This Is A Report To All Americans From God!

These are the Messages for the people in these days!

Carrium: 436

“No Certain Dwelling Place: 2 years-328 Days!”

The 3rd Month of The 40th Year After My Baptism!


6th Day of the week, which is called Friday

Daniel-David-1 Year; 78 Days

Chapter 436


(The 2nd Stage!)

(Now Comes The Power To Make Straight Your Paths!)


Xmeah “David Eugene” ShaEla’ReEl

Jesus Christ Is The Lord!

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Malachi 3:1-3: “Behold, I will send My messenger, and he shall prepare the way before Me: and the Lord, whom you seek, shall suddenly come to His temple! Even the messenger of the Covenant (Jesus Christ), whom you delight in: behold, he shall come, saith the LORD of hosts. But who may abide the day of his coming? And who shall stand when he appears? For he is like a refiner’s fire, and like fullers’ soap: and he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver: and he shall purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer unto the LORD an offering in righteousness.” Amen!


Jesus Christ is the Covenant: and, I am His messenger! Amen!


Thus Saith The Lord God, “Peace Be Unto You! This Is The Word Of God!”


“The Voice Of One, Crying In The Wilderness!”


This Is Carrium 07-17-2002.5

(Carrium means “A Report From God!”)


“This Is A Report To All Americans From God!”


1st Peter 4:17: “For the time is come that judgment must begin at the houseofGod (with those who are called Christians): and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?” This Judgment starts with those who are called preachers, first! Amen!


Thus saith the Lord, “Pray the following prayer, saying, Hear my prayer, O God! O Heavenly Father, I ask that You would cause me to pray every prayer, that is mentioned in this Report, with all sincerity! I ask that You would cause me to pay attention to all of this Report! Let me not be drawn away from this Report by any wicked means, I pray Thee! I long to see Thy Power, and Thy Might ruling in my ability to stay focused! Search me; and, expose every wicked way about me! Teach me to pray; and, cause me to pay attention to everything that You say by this Report; and, I ask that You would cause me to be aware of when You are speaking to me, and about me! And, I ask that my heart would be opened up to understanding; and, cause me to understand the things that are reported herein! Amen!”


Did God do that for you? Were you able to keep your attention focused? If not, pray again the second time! If, after praying a second time, you were not able to keep focused; remember how the Lord went back to pray the same prayer a third time. Believe that you need this! Amen!


And now: Thus saith the Lord, If you have believed; and, did what I have commanded you to do; I have heard you; and, will perform all that I gave unto you to ask of Me! Amen!

“And Now Shall The Falling To The North Or To the South Begin Immediately!”



O Lord Michael, fight! Amen!


O Lord Gabriel, give us the Reports! Give us skills; and, cause us to understand in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ! Amen!


O Lord God of my Peace, be still; and, be You multiplied unto all! Amen!


Teach us to pray, O God; and, let our prayers come forth from You! Cause our ears to be listening attentively to every Word of Your Mouth! Cause us to know the understanding and meaning of the dreams which You have given unto us! Let every Word be established by You, O Lord! I look to You! Amen!


Help, Lord: for trouble is near! What would You have me to do this morning? You have called me up early this morning! Be not silent unto me, O Lord; unless I be like those that go down into the pit! Strengthen the rejoicing and gladness! The enemy has come in like a flood! O Spirit of the Lord, be Thou lifted up against the flood of the ungodly! This is the day that You have made: create in us the gladness, and rejoicing in it, O Lord! Let peace reign supremely! Amen!


“Get You A Roll; And, Write On It!”


I saw in a dream, a typing machine which had a three ply roll of typing paper in it! I was using this machine outside; but, this was not what I wanted! I had thoughts of returning it! I also thought it might have been some sort of fax machine! Reports are sent over the wire; and, people receive these Reports with their machines: but, if the Reports are not received into the heart; it will not do you any good. The Word that is sent unto you must be written in your heart. Therefore, let the Word be written in your heart; and, you shall be made clean by the Word! God is instructing me to send you these Reports! Amen!


With a fax machine, you dial up the number; and, send forth the Report! The Report will be receive by the person whom the Report was sent to! And, God has a record of who received each of these Reports which He has caused to be sent! And, God has written in the record of each person, what was done with the Report! Amen!


“Judge ItFor Yourself! Is It Acceptable?”


