crew members.  The outside calls could not be received, because what would allow the calls to be received was destroyed.  The communications were cutoff!  That which the evil, that is outside of us, uses to communicate within us is destroyed!  The Wall is sealed; and, the links are broken! I also saw how a Force Field is set up whereby wireless broadcast signals are blocked!  There are no physical means nor spiritual means to get a signal through from the outside.  A dampening field is set up; and, a quiet condition is established within.  The evils that are within us are being cast out!  The hearts of those, who continue, shall be as the Condition of Heaven.  “Your Will be done in earth as it is in Heaven!”  Amen!

   As we began to grow up after we were born into this world as babies, our hearts were starting to be filled with evils until at a point no more evils could come into us, because we are already full of evils.  Evils entered into us by force!  We were told that every foul, and every unclean and hateful spirit inhabited us: and, that none of us were exempt.  We came to know this as being true, because this is what the Word of God told us.  We were established in our believing by believing this.  But, there came a day when the Light came to us, because it is a Promise from God that all shall know the Truth, that we became aware of the evils that were inhabiting us, and ruling in us, which made us to believe as they so desired for us to believe, because we had no power over those spirits that occupied us.  We were slaves to them.  But, the Delivering Power of God came; and, He loosed those bands of wickedness, and gave us the ability to recognize the spirits that are within us.  He gave us ability to cast them out of us as He pointed them out to us!  But, He gave us the choice as to whether we wanted them removed or to keep them.  He told us that He would not cast all of them out all at once: but, this would be done bit by bit.  He showed us that this is the process that He showed us in how He had Israel of old to remove those people from that land that He had promised them. He caused me to know that this which was done was symbolic of that which would be taking place within us.  And, this is what I have communicated to you that you might know the truth of these things that are written in the Bible!  Yes, they were actual events that took place: but, we were told that these incidents had a Spiritual meaning for us in these days.

A day came when you were told about being baptized for the washing away of all of your past transgressions!  This was an agreement made between you and God that if you would do this deed, He would forgive you for every sin that you had committed in your life up to that point.  But, you had to understand that this had nothing to do with the removal of the evil spirits from your heart!  This was just for forgiving you!  But, after this He would teach you and instruct you in the Way in which He would have you to go.  He let you know that He would not do this by communicating with you directly; but, it would be done through those whom He had chosen and sent.  This you had to believe and accept.  You had to know that this was honoring God, and respecting Him, because this is the Way He decided to do this thing.  This is how He chose to prove to you whether or not you would keep the Covenant between you and Him that was agreed to.  Every instruction was showing you what you would do about the Covenant!  You had to remember that this was between you as an individual and God!  If you would break this Covenant by not doing what He would tell you to do, the Covenant would be voided, if you continued to disobey.  He said He would deliver you back into the hands of those who had control over you previously, and they would once again take dominion over you.  He does not break the Covenant: but, the Covenant is broken by people.

The Angel of the Lord said to me, “See them by the Spirit; and, not by the physical age!  The physical shall not rule over the Spirit; and, neither shall physical take preference over Spiritual.  People are noticed in joy!  But, what is the joy in: in foolishness or in Righteousness; in work or in idleness; in production or in consuming?  A laboring man is satisfied whether he has eaten plenty or a little.”

