What Makes Weak In The Battle?

All that you fell to, you will have to face again!

Stop these damned interrogations!

“Because Achan Was In The Midst!”

Things are Judged by what God knows, and not as they are made to appear before men!  On the surface, it all looks good; but, what is lurking underneath?  Because Achan was in the midst all of those years ago, that is the reason for people not being delivered, because the evil could not be defeated!  There was evil hidden in the heart just like that which happened with Israel when they went out to fight against Ai, and were defeated!  An army that went out as one man was affected by the evil that was in one man!  The Lord exposed this evil in the midst, and gave a warning about not letting these evils stay hidden, because He will judge the individual who allows evils to remain when we are going out to do a work for the Lord!  I said, “All of this work that was being done for almost 6 months, and there was nothing to show for it!  Why?”  Then recently, I heard about evils that were being held unconfessed for many, many years, going with me everywhere I went!  All of that work was being affected by that evil which was kept in the midst!  “Blessed are the Pure in Heart!”  I knew, and still do know that the Word that the Lord has given me is good!  It is excellent understanding from the Almighty!  I would often ask, saying, “What is hindering?”

How long will you be glad, and rejoice in it?

Follow me, because I follow the Lord!  Believe what you want to believe!  The only thing you can understand is whether or not you are doing what I say!

  • The Path To Salvation!