I saw no electricity; but, I was able to type on this machine, even outdoors! The roll of paper consisted of the top sheet and a bottom sheet, with a sheet of carbon paper in between the two sheets! I will use the Wisdom which the Lord has given me; and, the Lord has said in Isaiah 28:6, that He will be for a Spirit of Judgment to him that sits in judgment; and, Strength to them that turn the battle to the gate. The Lord also spoke to us about turning the battle, whereas we use to be in retreat, or holding our position; we are now being told to turn the battle, and go on the offensive to gain the territory; and, to gather the fish (people)! Amen!


O Lord, I ask that You would order my steps, so that this will be done even as You have said! Amen!


I looked at this machine to see what was the brand name! I also saw how the cover did not fit perfectly; and, I was shown as searching for the way that it should fit onto the machine: but, it would not fit. I had determined that this was not acceptable! Before completely rejecting the thing, I did examine it carefully to see if it could be used. I made a judgment call according to the knowledge of what I needed. But, I did notice how I was comparing the paper with the standard 8-1/2 X 11 sheets which I normally use in my typing! Will the Lord make some changes in our equipment? (Looking back at the date of this writing, I see that You have made a lot of changes, O Lord. I am now able to send Reports out on the Internet by email.) We consider those who must get these Reports copied; and, we do not wish to put any burden on them! The 8-1/2 X 11 sheets are very common everywhere! This machine was not compatible with the sheets that I normally use! This was an old machine. Amen!


I normally type on 8-1/2 X 11 sheets: but, I did consider cutting the sheets to the size that I normally use! What was the roll, O Lord? (I do store up my Reports on compact discs.) Amen!


“A Gift From God Comes With Peace!”


I also said I needed the money; but, I did not need the distress of heart that came with the money! There is peace with everything that comes by way that God sends it to us! Amen!


O Lord, I wait upon You for the meaning and understanding of this vision that came forth in the dream! Amen!


“Reasons That Peace Is Taken Away!”


Money is one of the problems that causes peace to be taken away from a house! But, your peace should not be based on money! When money is gone, peace is gone; so is joy gone! Amen!


What is the best way of doing things? The way that the Lord gives you to do things is the best way; and, the only way that God will accept. I saw how things were being allowed, because of the concern for the work going out to others! Is this acceptable? Not if what is being allowed is evil! A man does not want his work to suffer: and, he is concerned about having a place to do his work from: but, must he tolerate certain things, so that the people can receive the Word for their lives? The Work of the Lord is not supported by evil. Those who are given to help in the Work of the Lord must be pure of heart, or actively seeking purification of their hearts, or they will be rejected by the Lord! Nothing unclean will be allowed to work in the temple of God! Amen!


The heathen continues to ignore the work of God’s hands; and they are found mocking Him openly with their foolish ways! They have become so bored with the things which they have done unto those of the darkness, that they now are starting to seek to find new pleasures, with disregard for what God is doing. They are even as the people of Sodom and Gomorrah, who became bored with traditional sex, inasmuch that they desired to have sex with Angels! The Lord shall strike them with blindness; and, cause them to stumble in darkness! The Lord said He would give peace in the work place; and, He will put the enemies to silence. Amen!


“Who & What Is A False Prophet?”


The Lord is not going to point out each person, and say, “This is a false prophet, or this one is a false prophet!” But, He will, and has given us a method by which we shall know them! Whosoever is found working according to those ways, shall be declared false, even as the Lord has said! Amen!


“Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. You shall know them by their fruits. (And, the Lord will give you how to recognize their fruits.) Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so, every good tree brings forth good fruit; but, a corrupt tree brings forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit; neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that do not bring forth good fruit is chopped down, and cast into the fire. Wherefore, by their fruits, you shall know them.” (Matthew 7:15-20) Amen!


Do you find anything painful coming to you with that which is good? No! Do you receive distress of heart with a good gift? No! There are those who are supposedly doing you a good deed; but, are also bringing trouble to your heart with the gift, or what was presented as a good deed! Let the gift remain good by removing the thorns from your ways! Amen!


I have seen what was supposed to be a good deed, being followed by contentions! I have seen darts fired into a joyful situation! I have heard subliminal messages being spoken after a gift has been offered, and received! So, there was a shadow of turning coming with the gift! The joy came because of the gift: but, the joy did not remain because of the evil darts that came forth afterwards: and, that was the shadow of turning! The joy turned into disappointment! (James 1:17) Amen!