Prejudice in you keeps you from seeing things as they truly are!  I had seen in a dream last night that there was a little girl who had white complexion that was my daughter!  I sought to understand what did this mean!  How is she my daughter?  There is a size and an age!  If this pertained to physical, this would have to be something that is done 3-4 years ago: but, there were no such acts.  But, I look at this Spiritually.  I see symbols!  According to the Spirit, she is as a daughter because she came forth by that which came forth from me.  She is by my teachings!  I ministered the Word and the Spirit of Truth to her.  “Receive you the Holy Ghost!”  Now the Spirit is upon her; and, as she accepts what is being spoken to her, the Spirit will enter into her!  There was a city that was called Jericho that Israel had to destroy!  Jericho is a spiritual condition that determines what condition the rest of the heart will be in.  The person that is called Rahab pertains to us as individuals, and shows us what kind of condition we dwell in before the Light comes to us.  Jericho is the first place in the heart that must be destroyed to make space for this Spirit to abide!  She is considered as a little girl because she is still growing in relationship to my Spiritual growth!  What is her physical age actually?  So, the little girl is actually a Spirit; and, it appears as a Righteous Spirit!  She is coming up being fed on that which I am providing her!  And, because I am training her up in the Ways of the Lord; I am as a father to her, because the Word said, “Fathers, train up your children in the Ways of the Lord!”  And, the Word of the Lord said that the barren shall have more children than she that is fertile!  So, this has to be done in a Spiritual Way.  There is a limit to the number of children that a very fertile woman can have: but, when you are dealing with Spiritual, that limit is not there!  The Love of the Righteous is not limited to just those of their own flesh!  The Righteous love even as God loves; and, that love is not limited to race, gender, nor nationality!  This is the Pure Love!  This is the Love that loves and cares as if it is your own no matter how it came into the world!  The only bastard children are those people who are not accepted by the Holy Father!  It does not pertain to a child that is born into this world without its parents being married, because of a truth, who truly is married?  Whosoever becomes Born Again of His Spirit is not a bastard, because God is your Father!

There are spirits that pertain only to females that are shown in the Bible: but, many of these are not good spirits to be found in a female.  Because God said so!  When you understood Vashti, you understood about that which caused disturbance in the heart of a husband, or a male child of God!  That is when that which is called the wife is put out of the heart of the husband, because she causes distress and disturbances in his heart!  This is like how the evil was cast out of Heaven because they caused nothing but disturbances in Heaven.  This is also like how people are put out of the Assembly because they bring nothing but vexations into the Assembly, which is also a condition that is established as a Heavenly Condition.  The house of the man of God is the assembly place!  This is the place where the Lord’s Honor dwells!  There must be Peace coming by everyone that is in a Heavenly Condition!  The Spirit of Esther works for the good of all of God’s people; and, she is Peace in this Heavenly Condition!  The Church is the Bride; and, everything in the Church must operate in a Peaceful Spirit!  These are the people whom the Lord will redeem from the earth, and shall take into the Heavenly Condition!  If you cannot get along with one another in this world, you will not be taken into the Heavenly Kingdom!  Work Peace towards one another! This is understanding spirits, and recognizing how they work!

A loud clash of Lightning!  And, we wait, not being anxious for anything!  We are getting ready: but, only God knows for what we are getting ready for!  Altogether it is Wonderful and Marvelous!  It is joyful!  You give us satisfaction!  Your Words are easily understood.  First: You establish the gladness of our hearts!  You make awareness to come forth!  You order our steps!  This is what is done now!  It is always what is being ordered to be done now!  Many are trying to rule: but, they are receiving frustrations!  They cannot accomplish their purpose!  You open my lips; and, my mouth shows forth Your Praise!

What kinds of spirits are controlling these people who are controlling these vehicles?  Have you considered that?  Hell is causing road rage; and, people driving as asleep at the wheel and unaware are under the influence of Death.  People are distracted by using cell phones while driving because these are as so many that believe they can pay attention to two things at once.  Minds that are left uncovered are nothing but tools for darkness to use to control that which you are controlling.  They will use you to kill, and destroy.  You are travelling in the midst of destroyers and killers!  How often have you even said to the Angel of the Lord to remove the evil from your path?  Unbelievers are all over the place; and, sometimes they are even riding in the same vehicle with you.  There are people who are with you that are trying to get you to go where they want you to go.  You never thought about them trying to mess with your mind while you are driving.  And, neither do they consider that by trying to mess with your mind that they are also putting themselves in danger.  This is not your computer game whereby you control the action figures!  Those computer generated action figures don’t have minds that can resist you. But, people will struggle to keep control over their own minds: but, in so doing, they are actually distracted in what they are doing, and you are in the vehicles with them.  An aware passenger will always see to it that the driver is comfortable, and at peace, because his hands are on the steering wheel!

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