“Beware of The Snow White Apple!”


They will give you something to create joy, only to cause torment later! Amen!


The evil does work deliberately, trying to move a person out of the situation of peace! Fruits of righteousness must be sown in peace by those that make peace! And, peace shall flow continually like a river whose spring is peace! Every river starts with a spring! But, a sneaky spirit coming out of the giver of the gift, causes vexation of spirit. They smile; and, appear as peaceful sheep on the outside: but, that snake in the heart is what will minister the poison. Amen!


“What Is A Fool?”


A fool is one that hears, with understanding, the Word of God: but, will not do what he has heard! He is filled with the knowledge of God; but, will not walk according to that knowledge: therefore, the Lord declared such a person to be a fool whose house is built on sand! And, a fool who is filled with meat (the Word of God) causes peace to be removed, and distress of heart to those whom he is in the presence of! (Proverbs 30:22) Amen!


We are given to examine those things that come to us, to see if it follows God’s requirements! Let us see if good is flowing from the heart of the person that does the giving. “Do men gather grapes in the midst of thorns, or figs in the midst of thistles?” (Matthew 7:16) The grapes and the figs are good: but, do you find thorns and thistles among grapes and figs? No! Thus has the Lord spoken about considering what evils come with what seemed to be a good gift! Haggai the Prophet was given to say, “Because of your uncleanness, your gifts are not acceptable; and, neither will God accept your prayers!” The Lord declared the whole nation to be unclean! And, every work of their hands are also unclean, He has declared! You must be clean, before that which you do is acceptable to God! You can do: but, you are not given credit for doing, by God! Amen!


Every good and every perfect gift comes down from the Father of Lights; and, there is no evil found with that which God sends forth through Jesus Christ! And, those whom the Lord Jesus Christ sends, will not bring anything evil with that which they have brought, because they come in the Name of the Lord! There is no torment with that which comes from a good tree! Grapes are good; and, the one that gathers grapes, don’t have to be concerned about thorns, nor anything sticking him! This is what the Lord is saying about noticing those other things that come with the gifts that people often give. With a gift from God comes peace! The Lord does not rejoice the heart in one area; and, then torment the heart in another area! Amen!


Consider healing! Is your healing a gift from God? Are there any thorns with that which you received? The thorns could be the high cost that you had to pay, which robbed you of all of your savings; and, took away your home in the process! There is also the pain of the surgery which would not allow you to rejoice as you are suppose to, after being healed. Was that of God? Remember the thorns when you are declaring something as coming from God! Did you receive healing to your body, but distress of heart came with it? How happy were you after all of this was done to you, when you saw how much they charged for what was done for you? Was your joy full? Sure, you could have shown people that you were pleased with what was done to you; and, you could have spoken in a way that appeared to be praise for the doctors: but, you were cursing them inwardly because of all the trouble you were receiving about paying the bill. And, when you had nothing to pay them with: did they show you mercy, and say, “We cancel your debt!” Or did they turn the bill over to a collection agency to pressure you to pay the bill? Have you been tormented by bill collectors? These are the thorns which the Lord spoke about! Now, declare that tree as the Lord commanded you to do! Amen!


People be trying to laugh at a man, when he had believed that they were laughing with him! They were poking fun at him, because they considered him to be stupid, and unaware of what they were doing! That is another way that thorns and thistles comes with that which seemed to be good! The laughter was as the grapes and figs: but, the evil intents were the thorns and thistles. But, the Lord has a special plan for this man, if he shall endure in doing good! Amen!


The following writing concerns a man that took money after being told by the man of God not to take any money from a certain person! This comes from 2nd Kings 5, after a certain man had received healing from God! But, the servant of the man of God did not respect the Word of the Lord coming forth out of the mouth of the man of God! Therefore, he went forth to do what pleased him! When the man was confronted by the man of God; this man lied unto the man of God; and, he had told a lie to the man whom he went forth to receive the money from. But, the Word of God came forth unto this man, telling him that the leprosy which was upon the man that was healed, will now cleave to his flesh, and unto his seed forever. What is his seed? His seed are all those who go contrary to what the man of God has spoken; and, God has declared these people to be unclean! Leprosy was used as a sign of being unclean! Amen!


Therefore, when God has said not to receive money from certain people; let all those who are of that household (even as a servant or help meet) not receive the money either! And, let those who have heard the man of God say he is not allowed to receive any money from them, be not found trying to entice the man of God to accept the money in any fashion! Don’t be cursed by God for being a tempest! Amen!


But, I was given to sell someone something: but, I was not given to accept any offerings of money! I paid attention to what the Lord said! I thanked God for bringing to my remembrance, the Word from 2nd Kings 5, as this transaction was going on! He specified that I could not receive from them tithes and offerings of money! I made this clear that the Lord had commanded me not to receive any money from two certain families. Money was exchanged for the merchandise that I had out for sale; and, the price was precisely the price that was quoted! Amen!


“How Much Peace Do You Wives Give To Your Husbands?”

(Are You A Wife Or A Whore?)


In Proverbs 30:23, it is written that one of the four things which causes peace to be taken away, is when an odious woman becomes a wife! Amen!


Certain flirting acts by wives causes much confusion in the homes; and, there are men who do not like for their wives to show their legs in the presence of other men! But, these things are being done by women to cause distress of heart to their own husbands: and, because of these acts, the Lord has declared such a person as an odious person, who is plucking down her own house with her hands! These acts will not strengthen the marriage relationship; but, will only cause more confusion in the relationship! The face of a female should be the only public part about her! This also goes for the males! Don’t practice destroying the souls of others with your bodies! If you shall use your bodies for destroying; the Lord will destroy you and your body in Hell! Amen!


An odious woman is a woman of low moral standards! Some have been seen flopping their dress tails, while others have sat in positions whereby underneath the clothing can be seen! This act could provoke a weaker man to violence! Then she will cry out about being a battered wife! Don’t push people: for you don’t know the level of tolerance of another person! Abide in peace; and, if violence is inflicted upon you; let it be because of your peaceful acts! If you suffer violence for displaying Christian ways: then, rejoice! But, if you are suffering violence because of your wicked ways: then, you are getting your just reward! Evil does come upon those who practice wickedness! You reap what you sow, no matter what the law of the land will tell you! By staying in the darkness, you are inviting evil to come upon you! And, when you mouth back at your husbands, you are inviting violence against you! But, do what the Word tells you to do in Proverbs 15:1, saying, “A soft answer turns away wrath: but, harsh words stir up anger!” Blessed are you “Peacemakers:” for you shall be called the children of God! Use the ways which God has given you to put down the violence! Isn’t it better for you to do things the way the Lord God has commanded? Why should you get your butt whipped on earth; and, then have to face the eternal judgment of God for not doing what He told you to do? Did He not tell you to turn the other cheek? A soft answer is the other cheek to harsh words being spoken to you. When you are spoken to bitterly, what did the Lord tell you to do? Obey Him; and, be free of His Wrath! Amen!


There was also another dream that showed three people in a room! Two men and the wife of one of the men! An odious woman, when she is a wife, also causes peace to be taken away! Distress of heart can come because of many reasons; but, the Lord will reveal the cause of the distress of heart! Amen!


Husbands, you are going to be shown that certain of you have wives that will provoke you to wrath: and, you should give your attention to gaining that which you need at this time, so that this will not take place! This is the warning that the Lord is giving you, so you can have your path changed at this time! Remember how the Lord was telling Peter that he would deny Him three times before the cock crowed. Peter should have heard what the Lord was saying; and, then turn to ask Him what must he do, so that this will not take place! It is certain that there is something about you at this time that will lead you to violence against your wife, because of what she will do! But, this is also going out to the wives, that they might pray that they don’t be found doing anything that will cause wrath to come upon them because of what they could do. This is taking wise advantage of this time, so that you be turned out of the path that will lead up to this! Amen!


In the dream, the one man saw his wife sitting with her dress above her knees, whereby under her dress could be seen. The man motioned to his wife to adjust her dress to cover herself: but, she made it much higher as she was adjusting her dress! I saw anger rising up! This is the act that was intended to cause the man to respond contrary to the way the Lord said for him to respond! This was the attempt to move the man out of the peaceful place that the Lord had ordered him to stand in. Amen!


Search my heart, O Lord; and, show me what wickedness that be in me that could lead to this thing happening as I saw it! I ask for the adjustments that need to be made at this time: for Your Reports are always true! Amen!


“People Are Not Bringing Peace With Their Gifts!”


There are smiles on the faces; but, the frown is in the heart! When will the Lord arise, and meet these people? Amen!


I saw how this man was not pleased with the other man either! This was not an offering brought in peace! These are things that appear to try to stop the work! I seek the counsel of the Lord concerning situations like this! Amen!


What must be done in these types of situations? O Lord Jesus, Strengthen me to work: for You are with me! Amen!


Is it proper to refuse money from those who do not sow their offerings in peace? When the Lord has ordered this to be done; then we do not receive money from them! This other man had come to bring him some money; but, he was determined not to take the money from him! But, his wife was acting up at the same time. But, he did take the money after his wife had acted up. I saw how the man lifted his wife up by the throat with his right hand; and, thrust her against the wall, and demanded that she leave the room. After this, the other man gave the man the money; but, the man was refusing to take it! This other man said he understood about how wives can cause anger because of what they do. But, why had the man decided not to take the money from this other man to begin with? There must have been something wrong with this situation. Amen!


The Lord only understands obedience to His Commandment! So, don’t any of you think you are justified by doing what you did because of what someone else did! You pay attention to what the Lord told you to do, or not to do! Amen!


So be it done unto me even as You have said, O Lord! Amen!


I am seeing strained relationships; and, relationships that are void of peace. Let the peaceful relationships reveal themselves; and, let the stressful relationships be dissolved! Amen!


There was an exchange of money; and, it happened on this wise! The man who was giving the money, gave the money with his left hand into the left hand of the other man, in a “high five” position! This is as a friendly greeting: but, out of the heart of man comes the issues of life and death! For from within, out of the heart of man, comes evil or good with the deed, speech, or thought. Therefore, there could be an appearance of friendliness: but, the evil is hidden with the smile, and the sympathetic words! One provocation was obvious; but, the other provocation was subtle! The wife openly provoked her husband to sin: but, the man used smooth mannerisms to provoke the man to sin! Therefore, prayers should be offered up concerning not being enticed to sin, no matter what method is used: and, the prayer for help from the Lord will be honored because you believed His report, and asked! Amen!


Peace is added to peace; and distress is added to distress! This is showing being surrounded by those who do not give peace to the heart! Peace is the focus! Amen!


Wives who will not become properly covered by the right Spirit, will be a tool to be used to try to provoke the husbands to sin. Amen!


How long must this go on? Let the power of provocations be without effect! Strengthen with Strength in the inward man, O Lord! I do need counsel about this receiving money from those who do not bring peace! I see the work; and, the work must not suffer: but,I do know that wickedness is not used to support righteous works! I am caught in a strait; and, I don’t know how to deal with this situation! I ask that You would lead me in the paths of righteousness for the sake of this work! I don’t know what to do! Things I propose to do, cannot be done, because I have determined it not to be acceptable! But, I show much concern about getting the work out! I ask for Your counsel! Amen!


“Children, Have You Caught Anything?”


No, Lord! (John 21) Amen!


Are you being fruitful, and multiplying? Amen!


Who was it that had to tell the others that it is the Lord? Who was it that recognized Jesus? We are pointing out Jesus to others in the form of the Word of Truth, and in the Ways of Truth! We are pointing out Jesus in the fashion of Wisdom, also! Who can recognize Jesus in these fashions? To whom is the arm of the Lord revealed? Amen!


What is the fisherman’s coat? Where did you get that coat that has made you a fisherman? Amen!


To whom has the Lord given to recognize Him, so that he might introduce Him to others? Who is this disciple that Jesus loved? Amen!


“My Lord, Who Has Believed Our Report?”

Do You Believe That This Is A Report From The Lord?

“This Is A True Report!”


Thus saith the Lord God, “I do know your hearts; and, your thoughts! If you have not believed that this Report came from Me; and, that I authorized this Report to come unto you: I know it!”


Thus saith the Lord Jesus Christ unto those who have believed, “Pray unto the Father, in My Name, asking that you might receive chapter 133.3, and all of the other chapters of these Reports which you do not have! If you pray, sincerely, desiring to receive, you will receive your Daily Bread on a daily basis, because there are many Reports put into circulation! I, the Lord, will cause the people to send these other Reports on to you! Amen!”


“Prayer of Faith!”


This is the Prayer that is given for all of you to pray, saying, “O Heavenly Father, I ask in the Name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, that You would cause me to pray this prayer with all sincerity! I ask that You would cause chapter 133.3 of these Reports to come unto me; and, I ask that You would cause me to receive all of the other chapters that I do not have! I ask this in faith, believing that this Report was authorized to come unto me by the Lord Jesus Christ! My Lord, cause the flowing to begin: and, let me be included in this flowing of the Word of God! Because I remember that I will be held accountable for the blood of those who perish because of my negligence, I will be faithful to sound this trumpet! Amen!”


Thus Saith The Lord, “Now, Obey The Word of God!”

(This Is The Way The Word of God Will Spread!)


It is written, saying, “God gave the Word; and, great was the company of those that published it!” (Psalm 68:11) Let that great company appear, O Lord! Therefore, you say, “I will exercise myself in faith! I will do with this Report as it is commanded in Ecclesiastes 11:1-3, because that is the Word of God. The Word of the Lord is commanding me to “Cast my bread (this Report) upon the waters: for, I shall find it after many days!” My obedience is necessary for my salvation! I know this for sure, that, this is an order being given to me from the Lord Jesus Christ! My bread is that which I have received! Because I have been helped by this Report, I will show my love, compassion, and caring for others by giving a portion to seven, and also to eight, that others might be helped, also! I will make seven copies of this Report, and give them out! Then, I will do it a second time: but, this time, I will make eight copies, and give them out. I must keep the Original Copy for myself, because this is my Master Copy! I will now start to compile the complete Book of Carriums! I will give a portion to seven, and also to eight: and, that will be a total of 15. And, the Spirit will speak with me, again, telling me when to give out more copies! I will keep this bread flowing continually! I shall become as a cloud that is full of rain, which shall be emptied out upon the earth! May the Lord my God, help me to keep my words! Amen!”


Thus saith the Lord, “Because of these Reports, the trees, which are the people, will fall either to the north (Everlasting Light), or to the south (Everlasting Torment)!”


Each of you, who have received this Report, should ask the Lord, saying, “O Lord, Who is worthy to receive this Report?” And then, ask Him to give you the 15 people to whom you might give a copy of this Report!


I ask of Thee, O Lord, Who is worthy to receive this Report? I ask that You would give me the 15 people who will be faithful in distributing these Reports! You do know all of those who are Yours! I am looking unto You from Whom my help comes! I need Your Help, O Lord! Amen!


Thus saith the Lord, “I have commanded all of you to feed My sheep; and, also said, Whatsoever you have heard in secret, shall be shouted from the housetop! You may say you are not able to make the copies as you have been commanded to do: but, I, the Lord, said in Isaiah 1:19-20, that if you would show a willingness; and then, if you would be obedient; you shall eat the good of the Land! Are you willing to do this? Ask of Me to give you to be willing; and then, ask that you would be given Power to be able to do this. All things must be done out of a willing, and a ready mind! That is important for you to have, first! Ask; and, you shall be given! Remember the “widow’s mite” which I spoke about in Luke 21:1-4. Give out this one, until I have made you able to give out more! I do know your heart; and, I do know if you have the zeal to bare much fruit, and labor more abundantly! Pray for that zeal to be given to you! Be faithful in the few things: and, I will put you in charge of much! I will also give you to remember the Judgment of that one servant that buried the one talent, which he was given! (Matthew 25:18-30) Amen!” Thus has the Lord spoken!

“Having No Certain Dwelling Place Is The True Work of Evangelism!”

“We Go About The Country Bringing The Word of Understanding To The People To Unify Such As Are In The Light In The True Faith!”

Matthew 22:9-10: “Go you therefore into the highways, and as many as you shall find, bid to the marriage. So those servants went out into the highways, and gathered together all as many as they found, both bad and good: and the wedding was furnished with guests.” (So, this is what we are in the process of doing!)

“Blessings For Contributions!”

(Contribute & Distribute)

This is what the Lord is saying to you, “If you bring all of the Tithes and offerings to those whom I have chosen and sent, that they might be provided for; and prove Me now in this Way, saith the LORD of hosts; and see if I will not open for you the Windows of Heaven, and pour out a Blessing to you, that there shall not be room enough to receive it. And, I will rebuke the devourer for your sake, and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground; neither shall your vine cast her fruit before the time in the field, saith the LORD of Hosts.”

And now, you rise up early in the morning, and go forth in the Spirit of the Lord: and, as you go forth, you stand, and say, “Hear me, O you children of the Lord, and you who abide by His Laws, “Believe in the LORD your God, so shall you be established; believe His anointed preachers, so shall you prosper.” Amen!

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